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    Daniels Touts MediChoice as 'the Market-Driven Solution We've Been Looking For' From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Health insurance is a fundamental need for families across America. It's easily up there with groceries, rent, and basic utilities on the list of priorities. However, over 15% of American adults don't have proper health coverage and that number continues to steadily rise. Over the last four years, three million more people have lost their health insurance. Insurance premiums are continuing to skyrocket with no end in sight. Adequate and affordable healthcare continues to remain a luxury to far too many Americans. "There has been fingers pointed at the Affordable Care Act for this national crisis, but research has shown that a repeal would throw over thirteen million Americans off health insurance and cause premiums to rise by 10%. This is a clear sign that we should not be going backwards on our progress. Instead, we should go forward by expanding the Affordable Care Act and improving on its shortcomings. We can do this by enacting MediChoice. "MediChoice would allow average Americans below the age of 65 to buy into Medicare. Economists have found that public option plans like MediChoice will lower health insurance premiums through competition between the public option and private insurance monopolies. And because of the price drop we'll see on health insurance premiums, businesses will be able to use that extra money to pay their employees higher wages, expand benefits, and create more jobs to go around. MediChoice is not only the missing piece of the Affordable Care Act; it is the market-driven solution we've been looking for. And I will be voting for in the House of Representatives, and championing it in the United States Senate."
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