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    Craig Daniels Outlines "Promise to the Midwest" Agenda From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Senatorial candidate Craig Daniels has released his official platform to his campaign website today detailing key policy positions ahead of the general election. The full excerpt is as follows: "Promise to the Midwest "As your Senator, I promise to... "...expand affordable health coverage by improving Obamacare with a federal public option and taking on Big Pharma's drug pricing tactics. "...strengthen manufacturing Made in the Midwest by reworking America's trade deals and rolling back the harmful Trump tariffs. "...develop and modernize American railways to better connect Midwestern communities and meet the demands of a 21st Century economy. "...take on crime and violence by providing communities with the resources to strengthen local law enforcement. "...improve trust between communities and law enforcement by establishing civilian oversight and national law enforcement training standards. "...enact campaign finance reform to keep money and special interests out of Washington, and ensure that politicians work for their constituency first. "...repeal the Taft-Hartley Act, which has enabled anti-union laws that create lower wages and lesser benefits for workers in the states they are enacted. "...help farmers and agricultural communities by tearing down unfair trade barriers and help give them the tools they need to succeed. "...increase rural broadband access to allow small businesses and Midwest communities to have a bigger stake in the growing digital economy. "...improve access to birth control and sex education to prevent the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. "...expand adoption services to help in creating new, happy families for hundreds of thousands of foster children. "...keep our promise to America's veterans by tackling the homelessness epidemic and maintaining their access to key health services. "...raise the minimum wage to at least $12/hour and tie it to inflation, so that every American can earn a wage to keep up with the cost of living. "...keep Americans safe from all threats, foreign and domestic, by strengthening counter-terrorism agencies and taking on emboldened hostile powers. "...work to end the $1 trillion student loan debt crisis through student loan forgiveness, a bolstered federal grant program, and tuition-free community college. "...protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from attack on all fronts. "...reach across the aisle to create solutions that work for all Americans. "Yours sincerely, "Craig H. Daniels"
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    Glad that @JAllen's bill to protect American military paychecks during a shutdown will be voted on, and hopefully passed on the House Floor!
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    Office of Johnathon Grant For Immediate Release Johnathon Grant Holds Rally in Grand Rapids, MI GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Johnathon Grant held a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, yesterday to discuss judicial activism and originalism and their significance in a functioning republic. "Hello, great people of Grand Rapids! It is so great to be here and to see so many fantastic people here! This is the first time I've ever been to Grand Rapids, and I gotta say, y'all have such an interesting and wonderful city. Every time I go to a city like this, I am awestruck, as a boy who grew up in rural Southwest Missouri. It's great to be out here today and see so many supporters of limited government and natural rights. This country is such a wonderful experiment in democratic republicanism, but there are many threats to this experiment. One of the foremost is judicial legislating and activism, and that is what I want to talk about tonight. So, what is judicial activism? I'm sure most of us have heard the term thrown around by both sides. I learned it in my civics class in high school, but I know many aren't familiar with it. Well, judicial activism is when a judge or justice makes a decision in a case that is irrespective of precedent or the Constitution. It mostly ties in with a judicial concept known as broad constructionism, meaning the Constitution says what I want it to say when I want it to say it. These judges decide policy and precedent not based on the Constitution or case law, but on their own biased whims. This is dangerous to a democracy, and for obvious reasons. When unelected men and women get to decide policy based on their personal preferences from the bench, there is no representation of the people, no sense to a republican government, and no accountability from the government. I'll give you an example. Stick with me. I know this example is controversial, but even if you disagree with me on the core issue, hear me out. The year is 1973, and Roe v. Wade is decided by the Supreme Court. Now, whether or not you are pro-life is irrelevant in this case. The Court clearly made up a new Constitutional right out of thin air in order to further their own political agenda. There is no clause in the Constitution guaranteeing a right to abortion, and by no means can any clause in the Constitution reasonably be read to include that right. If you approached the writers of every seemingly relevant amendment or clause to our great governing document, they would be appalled and disgusted by what the Court said their clauses were defending. This is the "the Constitution is a living document so it says whatever I think it says" interpretation