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    Erick Travere Today I have introduced a bill to establish a food bank here in the midwest. This food bank is designed to help those who are less fortunate. Those people include farmers who have been hurt by the trade war the GOP has caused. We shouldn't have to be establishing food banks. This is just damage control after the president's reckless actions. Regardless, this will help our farmers and I would like to ask Mr. Granata to bring it to the floor immediately so our citizens can be helped as soon as possible. This is a bipartisan issue and I hope it can be passed as quickly as possible. Not only will it establish a foodbank but if farmers choose to donate to it, they will be able to write it off on their taxes. This bill will help everyone. And I will continue to fight for our farmers in this great region of ours. They are the baseline of our economy. If they are not successful then nobody in America can be successful. View full PR
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    Whitaker is running, Brightwell dropped
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    Sergey Lewinsky (R-MA) has now introduced multiple original bills: http://teddervision.com/forums/forum/422-hopper/
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    Chicago Tribune: Late July 2019 Governor Announces Council on Law Enforcement and Community Relations The first executive order from the recently elected Governor Erick Travere was to establish an independent council to review data and make policy recommendations related improving policing and community relations. The council will have a number of representatives from police associations and various minority rights groups, such as NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and CAIR. The council is expected to provide advice on matters related to law enforcement and community relations through a lens of procedural and social justice. In announcing the establishment of the independent council Governor Travere stated: “This council will bridge the divide between law enforcement and our communities. On the council will be people like the Chief of Chicago police and representatives from the NAACP. The entire project will be open to the public so we can ensure complete transparency. Violence in our communities must stop and it must be stopped now.” The news was warmly received by progressive activists throughout the state. Black Lives Matter representative Angela Pearson-Dawes published a statement saying, “It’s good to see our regional government might be led by a smart Governor who understands that black bodies have been dropping for too long now. The corruption and police murder and systemic racism needs to end yesterday.” Some conservative activists expressed skepticism of the council. One local radio commentator in Louisville claimed dissatisfaction of the composition of the council, “So many of the people on this council are from a bunch of different liberal racial special interest groups. There’s no way to expect any reasonable recommendations from such a racially-charged council.” A snap poll conducted by the Chicago Tribune suggests a majority of respondents approve of the creation of such a council, but will reserve judgment until they see the recommendations the council delivers. A preliminary report is set to be delivered no later than June 30, 2020 and a final report is due no later than December 30, 2020. Ranked Choice Voting Act Denied By Regional Legislators The Ranked Choice Voting Act was defeated in a 45 Aye to 55 Nay vote, mostly down party lines with four Democrats joining the Republicans in rejecting the measure. The proposal was the first bill considered by the regional legislature since the recent special Gubernatorial election which resulted in Erick Travere’s victory. Political commentators considered the proposal a surprise first choice for the Governor’s legislative agenda, while he did make such a proposal on the campaign trail, yet was widely elected upon appeals to union members and farmers. Debate on the matter was terse. Republican leader Joseph Granata, son of the recently defeated GOP gubernatorial candidate Anthony Granata, shot down the proposal quite quickly: “We don’t need to add additional elections and further burden midwesterners with extended election cycles.” The Democrats representative in the legislature was not convinced that the proposed act would be burdensome: “If you actually took 5 minutes to look up what ranked choice voting is, or if you were to read the bill, you’d see that this makes elections more representative and make voters happier.” Political commentator, Thomas Schoolcraft, responded for comment saying, “This bill wasn’t necessarily a bad one, but it was poorly timed. Changes to electoral systems can’t be made lightly and voters really need to be sold on it. A surprisingly short time from introduction until vote didn't allow much consideration for persuasion of the public or legislators. With higher priority issues to consider, such as the soybean tariffs and potential automotive factory closures , lawmakers weren't really willing to go along with the Governor's desires at this time.” White Nationalists to Rally in Illinois A report has recently surfaced that a racial extremist group of white nationalists calling themselves 'The White Crusaders' has be promoting their organization on Twitter and various internet forums and chat programs with the aim of holding a rally in Illinois in the coming months. The size of the group is unknown at this time. A man named Christopher Everest claims to be leading the group and stated on Twitter: “The time for white men to retake our country is now! The [Jewish racial slur]-subverted politicians and media can not be trusted. We shall gather to demonstrate our numbers and show we are not afraid. Place and time TBA.” Michigan Teen Ticketed for Doing 138 mph on I-75 A seventeen year old driver was ticketed for driving 138 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone. The driver told the trooper ticketing him that he was driving so fast because he was late for a 9:30 curfew. The teen did not receive a reckless driving charge but did receive a 138/70 speeding ticket and a SMH (Shaking My Head) award from the regional police twitter account. credit original story here: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/11/29/teen-stopped-doing-130-mph-75/2157327002/
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