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    Hey Columbia, its a pleasure to be here again. By now most of you have heard about my tax plan. We're gonna make it simple, fast, and easy. But what about where your tax dollars go? Well there's one place I'm going to make sure that they don't go, and that is to funding Planned Parenthood. Listen folks, I'm pro-life. The Bible tell us that murder is a sin, and I absolutely agree that abortion is murder. I know that I'm not the only one that believes this, many good honest religious Americans believe the same. A fetus is a human being, and throwing that away is a terrible, terrible thing. That's why I don't believe that any of our tax dollars should go towards funding an organization that believes in murder, and performs them on a regular basis. In 2015-2016 Planned Parenthood received more than $554 million in "government health services grants and reimbursements." Folks, imagine if we simply stopped giving this money away, what good we could do with $554 million. That could be more money spent on education or helping those in need, not murdering babies. They're going to attack me hard on this folks, but we need someone who's not afraid to stand up for his convictions, and I am here. NO MORE MONEY FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD. They can survive on private donations, but I will make sure that not a dime of your tax dollars are going to commit murder. Folks, the fact that more than half of its billion-dollar-plus revenue in 2015-2016 came from our wallets and abortion sales makes it clear that our tax dollars have no business in Planned Parenthood's coffers. If I am elected President, America will return to the morals in which it was founded upon. Every human life is sacred in my eyes, and if I'm in the White House, that's going to mean something. Thank you for having me, and may God continue to Bless America!
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    FROM THE OFFICE OF GOVERNOR LEWINSKY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Northeast Governor Sergey Kirov Lewinsky (R-MA) signed the 21st Century Government Act, a bill to modernize the government of the Northeast and provide streamlined, simple rules governing the technology industry. “Before I ran for governor, I was a tech entrepreneur. One of the big problems I saw with government is that government technology is outdated and interacting with the government is cumbersome and annoying. Compare how easy it is get a new driver’s license from the DMV versus how easy it is to order something off Amazon. One of the big campaign promises I made was to make government better at tech - and to make the Northeast a hub for the IT industry. This bill does both of those things.” Improving government technology “You get the best people by paying for them. This bill authorizes the Northeast government to recruit up to 100 Technology Fellows, people who are experts at design, development, and cybersecurity. These fellows will be deployed to government teams all around the Northeast government to make government tech better. They might help the Department of Records make their database more secure, they might help the DMV improve its website for ease of use, they might help the state parks use big data analysis to predict and prevent wildfires. They will bring expertise from the private sector into government and improve the lives of the people of the Northeast.” “The bill also contains tens of millions of dollars for upgrading technology used by our government. We will be moving government into the cloud, improving efficiency and cybersecurity. We will be upgrading the way government does data, so that government can take advantage of advances in big data analytics, machine learning, and other exciting new fields.” Making the Northeast a tech hub “Tech people want one thing: the freedom to explore and develop. They want clear, consistent rules. It’s hard enough to become an expert on artificial intelligence or neural networks, and then also have to become an expert on a patchwork of local laws governing your emerging technology. Clear, consistent rules is the purpose of this bill.” “We now have the same rules to operate a driverless car anywhere in the Northeast. Whether you are testing a driverless car on the streets of Manhattan or the mountain roads of West Virginia, the same rules about insurance and liability apply. Gone are the days where each county line meant you might face different rules about driverless cars. We are doing the same thing for drones, where now any drone that is legal to fly under FAA rules is also legal to fly under Northeast rules. So as of today, if you are a Google or an Uber and you want to test driverless cars, come to the Northeast. If you want to experiment with taco delivery quadcopters, come to the Northeast. If you want to be an autonomous vehicle entrepreneur, come to this region.” Coding in schools The final thing this bill does is create a requirement that high school and middle school curriculums need to contain coding exercises. This means that as part of one of their math or science classes, every middle school and high school student in this region will be exposed to coding and will code at least a few little programs or tasks themselves. The goal isn’t to make everyone into a software developer: society would collapse if we did that. Rather, the goal is to make everyone tech literate. Maybe some kids who didn’t think they could become a coder because of their race or gender will do one of these coding exercises and realize, hey, maybe this actually is for me, and they’ll go on to a high paying job in the tech sector. At the very least, kids will be able to understand what coding is and understand the news coming out of the tech industry. I believe this new requirement, along with other school reforms we have coming up the pike, will help us become a technology hub by ensuring that there is a large population of recent graduates in our region ready to snatch up the new technology jobs this law will create.”