of the Constitution. What is the problem with this interpretation? Well, it is fairly simple. It goes against every single ideal of limited government and republican democracy our nation was founded on. Policy is decided and written by lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and overseen and enforced by the Executive Branch. This interpretation de facto turns the Court into a political machine of dangerous authoritarian power. These judges are unelected and can't be held accountable; they serve for life. They have been allowed to ignore the Constitution and write in ghost clauses against the true process of amending the Constitution, one that is republican in nature and not run by unelected power-hungry justices sitting on a bench. Unfortunately, the statists and radical leftists in government want this. It is their best way to force their agenda on the American people, even once they're rejected and voted out of office. The justices stay. They don't want a Constitution that means anything, because after all, it means nothing if it means whatever five Supreme Court justices want it to say.They want a Judicial Branch that will invalidate and obstruct the agenda of small government and economic liberation. They want a lifetime of "progressive" policy being churned out in what is unfortunately the least accountable and potentially the most powerful branch of government. It was never intended to be this way. The Founding Fathers intended for the judicial branch to be the least powerful branch of government and the most independent, so that its interpretation of the Constitution would be based on the Constitution and its history only, not the personal policy preferences of at least five justices. But that is how it turned out. When the Court did its job, which it often neglected, it was threatened. I know many people love FDR, but he was unfortunately fairly authoritarian; he tried to pack the Court when it didn't agree with him. Luckily, Congress had the good sense at the time to say no. But judicial activism continued. We saw this in Roe v. Wade. Where an issue, abortion, used to be left up to the states, to the people, it was decided by unelected men in black that you should accept it. The Democrats then made you pay for it. Luckily, the Court has seen a resurgence of originalism: the idea that the Constitution should be read and interpreted as it was meant to be by its authors. You would think this would be obvious. After all, we otherwise wouldn't want to pass amendments for fear their words would be turned against us. Why even have a Constitution if its meaning is not clear, consistent, and set in stone? When the meaning of the Constitution is allowed to float freely undefined, there is no point in having a Constitution. That's what this idea recognizes. Justice Thomas subscribes to this idea, Justice Alito does, Justice Roberts sometimes does. Justice Gorsuch does. Now, thanks to President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh does. These great people represent the type of justice we need, we deserve. They will limit the government and allow the people freedom, not because they want to, but because they have to. Because the Constitution mandates they do. They will not follow their personal policy preferences. They will perform the job of justice as it is meant to be performed in a republic: with respect only to the Constitution of the United States of America! This is something we should all want. Democrats, Republicans, moderates, Independents, libertarians, centrists, everyone who loves our great democratic republic, and everyone who loves their freedoms. When a panel of unelected judges decides that the law means what they want it to mean, and not what it was written to mean, we have no democracy. This judicial rewriting of the Constitution is bad, no matter the results. If we are to remain free, we must stop this threat before it grows too large, and the next thing we know, the most powerful position in the nation will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the President will his figurehead. What can we do, though? We can elect responsible politicians (a very rare breed, but they are out there) to appoint confirm these justices. Paul Vang is your man for President. He will nominate these justices, ones that will heed only the Constitution when it comes to a decision they make on the bench. As your Senator, I will vote to confirm these great men and women to the Supreme Court, the ones that will keep America great, that will keep America the beautiful country we know it as today (and hopefully, will help make it better by only deferring to the Constitution in judicial opinions). A vote for Macmillan is a vote for those judicial activists, he practically admitted it himself. Pro-life justices be damned, to him. It isn't a matter of whether or not a justice is pro-life, but whether or not they will actually read and follow the Constitution. A vote for Craig Daniels is an affirmation and enabling of that crooked and corrupt ideology, an ideology itself bent against the people. That's why I recommend a vote for me and Paul Vang come November. The Legislative and Executive hold an obligation to check the power of the Judicial Branch, and we together will do that. God bless you, ladies and gentlemen! I will be happy to meet a few of you backstage before I leave!" Representative Grant proceeded to meet with several people backstage for a further half hour before departing the venue. Representative Grant wishes to make clear that he is adding this promise to his Contract with the Midwest on his campaign site.
