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    Mr. Speaker, I second the amendment offered by the Gentleman from California. Repealing Taft-Hartley would set our nation's competitiveness back decades, and would be a gross mistake. For example, Taft-Hartley gave federal jurisdiction over collective bargaining agreements - something I wonder if the sponsor of this bill intended to repeal. Section 2 of this act is a ham-fisted attempt to deny states and regions the power to enact right-to-work legislation, but in doing so it would dramatically harm our nation's economy. In support of the Allen floor amendment, I yield.
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    @Spalding: I am working to amend an anti-domestic terrorism bill to ensure that any and all domestic terrorists know we are serious about #KeepingAmericaSafe
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    When Mr. Macmillan refers to a war in the Republican party he means two candidates in a primary against one another. In the Democratic party we see constant leadership changes and my friend Ken Bowers being driven out of the party after criticizing the speaker. They're hardly the ideal of stability.
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    This is a good overall speech. The beginning spoke strongly to moderates, and you started to win over progressives with your speaking about growing up poor. You lost a lot of moderates and all progressives when you talked about the total failure of the ACA, but you won some moderates back by talking about standing up to the president on farming. Progressives are even more upset about your not mentioning climate change in your discussion of the wildfires, but you kept moderates with you with the compassionate tone of the section. Overall, results are mixed with moderates, but you got conservatives behind you 100%. Good luck!
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    If Democrats don’t like the pace that the regional government is operating at, we can certainly move faster and pass even more conservative legislation into law.