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    Calvin Ward spoke in Ames, IA while stumping for Daniela Gonzalez ”Good evening everyone, it is great to be in Iowa with all of you. Tonight, I want to announce my choice for the Democratic primary. It is imperitive that we unify around someone that represents, not just the best of our party, but the best of America. We need someone who has the military experience in order to lead us well. We need someone who’s fought hard for farmers. In my opinion, Daniela González is that candidate. She has combat experience that has taught her courage and bravery. She doesn’t just support farmers, she has lived the life. But I believe she has the drive and ideas that we need, not just as Democrats, but as Americans. She will fight for equal pay and family leave, an issue that impacts all of us. She has spoken at length on the dangers of tariffs and how they’re hurting our economy. She has pledged to continue pressing for criminal justice reform, in fact, she is the main candidate that about it at length. That is why I’m encouraging every Democrat to get out and support Daniela for President!
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    OP Ed by Congressman and DNC Chair Darren Fitzpatrick PHD in Economics Those who dislike tariffs will point to more and more soybean growers and farmers in general are hurt by the tariffs and trade war. That is definitely significant, but appeals more to emotions by showing the disastrous economic consequences with real American families. Even so, it cannot be denied that even in states strongly won by republicans-such as the Plains-are equally as effected and equally as angry at the president and the republican leadership. These tariffs are not only hurting our farmers as evidenced by the recent march in the Plains states, but there is also proof that they do not work in the fact that the trade deficit has grown instead of decreasing. That is a stronger causal argument academically against the use of tariffs and protectionism. The other would be the history of it not working any other time either.....such as 1929 for example. It is quite clear that tariffs do not work. That is now a fact that cannot be disputed and is no longer up for debate. According to the wall street journal, the trade deficit-in spite of 4 years of tariffs that are supposed to make us win so much-is at its highest point in ten years. The problem is that the republicans plan of protectionism-while appealing to the masses who are struggling through recessions-is just plain bad economics. It has actually been shown that recessions work well for cutting down trade deficits. All tariffs do, is artificially prop up prices while stopping the natural flow of money and goods through the marketplace....which only increases trade deficits. I find it extremely ironic that we stand here......democrats.....lecturing republicans on the necessity of free trade and free enterprise without government intervention. Sure, the role of intervention into the economy by government is usually pegged as being the temptation of a democrat, but the republicans fell into that same pit because it was politically expedient and opportunistic. Also, there are differences between intervention into banks for the sake of stopping greed-induced bubbles and kamikaze crashing the entire economy with tariffs because it pandered to blue collar workers in an election year. Now there can be no more debate, no more waiting to see if it works. We can clearly see that tariffs are not working. We could have told you this 4 years ago.....oh wait....we did. I hate to be the one that says, "I told you so" and by no means do I mean to gloat on the backs of all the American families who were hurt by this reckless economic strategy to nowhere. I guess what I am trying to say is that the republicans would more easily be forgiven if they admit that they are wrong about tariffs and apologize. But I do not expect that to really happen. Instead what happened was republican Sarah Fitzgerald releasing statement calling the economy "strong" and "continues". The backlash from the president and his party's irresponsible economic policy was bound to happen, but the republicans are no longer bound to reality and thus refuse to admit that protectionism failed. That brings us to the present......where so many are hurting because of it and the people behind it will not take responsibility for the mess they have created. One day I hope that the GOP will wake up and realize that the popularity of protectionism in one election was not worth the price on America as a whole not to mention all the families who's careers and livelihoods have been ruined irrevocably. All they have to do is admit that it was a mistake, say they are sorry and work with both parties to reverse the tariffs. It is no longer about politics, it is not about us being right and them being wrong. This is about undoing the damage while we still can........for the sake of our citizens. Just admit you were wrong, apologize and help us fix this. Wake up.
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    I would like to thank the good people of Iowa for having me and being so welcoming and supportive. I truly appreciate that and I will always treasure the memories that I made out here and remember the hard working Americans that I talked to. It is been so important for me to speak for the little people of this country...the poor farmers hurt by tariffs, the poor who are seeing corporate america get tax cuts, the young person who gets put away for 20 years over 1 nonviolent mistake. I will keep fighting for those people...but not as president...at least not this time around. After a lot of thought, I think I can do some good in congress still. Even so, there are other men who believe in the same values that I do. One of those people is my good friend Ken Bowers is a strong candidate who will fight for the workers, fight for the farmers and bring an end to the era of corporatism in politics. I think that he deserves your vote. He has my full endorsement and full support in this election.
