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    Mr. Speaker, Im glad that the majority of this body can read the bill put before them. It seems pretty clear we all want this resolution passed. I’m glad, it looks like most of us aren’t white nationalists. This is a great win for us. I yield
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    OOC: The precedent when I was Speaker was that the Speaker would take his hand off of the gavel using denotation such as this: I know it's a small change to make, but maybe it would be good to return to this going forward?
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    Ken Bowers From the Office of Representative Kenneth R. Bowers FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Congressman Ken Bowers (D-WV) has come out criticizing the tactics of Speaker Calvin Ward (D-AR), particularly for his role in the failure of the motion to bring the Protecting Our Energy, Environment, and Economy Act to the floor. The full statement is as follows: "Yesterday, a motion to bring the Protecting Our Energy, Environment, and Economy Act up for debate was brought to the House floor. If passed, this bipartisan climate bill would've put tariffs on exports of carbon emissions at a rate of $25/tonne at a 100% rebate. Besides dramatically reducing the worldwide carbon footprint and punishing climate cheaters, this would've refunded an average of $1,100 to the average family of four, with only an average of $60 in projected price increases. Despite receiving nearly a 60% majority of the vote, including ayes from nearly one third of House Democrats, the bill was blocked from ever reaching the House floor for an honest debate. The effort to block this discussion was lead by Speaker Ward and the House Democratic leadership. This is not only outrageous, but it is also undemocratic and the act of a coward. "Only seven out of the twenty bills that have went through the House floor have been signed by the President, and countless sit in the hopper gathering dust. The rest have either been struck down here in the House, or in the Senate. It leads me to ask, does Speaker Ward care about keeping our promises to the American people and solving the greatest dilemma of our time, or does he care who gets the credit for it? Well, to Speaker Ward, I say this: it's time to shape up, or ship out. The American people deserve better than for this majority to be wasting time going through the motions. And if you can't, we'll find a Speaker who will." View full PR
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    James Hill (D-IL) Mr. Speaker, This motion to table is a disgrace, Let me say it to his face, Alt-right and white nats have no place, To have any space, In our society trying to look past race. I yield. Patricia Vanderbeak (R-MI) Mr. Speaker, I concur with the sentiments expressed by the gentleman from Illinois. Quibbling over 'alt-right' vis-a-vis 'white nationalist' or 'white supremacist' is akin to debating about angels on the head of a needle. They're all one and the same and should be condemned. I see no reason to table this resolution for failing to accept the proposed amendment. I yield.
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    Mr. Speaker, the gentleman doesn’t care about the costs. He just wants to make sure votes are surpressed. He is against this bill because he doesn’t want more voters. Plain and simple. Voter ID protects against fraud. Giving free voter ID protects against voter suppression. Automatic registration let’s more people vote. I’m not sure what’s so controversial about letting more people vote. I yield
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    *takes gavel* Good afternoon, looks like we’re in the middle of the debate. Can we continue as normal
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    Calvin Ward donates $10mil each to the following González Whitaker travere macmillan storm
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    Forgot Sharp: Sharp: $50,400,000
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    Why did our PRs get unlinked from our character profiles? I liked it when you could click on your name and see all of your PRs in one place instead of having to dig through to find them.
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    Mr. Speaker, So I assume the gentleman votes Nay to table? *golf clap* can we get a roll call? I yield.
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    Rick Sharp Gov. Sharp signs the pardon for Cyntoia Brown Today, I have signed a pardon that will see the release of Cyntoia Brown from the Tennessee Prison for Women. I have signed this pardon because I feel that justice has been served. If Cyntoia’s case were heard today, the court would treat her as a child human trafficking victim. She did kill someone, and she deeply regrets doing that. She was a young girl, a child, who was being abused in the most depraved and awful ways. She has demonstrated her accountability and served her time. She has received a college degree from Lipscomb University, no small feat. I have therefore used my power to grant her clemency because I feel that her debt to society has been paid, and she can go out and start to live a normal life. Something that she has never had the chance to do. View full PR
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    GOVERNOR WILLIAMS PASSES FROM STROKE BREAKING NEWS: Governor Williams, who was admitted to UC Davis Medical Center earlier tonight, was confirmed to have suffered from a stroke. He went unresponsive at around 7:35 PM and responders were unable to revive him. Governor Williams was less than a year into his term. His passing will be grieved by the region and the country as a whole. As the next election is more than a year out, regional law states that another special election will be held to fill his position. A date is not set yet, but it surely will be in the coming days.
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    Kinda sounds like you just have a “my way of the highway mentality” I know Daddy usually fight your battles for you, but even you should know this was going to go bad
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    GOVERNOR WILLIAMS HOSPITALIZED, POSSIBLY SUFFERING FROM A STROKE BREAKING NEWS: Governor Williams has been suddenly admitted to University of California, Davis Medical Center after collapsing suddenly at home. John Malkoy, a staffer for Governor Williams, found him today at approximately 7:00 and immediately called an ambulance. All signs seem to point to a stroke. No foul play is suspected, but the situation is still being investigated. We will keep you informed on this situation into the night.
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    So now the GOP in the Midwest can’t condemn the Alt-Right?? Strange.
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    Mr. Speaker, I will 2nd the motion. I yield
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    Mr. Speaker, Does the gentleman have a cost or is he going to ramble on? I want the cost. Period. I yield.
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    Remember how when you were an admin and said the best way to go about grievances was through a private message? Peppridge Farm remembers too.