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    Hello all, just so you know I am gonna be sparsely active tomorrow so if you have any questions or concerns please telegram me but there are a couple changes I wanted to make y'all aware of lobby wise 1) PAC conferences and events will become more frequent (probs once every other week) and more will be added post elections 2) PACs will be in contact with parties and individuals more frequently to try and bribe persuade you to see things there way 3) There will be a topic in each WR where you can ask PACs opinions on bills you wish to introduce BEFORE you do so or on an issue of the day 4) You may see on a couple bills in the house hopper as well as Shiggy's masterful grading there is a Lobbyist Review post, there Lobbyists review your bills AFTER they have been submitted, they may offer money for the bills to be stopped or to be signed into law, but primarily it gives the author an indication of where they stand with a PAC. Have a lot of positive reviews from a PAC you can earn money and endorsement, earn a lot of negative comments from a PAC and well..... they won't be nice to you come election season. And these reviews will be based on the bill itself AND your affiliations grade. 5) PACs are going to be more involved in elections with the ability to run ads for and against candidates, more details about this to come as Tedder and I brainstorm but ideas are welcome on this. 6) More exciting stuff from PACs are on the horizon so please stay tuned, and as I said before I'll be in and out tomorrow so I'll try and answer questions and concerns as soon as I can so please feel free to TG me with any questions and concerns thank you.
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    Hello, you're listening to Nothing Unconsidered on APR. I'm Michael Moonwilkins. Today we are announcing a change in our show's format. There is simply too much news to cover every topic in a once a week story. So, to still be able to cover everything well, we will start having more frequent, shorter broadcasts. This way, news won't be buried and our listeners can still stay up-to-date on all of the current issues in Washington. So, our interview with Karl Cox will still play in a few days, but that program will be on its own, while we analyze current events now. So, on to the news. President Fitzgerald's T-TIP plan was initially introduced in both houses, but now it looks like it is going to be put up for ratification in the Senate as a treaty. Since this news has broken, Senate Minority Leader Mark Rambor announced that he will vote for the trade deal. It looks like with Rambor, the plan will likely be ratified, but we still have yet to hear from Beau Bennett, who is running for President and represents many conservative Democrats in the Senate. We had some economic news come in earlier today. Since the Republican tax cuts, the economy has been supercharged, but many economists are expecting that surge to be slowing, with economic growth slowing to 3.2%. This kind of growth is not bad on its own, but many are worried about the slowing growth turning into a recession. There was also a report that came out today from the Government Accountability Office that claims that a portion of the $12,000,000,000 spent on the U.S.-Mexico Border has been wasted on parts of the the border which are protected naturally, such as the Rio Grande. We currently don't know how much of the appropriated money has been wasted, but we will be looking into it in the coming days. China also announced retaliations to the President's trade policies. U.S. based companies in China will now face higher regulations, such as health and safety requirements and slower queues in customs procedures. The Chinese government is also considering agricultural tariffs on the United States, which will hurt U.S. farmers very seriously. It is unclear whether a trade deal similar to T-TIP is possible with China, but until then, many American's livelihood hangs in the balance of this trade war. Special Prosecutor Bryant Clarke Wolfe, who was appointed by President Fitzgerald to investigate the campaign finance violations of former Tennessee Senate Candidate Booker Marshall, Former Representative Calvin Ward, and Former DNC Chair Evelyn Vanderfleet, released his report today. The comprehensive report shows that Calvin Ward ordered his campaign chairman to work with Evelyn Vanderfleets PAC manager to funnel money to Marshall's campaign. Jonathan Baltzell, Marshall's finance czar and longtime DNC operative, tipped off the FEC to the scheme after Marshall attempted to blackmail him, telling him that he would "never work again" if reported Marshall's violation. The big story here is that Nelson Beltran, CEO of Evelyn Vanderfleet's PAC and Vanderfleet's testimony both confirm that Vanderfleet had no knowledge of the scheme, essentially clearing her name after having to resign as Chair of the DNC. The Supreme Court made a 5-4 decision today, in which the conservatives upheld President Fitzgerald's executive order that deports immigrants suspected of ties to terrorists. In her decent opinion, Justice Sonia Sotomayor passionately said the decision was no better than Korematsu v. United States, the 1944 decision that endorsed the detention of Japanese-Americans during World War II. This is one of the examples how the court has moved to the right in the last few years, as the liberals had no way of contesting this decision. Protests are expected nationwide in response to this decision. A huge development just breaking: Jared Taylor, a self-proclaimed white nationalist and founder of American Renaissance, has announced his candidacy to challenge Democrat Mark Warner for his Senate seat in Virginia. Early polling shows Taylor polling surprisingly well, with Warner only leading 52-46. Will the national Republicans rally behind a white supremacist? We will be following this closely. There have been some really interesting developments in the Presidential race. Last week, former Speaker of the House and New York Representative Kurt Faulhammer dropped out of the race, clearing the way for President Fitzgerald to cruise to the Republican nomination. Faulhammer was seen as the strongest contender for the nomination, but in his resignation speech, he gave President Fitzgerald his full endorsement. Senator Truboenski also dropped out of the race last week. He cited personal reasons and declined to endorse Speaker Knox or Senator Bennett, the only Democrats left in the race. With Senator Truboenski out, it looks to be a simple progressive vs conservative Democratic race now, with Knox the obvious progressive pick and Bennett representing conservative Democrats well. Just a few days out from the Iowa Primary, though, we had the Iowa Straw Poll released this morning. It put Speaker Knox with a slight, 4 point lead in the primary. He held 47% of the vote, while Bennett held 43% and Delaney held the remaining 10%. That's it for the news today! We will be back later this week with our interview with Rep. Karl Cox, and then next week we will be hosting Speaker Knox and Senator Bennett for the next Democratic Primary debate! For APR, I'm Michael Moonwilkins.
