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    I will be stepping down from the AB. I will stay on until my replacement can be found.....then I will de-mask and officially leave. I would like to thank Bruce for all he has done for this game. I consider him a close friend and appreciate everything he has done to support me. I would also like to thank all of my fellow administrators past and present. I enjoyed my time with you and would like to thank you for everything over the years.
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    With the recent news coming from GM, the message going forward is clear: unstable economic & trade policy, tax cuts to the rich, and corporate irresponsibility goes against the average working person.
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    Be gentle, he’s already losing to one Democrat
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    The official twitter account for Congressman Rufus Goodwin, proudly representing North Carolina's 11th Congressional District
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    Anthony Granata Anthony Granata (R-IL) Issues a statement congratulating Governor Travere Although the outcome of the election wasn’t what we’d hoped it would be, I am grateful for the time and effort everyone put into his race. I congratulate our new governor and wish him much success. I will keep fighting for you in Washington. There’s a lot to be done. This race was never an end all be all. I will continue to fight for my values and for things that make sense to our region. I’ll be keeping you all up to speed. Count on that. View full PR
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    Theodore Montbatten (@TheodoreMontbatten) Congratulations to Mayor Williams on winning his election, and congratulations to the West Coast for electing their first gay Governor.
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    A few changes to the election system going forward: We’re going to have votes more locked in by party by state. There will still be swings of course through campaigning, but not as drastic. We’re going to make it so negative ads still depress turnout, but only to a point. There will be a minimum turnout at which time negative ads can’t depress it any lower. PRs by candidates will now be publicly graded qualitatively by demographic like I did in my region. That will also have a dedicated part of the formula rather than just counting as a rally, and so policy positions and quality of PRs will have a much more comprehensive effect on the election, and you will get much more feedback on your performance.
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    @naomibrightwell Sounds like flip flopping. Are Republicans pro-tariff or anti-tariff? Trump = Pro-Tariff, Vang = Anti-Tariff which is it? Who runs the Republican party because tariffs are destroying middle America under your party's leadership. #tariffsdestroyingmiddleAmerica
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    What’s more important, 1 steel mill, or 90 million acres of soybeans. 500 jobs, or an industry that employs tens of thousands?
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    @DylanMacmillan: What is it with Republicans promising lower taxes and higher spending whilst our deficit is nearly a trillion dollars a year? #Clueless
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    POLL: IMMIGRATION AND WILDFIRES TOP ISSUES TO WEST COAST VOTERS A new LAT/Quinnipiac poll released today showed, unsurprisingly, that immigration reform and managing the California wildfires are the top priorities to voters in the West Coast. Immigration topped the list, with 34% of respondents reporting that as their number one issue. The wildfires (with climate change and forest management also listed here) took a close second, with 31% of respondents reporting that at the top of their list. Healthcare and taxes took the next two spots, coming in at 16% and 14% respectively, and education, gun control, police accountability, and voting rights all shared the last 5%. The priorities were split among political parties. Self-identified Republicans listed immigration and taxes as the number 1 and 2 issues by a wide margin, while managing the wildfires took a majority of self-identified Democratic voters' top priority, though many Democrats also listed immigration. Healthcare was also listed as a bipartisan concern, which is interesting, considering it has yet to be addressed by either candidate in the gubernatorial election. @Ryan @Williams
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    @naomibrightwell I could not agree more with @DylanMacmillan. Fairness in our justice department is the cornerstone of our nation. We lose justice, we lose the heart and soul of our nation.
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    Don’t mind me. Just saving this when we discuss- abortion Gay rights marinuana legalization etc.
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    Sorry, this was in error. I withdraw my objection and express my support for censure
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    Granata Wins Big in Republican Primary Gubernatorial latecomer candidate Anthony Granata has won over Hamilton in the Midwest Republican primary. Granata stuck to popular conservative/republican talking points which played out well in a primary where mostly involved republicans with stronger political ideals tend to vote......and moderates usually stay home. Granata however, now faces a general election in which talking points like those in the primary will only help his base, and hurt him with moderates (who play a huge role in the region. Granata Hamilton Percentage 52.29 47.71 @ADG @LM32 @Dogslife
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    I would generally be opposed to this because I saw a player unfairly blackballed for this sort of thing once on AGS. But this just keeps happening every single round with this same clique of people. These characters are disposable to them.
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    Name:Daniela GonzálezParty: DemocratCurrent Position: Former candidate for Governor of Plains for the special election 2019
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    I, Erik Travere (@Dogslife) , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” This section does not affect other oaths required by law.
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    I've shared it to my personal page at the start of round 6
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    Erick Travere The actions of Congressman Moss are abhorrent and irredeemable. I condemn all corruption committed by anyone on either side of the aisle. In Washington we must have people who are clean and not corrupt. Moss should resign immediately. View full PR