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    PRESS IOWA Today President Candidate Daniela González went door to door knocking on doors before making a speech in rural Iowa. "I grew up as a rancher in Texas enjoy the simple things in life. A nice steak and beer after a hard day’s work out on the ranch sounds good and simple to me. So, I keep it simple here today also folks and cut to the chase. I am here today to running to be the next president of the United States. "Let’s be clear this campaign isn’t about right versus left, as papa use to say it’s about right versus wrong. It’s about what works and what doesn’t. We have enough problems coming down from Washington and we don’t need to add to them here at home. I have put my life on the line as combat pilot time and time again for this great nation and region and will do the same if you give me the privilege to be your next President. No one person has all the answers, and no political party has all the good ideas. I believe together we can find the answers and solve the problems facing our nation by building together not tear things apart." “See my parents built with their blood, sweat, tears, and hard work, our family ranch and I see the values that make Iowa so great. We all have a heart for our neighbors, as we don’t know the meaning of the word quit as we desire to build a better life for each generation to come. Iowa, has the sense of love for the land, the sense of community, looking out for each other. The same kind of environment I grew up in rural Texas if a farmer gets hurt, you go help with their harvest.” “We share the same values. Love of the land and a strong sense of community. A fundamental belief in public education as the great equalizer. I understand how important those rural schools and rural hospitals are.in rural communities, starts with investing in our schools” and about how I want to establish a critical response team to help facilities in rural communities when significant financial challenges arise. It will serve as the backstop against the closure of any rural hospital to help ensure residents in all Iowa communities continue to have access to high-quality, local health care.” “Our love for and relationship with the land runs deep in our culture with thousands of Iowans working to produce the food, fuel, and products that we depend on every day. But, we know that agriculture is always changing and today we are at a critical crossroads that will impact rural communities, our economy, and our land for decades to come. We need to ensure the changes made are towards sustainability but that will only happen if we have the will to make it happen. As your President, I will work with farmers to make Iowa agriculture productive, sustainable and profitable. Today, outside interests are making Iowans choose between these values but I believe it’s time we support and empower farmers to not have to make a choice but to realize all three." “What is emerging today in Iowa’s agricultural sector resembles far too much the extraction industry where natural resources are mined for the profits of a few, and often out-of-state corporate interests, and the damage left behind becomes the responsibility of everyone else to pay for the cleanup. Current policies have encouraged industrial-scale commodity and livestock production, which has created an unsustainable system in Iowa that damages our environment and public health, forces family farmers off the land, and undermines the vitality of our rural communities.” "My campaign this election is about a simple truth that as a nation we must build coalitions that are big enough and bold enough to win the fights that matter for people who live in the smallest towns and the biggest cities. "Americans understanding the nation’s fundamental values and its tired of seeing the reflection of the nation’s darkest political traditions. I threw my hat into the presidential race so we can talk about the ideals we all have as a nation and to make a commitment for a better future."
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    DNC Chair Naomi Brightwell Announces new Majority Whip AImee O'Dwyer @Jellybeans from Rhode Island After the disgraceful actions by Former representative Moss, the DNC is moving on from him with ease. The American people deserve better than that and we are proud to announce that AImee O'Dywer from Rhode Island as the new Majority Whip. A former social worker and her work with children’s services, Mental Health and Community Services and domestic violence. She will serve this party and our nation with integrity. I look forward to see the way she uses positive influence and values to whip votes that make our country stronger. Welcome aboard the leadership team, AImee!
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    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO | Transcript of Mary Blythe-Pinnacle’s endorsement of Plains gubernatorial candidate, Daniela González: Hello, Colorado Springs! I’m glad to be here today to support a former U.S. Representative from the Lone Star State, Marine Corps fighter pilot, the next Governor of the Plains and one of the toughest women I know—Daniela González! Mrs. González is a lot younger than me *laughs*, however she still teaches me a thing or two about being a tough, level-headed leader; how to continuously fight for what’s right, not what’s easy; how to be an unrelenting servant who works for solutions, rather than expecting them to come. Mrs. González is the candidate with the strength, resilience, and prudence to lead this region to prosperity, which is why she has my full endorsement and support.