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    Why not clarify? why not be consistent? why not follow federal law?
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    Craig Daniels Proposes "Real Pro-Life" Measures From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "I was raised Methodist. I grew up in a religious household and my mother was a very religious woman. We went to church every Sunday, and read from the Scripture. Nowhere in it did we see any mention of a fetus or the sin of abortion. Now, maybe this is not a fair analogy, because obviously abortion was not really the widespread concept as we know it in biblical times, but my point is that this is a very contentious issue. "Personally, I do not advocate for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, and a mother's health. However, I understand it is a decision that no woman makes lightly, and that they should not suffer or die because they made a mistake. Roe v. Wade has settled the issue of abortion, by declaring that men and women have the right to sovereignty over their own bodies. And that decision deserves our respect. However, that does not mean we can't create new options to help reduce abortions. Over 12% of couples cannot have children. If we were to expand and simplify the adoption process, we could help to create whole new happy families. We can also help to reduce abortions by expanding sex education programs and improving access to birth control medication and other feminine hygiene products. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies, but it can also help to prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood, despite its faults, actually does a lot of good in this category. And while I don't generally think its appropriate for taxpayer funds to be used on non-emergency abortion procedures, the fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood only spends 3% of its budget on abortion services. In contrast, 42% goes toward STD screening and treatment and 34% to contraception, 11% to women's health products, and 9% for cancer screening. That sounds like a lot more good than harm to me, and I think it's worthy of protection. "A vote for me is a vote for a real pro-life plan—one that works for women and the unborn alike."
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    From a Vang for President rally in Tampa, Florida Vang: "I want to thank you all for coming out tonight. For the first time tonight at one of my rallies I will not be getting the last word in. That is because I am here to announce that your governor Rick Sharp will be my running mate and potentially the next Vice President of the United States. He's a good man who has served you all well as a governor and without further ado I'd like to hand this on over to Rick himself!" Sharp: "Thank you Paul! Wow, what an honor. I'm so excited to work alongside this great man, and together, we're going to do great work. I think that Paul and myself are going to be a strong ticket, and one that can't lose. Both Paul and I have very strong records when it comes to getting stuff done, the proof is in the pudding. Paul, as House Minority Leader has been doing an outstanding job representing our party in Congress. The Macmillan camp tries to call him a do nothing and that is absolutely ridiculous. Paul was responsible for the Rebuilding America's Infrastructure Act. It's the single most significant investment in our infrastructure since the New Deal. For decades, significant investment in our infrastructure has been promised, and Paul Vang is the guy that delivered that promise! He did that as House Minority Leader folks, and I know he'll achieve so much more as President. As to what I'm bringing to the table, that is nothing but success, folks! When I was in Congress, I was able to broker a budget that was a success for all sides. Even after Calvin Ward wanted to give up, I persisted, and we avoided a government shutdown. I've proven that I can root out corruption, as I did in the case of Preston Moss who was so hellbent against a wall, he was willing to offer bribes. Corruption will not be allowed to stand under a Vang Presidency, and I will personally see to it. As Governor, I've been able to curb illegal immigration, as we have outlawed sanctuary cities, and instituted mandatory E-Verify regionwide! We're the only region that has taken concrete steps to curb the effects of global warming. Thanks to the budget surplus we achieved, we were able to invest significantly in research and infrastructure that will go to curb the rising sea levels that will affect many of America's cities. We were able to achieve all of this without some climate deal signed in a far flung place. No we did this right here in Florida, and Paul and I will be able to achieve so much more in Washington, all without a globalist climate deal which doesn't have the best interests of our nation in mind. Folks, I'm very excited to get out on the campaign trail and really make the best case on why Paul and I are the leadership America needs right now, and I think y'all will be able to see why. Thank you all, and may God bless the United States of America!"