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    I plan on introducing a budget system after the 2020 Presidential Election. As you all know, in this session we have lacked any type of budget system. It won't be detailed and won't require 10 to 15 appropriation bills. Players will use in real life (the latest budget data) to plan a budget for the in game situation, accounting for a higher GDP and other different economic indicators that I will release closer to the time.
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    I was about to make a comeback with Allyn Freedom and I had even partially recorded an episode (including a clever parody song.....which I planned on making a regular thing). Then I was needed to help run the game and the episode never aired. Here is is today.
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    Character Name: Gary Sheridan Home State: North Carolina Previous Job: Government (Lobbyist, Community Organizer, Former Cabinet Secretary, Agency head, or lower rank) Date of Birth: 01/04/1968 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Catholic Wealth: Middle Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 3 Gary Sheridan was born in Shelby, NC in 1968. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a BA in Political Science. He then attended law school at the University of Virginia. He worked at a law firm in Washington DC for two years before returning to North Carolina to become an Assistant District Attorney (federal prosecutor). He resigned this position to run for Sheriff of Cleveland County, North Carolina. After several terms as sheriff of his home county, Sheridan was elected Attorney General of North Carolina. View full character
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    I am always curious about how people created their character's name. Rossi: My first and most notorious character. I got the name from Dino Rossi who is a real state senator in Washington State. Hackenberg: I am pretty sure that I got the name from a name generator. Some of them were randomly generated names with no real reference. Pennypacker: Obviously was a Seinfeld reference. Ralph Labradoodle: Labradoodle is a spoof of Raul Labrador......a real congressman from Idaho.
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    OOC: the amendment in question was accepted as friendly (which means it did not need to go to a vote) and labradodle never objected.......he threatened to object if his amendment was not accepted. From a parliamentary viewpoint.....it was all legal.
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    We have a second Democratic Primary Debate scheduled! It will be on January 30, just before the South Carolina and Nevada primaries!
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    8 hours Rally in 2 each IA, NH, SC, and AL targeting Moderate Liberals
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    Kyle Fitzgerald 1. Fundraiser - Texas (2 hours) 2. Fundraiser - Texas (2 hours) 3. Rally in Iowa targeting Nationalists (1 hour) 4. Rally in Iowa targeting Moderate Conservatives (1 hour) 5. Rally in New Hampshire targeting Moderate Conservatives (1 hour) 6. Upgrade each attribute once (1 hour) $8 million Total spending: $8 million
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    Actually @Bruce just make it an EO to the Massachusetts law enforcement/militia to enforce state law regarding slavery by turning away any out of state party wishing to chase a "fugitive slave" S/ Jay Johnstone
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    With Patrick Owens elected as Governor of Virginia, Thomas Gates is hereby appointed as CEO of Owens America.
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    I, Ethan O'Rourke, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States. So help me God. Abstain.
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    I, Declan Owens, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States. So help me God. I vote for Frederick Muhlenberg for Speaker.
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    I, James Masterson, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States. I also cast my vote for the continuation of Frederick Muhlenberg as Speaker.
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    “I, James Tyson do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.” I vote for Johnstone for Speaker.
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    I, Thomas Poindexter do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States. I vote Pondexter for speaker.
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    I, Levi Johnstone. do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.
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    I, Gideon McGee do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.