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    Mr. Speaker, With all due respect if the true goal of this bill is to save lives then why is it so hard to accept left wing extremism is also a problem to be addressed? Amend this bill to address that problem and we can all agree. This bill is nothing more than a weapon for virtue-signaling. Republicans, as previously stated, will happily support any bill that addresses domestic terrorism, but we would need to amended the current proposition or introduce a new one. This is a bi-partisan issue. We all want to stop terrorists, no one here wants terrorism. But I will absolutely not lend myself to support a bill that 1. Does not fully address the problem of domestic terrorism. 2. Creates hatred toward conservative thinkers by signaling out right extremism. Which is not condoned by any means. And 3. Is being used to virtue signal. I yield.
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    Antifa hates fascists so much, they adapt their tactics to achieve their political goals.
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    @JAllen: Excited to be in Phoenix for a rally tomorrow afternoon. I hope you will join us tomorrow, you won't want to miss who will join me on the campaign trail! #JohnAllen2020