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    Mr. Speaker, I think it is quite telling that the best defense the gentleman from New York has of his opposition is that bump stocks haven't led to the killing of many yet. This is not a defense of bump stocks themselves, but just a proclamation of luck. We as a society have deemed automatic weapons that fire multiple rounds in seconds too dangerous for the public, and as such we should deem modifications that allow semi-automatic weapons to perform in the same fashion as automatic ones too dangerous for the public. It is logical and ethical, and it will make our country safer. I yield.
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    Mr. Speaker, This is a common sense bill that even Republicans in my home state of Illinois have signaled support for. I would remind my Republican colleagues that only a small portion of the electorate opposes this inoffensive measure to help prevent gun violence in this country. I support this bill. It is the right thing to do. I support gun rights, but I also believe that common sense measures such as this will help the curb this epidemic that is plaguing our country. I yield.
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    This is incredibly bias, the bill doesn't even get specific into requirements of reform just says they need to