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    @Labradoodle has been a strong representative for Idaho, and he’ll make a great senator. I support him 100%.
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    Anyone care to tell @POTUS that @KnoxAR is Speaker of The House, and the House represents the will of the people? By saying he doesn't wait for the House's approval he's literally saying that he doesn't care what the people think. Fitzgerald is no leader. We can do better, America.
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    Character Name: Thomas Poindexter Home State: North Carolina Current Age: 30 Professional Background: Farming Hometown: Rural Positive Trait: Soldier Negative Trait (optional): Angry Thomas Poindexter was born on July 26th, 1760 in Mecklenburg County, NC. He grew up working on his father's farm and took over the farm in 1776 when his parents were killed by Cherokees hired by the British forces. Not long after this he joined the North Carolina Milita and fought the British and Cherokees in skirmishes around and near Charlotte. He was a Captain. After the war was over he married Elizabeth and returned to tend his farm. View full character
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    I would also suggest the other game (Capital Hill). Both are fun to play.
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