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    @Dogslife @Isaac Beckley Edit. At the end.......I mean to say........."If Trevere comes off as Chicago leftist"
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    Be gentle, he’s already losing to one Democrat
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    I know this is hard ma’am, but I’ll be as plain as I can. We don’t have to do his every whim.
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    @naomibrightwell Sounds like flip flopping. Are Republicans pro-tariff or anti-tariff? Trump = Pro-Tariff, Vang = Anti-Tariff which is it? Who runs the Republican party because tariffs are destroying middle America under your party's leadership. #tariffsdestroyingmiddleAmerica
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    What’s more important, 1 steel mill, or 90 million acres of soybeans. 500 jobs, or an industry that employs tens of thousands?
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    @DylanMacmillan: What is it with Republicans promising lower taxes and higher spending whilst our deficit is nearly a trillion dollars a year? #Clueless
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    POLL: IMMIGRATION AND WILDFIRES TOP ISSUES TO WEST COAST VOTERS A new LAT/Quinnipiac poll released today showed, unsurprisingly, that immigration reform and managing the California wildfires are the top priorities to voters in the West Coast. Immigration topped the list, with 34% of respondents reporting that as their number one issue. The wildfires (with climate change and forest management also listed here) took a close second, with 31% of respondents reporting that at the top of their list. Healthcare and taxes took the next two spots, coming in at 16% and 14% respectively, and education, gun control, police accountability, and voting rights all shared the last 5%. The priorities were split among political parties. Self-identified Republicans listed immigration and taxes as the number 1 and 2 issues by a wide margin, while managing the wildfires took a majority of self-identified Democratic voters' top priority, though many Democrats also listed immigration. Healthcare was also listed as a bipartisan concern, which is interesting, considering it has yet to be addressed by either candidate in the gubernatorial election. @Ryan @Williams
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    @naomibrightwell I could not agree more with @DylanMacmillan. Fairness in our justice department is the cornerstone of our nation. We lose justice, we lose the heart and soul of our nation.
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    Don’t mind me. Just saving this when we discuss- abortion Gay rights marinuana legalization etc.
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    Sorry, this was in error. I withdraw my objection and express my support for censure
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    Granata Wins Big in Republican Primary Gubernatorial latecomer candidate Anthony Granata has won over Hamilton in the Midwest Republican primary. Granata stuck to popular conservative/republican talking points which played out well in a primary where mostly involved republicans with stronger political ideals tend to vote......and moderates usually stay home. Granata however, now faces a general election in which talking points like those in the primary will only help his base, and hurt him with moderates (who play a huge role in the region. Granata Hamilton Percentage 52.29 47.71 @ADG @LM32 @Dogslife
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    I would generally be opposed to this because I saw a player unfairly blackballed for this sort of thing once on AGS. But this just keeps happening every single round with this same clique of people. These characters are disposable to them.
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    Rick Sharp Rick Sharp posted a video on his Facebook page to talk about the the Fitzgerald I amendment vote. Friends, a few days ago I stood with Congresswomen Williams and Fitzgerald to announce that we had come up with a compromise to ensure that the Dreamers would have a future here in the United States while we would bolster border security and no cost to the American taxpayer. Unfortunately that deal was sabotaged by selfish individuals. These people seek to destroy the bipartisan way of working through our problems, just as Speaker Ward and I did with the budget. We worked hard on the budget to ensure that it's something all Americans can be proud of, and it's set to pass. I met with Congresswoman Williams to see how we could make a DACA compromise that all Americans could get behind and be proud of, and I think we offered the best deal that had the best chance of passing, and I was certain would pass. Unfortunately, midway through the vote when it had seemed bipartisanship had won, one of my fellow Republican congressmen, James Hamilton from Illinois, changed his vote, and in doing so, turned his back on the 3.6 million dreamers. I contacted him and asked him why, why would you do this? He told me, and I quote, "I bartered it for docket access or a change of another person's vote later. Besides, I'm trying to cozy up to the ACLU." I pressed him and asked why, who promised you such a thing. He replied that Preston Moss had promised him this. This is unacceptable America. Is this how we want government to run? With special interests paying politicians, which by the way James Hamilton is $3 million dollars richer because of this, thanks to his buddies at the ACLU. Do we want backroom deals overriding the principals that we ran on? The American people are voting for what you go out and campaign on. The people of Illinois voted for James Hamilton, not Preston Moss, and the certainly didn't vote for the ACLU to represent them. Not only did this happen, but Preston Moss has also attempted to place distrust in our party by telling my friend Robert Cardley, that we would give $10 million dollars to James Hamilton if he changed his vote. This is simply not true, we don't play these shady games like Preston Moss does. I'm simply saying all of this so the American people know who they have elected, and what really happens behind closed doors, they have the right to know. If Congressman Hamilton had simply voted for his conscience, this wouldn't be an issue. But I cannot stand by and let this crap take hold in Washington. I was elected by the fine folks of my district to Make Washington Work, and I am standing by that promise. Anyone, citizens and media, looking for proof of these conversations can contact my office, and one of my staff will gladly turn these over. America you have a right to know what's going on when the doors are shut, and we have the first two members of my wall of shame I'll put up in my office. Remember these two names, James Hamilton and Preston Moss, they don't work for the people they represent.
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    A budget deal with Dems and White House has been reached! Stay tuned for details.
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    My laptop is currently on the fritz so I am consigned to my phone unless I can find my netbook. Will keep everyone posted.
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    EO 13853 By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: (a) That the tariffs levied against car imports from the European Union be raised from 2.5% to 10%. (b) That this executive order is signed with the intent to bring parity in tariffs between the United States and the EU.
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    That’s an odd way to spell “hurt soybean farmers who trusted him and steel manufacturers who voted for him” but I’m not here to judge. Oh btw, lets see how the trade war impacted NorthWest Arkansas https://www.nwahomepage.com/news/bekaert-will-not-expand-in-rogers-due-to-us-trade-policy/1301547085
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    MAYOR WILLIAMS JOINS LEWINSKY AND GUTIERREZ IN BID FOR WEST COAST GOVERNOR Democratic San Diego Mayor Christopher Williams has jumped into the race for West Coast Governor for the 2019 Special Election. Williams joins Democratic Congressman and West Coast Majority Whip Carmen Gutiérrez and Republican Businessman Sergey Kirov Lewinsky. Each of the contenders is credible and fairly strong, and this early in the campaign there isn't clear favorite. Of course, this is the progressive West Coast, so whichever of the two Democrats makes it through the Democratic Primary will be an early favorite, even against a popular immigrant, tech tycoon like Lewinsky. But, there is a long history of Democratic states electing business-friendly, centrist Republicans, so let's not count Lewinsky out just yet. It is sure to be an exciting campaign season. We will keep you up to date here.
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    Robert Cardley Hello! It's a great pleasure to be here in Springfield, Illinois. One of the crucial, integral things I want to get done if I am elected governor is make the Midwest more business-friendly. For too long the Midwest has been unfriendly to businesses, with high taxes on corporations and burdensome regulations. My objective is to lower business taxes and lower regulation on businesses, which will help enormously. Much of the Midwest is ranked near the bottom on "Most Friendly to Business" polls and nowhere near the top. This needs to change. As we stand there is too much regulation on businesses and too many taxes on businesses. This has to change, and under my governorship businesses will be allowed to thrive. View full PR
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