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    Kenneth Riley "Ken" Bowers is an American politician currently serving as the representative for West Virginia's 3rd congressional district, a position he won in an upset victory during the Democratic sweep of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections. A native of Pocahontas County, Bowers attended Pocahontas County High School and later West Virginia University, during which he joined the West Virginia National Guard. After graduating, Bowers moved to Lewisburg in Greenbrier County, and joined the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department. Not to long after, he transferred to the West Virginia State Police where he eventually joined its investigations unit. In 2013, he filed for early retirement from the force in order to run for state Senate. Bowers defeated incumbent Ron Miller in the primary and, despite facing a Republican wave, managed to pull off a victory. During his time in the West Virginia Senate, Bowers became one of the many local Democratic politicians to throw his support behind the teachers' strike, and claimed that the end result 'didn't go far enough'. However, at the same time, Bowers has criticized national Democrats as 'elitist' and 'out of touch', and claimed his support for Donald Trump during the 2016 elections. After Evan Jenkins vacated his seat to run for the U.S. Senate, Bowers threw his hat into the ring and soundly won in the Democratic primary. While widely expected to lose, Bowers pulled off a shocking victory on election day with just over 49% of the vote. Since joining Congress, Bowers has forged a reputation as a plainspoken politician, and one that is not afraid to criticize the Republicans and his own party.
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    Daniela González (born 1975) is a former congresswoman for Texas's 23rd congressional district that retired after keep her promise of term limits to two terms. Daniela is a former Marine fighter pilot that flew F/A-18 on over 50 combat missions during her service. Daniela González was born in western San Antonio, TX to just outside El Paso on her family ranch, that she was raised helping on. To Daniela that was not just a business but a way of life that her parents built with their blood, sweat, tears, and hard work. On the family ranch, Daniela González learned the Plains values: rugged individualism with a heart for community and neighbors, a faith in God, a never-say-quit attitude, with a heart for people and a desire to build a better life for each generation to come. After leaving Congress in 2014 Daniela now runs the family ranch and owner of a chain of Shooting Supplies - Guns, Ammo & Gun Accessories stores across the Plains region. In her spare time, Daniela enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids and dog named Duke and racking up points as she becomes more of a successful rider and a leader in rodeo points.