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    Office of Representative Johnathon Grant For Immediate Release Johnathon Grant's Contract with the Midwest As your Senator, my priorities will be based on my principles of limited government and personal freedom. As your Senator I promise: -to never support unconstitutional and restrictive gun control measures. These have no place in a free America. -to support policies that deregulate and strengthen the markets. I will support legislative deregulation of the markets while defending executive legislation. -to fight bigger government. The government is big enough already. I will fight efforts to drastically increase the size of government, through hiked taxes, through massive regulation, or through invasive policies, I will fight it all. -to protect the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. America was founded on these principles. I will continue to fight for them as your Senator as I have as a Representative. I will continue to fight against the corrupt funding of Planned Parenthood and the right to life for all unborn babies. -to support President Vang's agenda. Paul Vang has a great agenda that will strengthen America and help the economy prosper. You can count on me to support a President Vang as your Senator. -to support education reform policies. School choice is one that I support; we must not lock up our poorest students in the worst schools we have. We should allow them to choose where they want to go. As your Senator, I will fight for a better education for all. -to defend our Constitution. Our Constitution is an amazing document that has too often gone ignored by both sides of the political spectrum. Activist justices on activist courts have long bent the Constitution and distorted it beyond recognition. I will fight against all of this as your Senator. (a) to confirm originalist and responsible judges to the Supreme Court, returning the power to the people and not a body of life-serving justices -to support government getting out of the business of the people. It isn't the government's business what goes on behind closed doors between two consenting adults, how you worship, or how you use your property. It isn't the government's business to regulate speech or inhibit the free exercise of religion. I will fight for religious freedom and personal freedom in general. I will continue to update this Contract with the Midwest as my campaign goes further, and I promise to uphold all of the promises I made as your Senator. God bless the Midwest, and God bless America! Signed, Johnathon Grant
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    Office of Representative Johnathon Grant For Immediate Release Grant Holds Primary Victory Rally in Des Moines DES MOINES, IA - Rep. Grant spoke today at a rally in Des Moines celebrating his victory in the GOP Midwest Senate Primary. He also took some time towards the end to fend off Democratic attacks. “Good afternoon, everyone! What a great day, we just got the results from the primary today. I want to congratulate Representative Granata on a well-fought campaign. I look forward to working with him in Congress to get good conservative policy done and to work to accomplish Paul Vang’s amazing agenda. Today, we had a victory for small government ideas. We had a victory for the idea that government exists to protect the rights of the people, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I want to thank the Midwest voters for choosing me as your GOP nominee in the coming election. As we move forward, I will continue to champion small government that leaves the people alone but for the protection of their natural rights. I will continue to fight for economic freedom and prosperity. I will continue to fight for the security of America. I will continue to fight for the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This I promise all of the Midwest. In fact, I want to announce that we will be publishing a document, a contract with the Midwestern voter, a full promise of what I’ll fight for and advocate for as Senator from the Midwest. Real quickly, I want to address some dishonest Democratic attacks: no, I don’t think women who were raped or victims of incest or whose life is in danger should be forced to have their baby, I never said that. I specifically said that I didn’t think that. I never said desperate and scared women deserve to die, I specifically said the opposite. I did word one Tweet awkwardly to where it would seem like that, but I did clarify later on what I was actually saying. That is all I have to say on the matter. I know that nothing I say will quiet these dishonest attacks, but I wanted to clear the record with the great voters of this country. You guys are too good for these dishonest attacks. I also want to announce that we will be going to Michigan soon, as well as going back to Kentucky and going to Minnesota. Y'all have been great tonight. I’ll be walking around and talking with you. I want to hear your concerns personally. For now, though, I want to end my speech with a prayer: “Almighty God, thank you for this great victory, and thank you for our victories that are yet to come. You are great in all that you do, and I know you guide us with your hand and word. Help us to find your way and follow it and to not stray far from the path you set for us. God, bless this country and it’s great, fine people. Bless this country, the freest country on Earth. Bless these great people here tonight with safety on their ways home and on their journey into the future. We thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. We are forever in your debt. Amen.”