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    Fundraisers Crafts (Texas): $1.28 million Crafts (Texas): $5.12 million Fitzgerald (Texas): $2.84 million Fitzgerald (Texas): $2.84 million Strickland (Texas): $3.2 million Strickland (Texas): $6.4 million McNelly (Texas): $7.11 million McNelly (Texas): $1.42 million Grenfield (Texas): $2.35 million Grenfield (Texas): $0.85 million South (Texas): $1.71 million South (Texas): $1.85 million Notes Be sure to include a state with your fundraisers. If you don't they're counted in your home state by default @Rusty Russ @Batman Be sure state whether ads are positive or negative. If you don't they're counted as positive by default. @Rusty Russ If you spend more than 20 hours, I'll simply stop grading once you hit your max. @Batman You actually did 6 ads instead of the 4 you used in your hours tally, so just the first 4 were counted. The last 2 (neg in Austin) were not. Please include a total amount spent in each schedule. @SWMissourian There are no longer tiers for ads. @SWMissourian From the amount you spent, I assume that second ad was supposed to be ran in San Antonio-Corpus Christi, TX and it was graded as such so you don't miss out. You're not able to run ads on a county level, they must be media markets. @SWMissourian You should only be targeting conservatives during the Republican primary. @anatoly
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