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    This sounds like it would make things more fun and also realistic
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    No student should have to fear going to school because of a firearm. We must take action so that these types of tragedies never happen again.
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    OOC: I’m that good
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    Signed, /s/ Kyle Fitzgerald President of the United States
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    ShaneBenzleyAZ: Voted in favor of Kate's Law. Statement forthcoming. #KatesLaw ShaneBenzleyAZ: Working with my staff to carefully study the Federal budget before Congress. Partisan arguments won't persuade me; I need to ensure Americans are getting a good deal. #Budget #FederalBudget
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    While asked by members of the Washington press corps if he had any comments on the Life at Conception Act and the scandal surrounding it, Rep. Shane Benzley had this to offer: "I'm actually amazed that I'm to the left of the chairman – or, I suppose, he's now the former chairman – of the Democratic National Committee on this issue; not to mention I'm to the left of one of the Democratic choices for president. But I say 'left' in the sense that abortion is one of the few areas where libertarians like myself are in agreement with liberals. I support a woman's unlimited right to have an elective abortion in the first two trimesters of pregnancy. For that reason, I cannot support the Life at Conception Act. This bill goes beyond most pro-life proposals and does not even offer exceptions for conception through rape or medical emergency. Couple that with my belief – a belief shared by one of my personal idols, the late Barry Goldwater – that abortion is a personal matter, and I cannot in good conscience support it. "That being said, I do want to offer my sympathy to Congressmen Doyle and Hong. While I don't agree with them on this matter, it takes serious guts for men of their stature to choose principles over power. I hope these two men keep their heads held high as they continue their careers representing their constituents on the Hill. I hope that the Democratic Party does not treat them too harshly for sticking to their principles, but we'll just have to wait and see on that one."
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    Jack Doyle This was not an easy decision, but due to my disagreements with the nominating base of the Democratic Party and the party in Washington on the issue of abortion, I am resigning as DNC chair, effectively immediately. I will continue to remain a Democrat in Congress, and I support very many of their ideals, but on the issue of right to life, we definitely don't see eye to eye. At the end of the day, they deserve a chairman that accurately represents their opinions on the issues that matter most. Just goes to show: a West Virginia Democrat is different than a Washington Democrat. And on that sobering note, it's been fun. Here's hoping my successor does well. View full PR
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    I had an idea to create some randomness and some challenges for the next governing section. Something like "IG event cards every season" where each season/schedule there are 1-2 cards drawn with a catastrophe or maybe even something pleasant. Something for example: Environmental factors: Such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, famine, in the USA and in other countries. Just like a Hurricane Irma where the President and congress would have to act to provide relief to Florida and Puerto Rico. Terrorism factors: such as civil unrest, coups, attack on our embassies, attack on US soil, detaining of American citizens in other countries, attacks on an ally, assassination attempts etc... Just like a Benghazi, riots in Palestine, or some other location, an assassination attempt on a dictator somewhere. Global factors: Chinese/Russian aggression, science or space development, nuclear development in a 3rd world country, conflict between other nations resulting in war. Just like the invasion of Crimea, cyber attack, space program development in India, Iran or other countries developing nuclear weapons. Social factors: mass shootings, activists, lead poisoning in water. The one mass shooting in Chicago was realistic and caused all of us to react in a certain way. More of those kind of events along with Flint water crisis elsewhere, Women's Marches, Right to Life movement, etc... Economic factors: big businesses going bankrupt (like Ford) where we have to address the potential layoffs of thousands of employees, drop in consumer spending, etc.. Just like when we bailed out the auto industry to save millions of jobs. A tough decision that we would have to deal with. Celebrity/historic person watch: death of presidents, first ladies, foreign leaders,. These would be less impactful game wise; however, it is a reality in the public spotlight. Something like The death of Barbara Bush or Fidel Castro etc... All of these cards could be affected by legislation as to what could prevent them from statistically happening based on congress's actions. Would also force us to make some hard decisions to solve problems like a potential war, terrorist attack, or bailing out a company. Just a thought. I don't know how you create the event cards for campaigning. Whether it is in excel or some other program you are using. I would have no problem working with a few others to create a bunch of random scenarios that can be for the benefit or cause problems for the game.
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    I am moving this to the cloak room. The cloak room is the area for talking about the game
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    @RepDeJesus ”I want to take a moment and thank Jack Doyle for his leadership and hard work as chair of our party. It is easy sometimes in Washington to get bogged down with looking at our differences, but in reality there is so much more that we agree on. I look forward to continuing to work with you in Congress.”
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    Hong and I may be in the minority in today's increasingly socially liberal Democratic Party but the fact remains that 1 in 3 Democrats are pro-life and I will ensure that they are being represented in Washington D.C.
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    Not the place for debate LOL
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    That's fine. I appreciate getting to understand the scoring.
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    Calvin Ward Calvin Ward responded to Rep. Huffines justification. “By all means, if the Rep. believes that the public support for legalization is so great, then let’s have the bill. I’m not disputing it. I’m just saying don’t tack on different, massive, sweeping legislation at the end of the bill. But here’s some facts. There’s a bill previously introduced to end the Federal Ban on Marijuana. It’s a clean bill with bipartisan support. The writer of the bill? Rep. Huffines. He may have good intentions, but from where I’m sitting, it looks like he just took some educaction ideas, then sandwiched on his marijuana bill because the Speaker hasn’t taken it up yet. If the support is great, then let’s pass a clean bill. It’s that simple.” View full PR
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    I have nothing to do with any investigations. Mr. Ward is just lying to the voters for political gain.
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    Watch me on CNN Town Hall with @jaketapper discussing ISIS and Russia.
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    Signed, /s/ Kyle Fitzgerald President of the United States
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    Just moving it over so we can pass it in both the house and senate at the same time
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    John Alexander Representative Alexander announced that he will be endorsing and support Calvin Ward for president of these United States and urges the people of Colorado and of the United States as a whole to vote for him. View full PR
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    @RepLouieHong You know, maybe putting marijuana in an education bill isn't the best optics.
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    Calvin Ward Rep. Ward spoke in favor of the Bipartisan Health proposal recently released ”I think the negotiations went very well. We were able to set aside party lines and get the deal done. I fought hard to keep aspects of Obamacare that were beneficial. The GOP leadership was very cordial and respectful, knowing that at the end of the day, we wanted all Americans to benefit. I want to thank the GOP leadership for their civility and their commitment to doing what’s best for country in this matter.” View full PR
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    Mr. Solin, What has the Democratic party learned from it's major defeats in 2018 and how has it changed since then?
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    I think it is a wonderful example of our elected officials putting aside partisan politics and doing right by the American people. I support this bill.
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    Approved. I will set up the news outlet in the player news area
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    @CongressMac: Today we have seen just how incoherent and obstructionist the Democrats are, the GOP proposed to extend CHIP funding indefinitely yet 134 Democrats voted against. @CongressMac: A majority of Democrats in the House do not want to extend healthcare for children in our society, it is clear that the party of families is the #GOP