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    Senate Senator Graham Chambers (R-AR): 52% / 32% / 16% Senator Bobby Newport (D-CA): 50% / 33% / 17% Senator Amanda Willenhouse (D-CA) 53% / 34% / 13% Senator Richard Crawford (R-CO) 42% / 37% / 21% Senator Samuel Crafts (D-CO) 50% / 35% / 15% Senator Carol Armstrong (D-CT): n/a (No activity since signing in) Senator Lucille Ricardo (R-FL): 44% / 37% / 19% Senator Steven Andrews (R-FL): n/a (No activity since signing in Senator Edward Morrow (D-IL): 49% / 34% / 17% Senator Michael Madison (R-IN): 50% / 35% / 15% Senator Charles Talleyrand (R-LA): 46% / 34% / 20% Senator Elizabeth Houston (R-ME): 43% / 33% / 24% (Just joined, not as much to go on as others) Senator Calvin Ward (D-NY): 53% / 32% / 15% Senator Lewis Berryhill (D-NY): 40% / 30% / 30% Senator Barclay Calhoun (R-NC): 39% / 31% / 30% Senator Paul Kressler (D-PA): 40% / 38% / 22% Senator Nicholas Rhodes (R-SC): 46% / 31% / 23% Senator Eugene Go (R-TX): 44% / 35% / 21% Senator Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX): 53% / 37% / 11% Senator Lincoln Reynolds (I-VT): 40% / 38% / 22% Senator Jack Doyle (R-WV): 41% / 36% / 23% House House Majority Leader Major Grant (D-RI): 57% / 31% / 12% House Minority Leader George Smith (R-TX): 51% / 31% / 18% Congressional Party Approvals Senate Democrats: 48% / 43% / 9% Senate Republicans: 48% / 44% / 8% House Democrats: 48% / 42% / 10% House Republicans: 46% / 41% / 13%
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    I'll stay on as VP
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    It's probably best to put this game on break for a month or so until I can come back. Keep your ear to the ground, we'll definitely be back.
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    who decides on who a maverick? People vote differently on a lot of issues. Let's be honest half of this is because a lot people want everyone to vote lockstep with the party. Most voting doesn't happen that way in the US Congress. states and issues matter. Why should a person lose their ability to swing votes because the parties cant learn how to compromise. making a maverick vote seems more like making this a uk style sim where you cant break the whip or your kicked out of the party.
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    Or is she so ignorant to not realize body cams are a benefit to the public and law enforcement. Also, the President hasn’t said a word.
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    Attributes Experience 30 Name Recognition 20 Wealth 20 Charisma 30 Cash on Hand $2,000,000 This Senate character is approved. Welcome to the game!
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    It should say something that on the heels of a young unarmed black boy getting shot by police, that the GOP oppose making sure every officer has a functional body camera
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    I thank my fellow Republicans in having the confidence in me to serve as Chairman of the RNC. I will continue to represent and support the platform of President Vang for this great nation.
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    As someone who has been targeted by members of my own party for non-conformity, I believe that this may be an attempt to silence my voting power. I am, as such, wholeheartedly opposed to efforts to reduce the influence individuals have (be it by time in game, or leadership selection). If we must enact some type of backbencher penalty (which, keep in mind, I believe we already have bonuses for leadership roles), my suggestion is to give all committee members a small voting calculator bonus, less than that attributed to Chairs, floor whips, floor leaders, or PPT. It would not stack with any other bonuses, and would apply regardless of how many committees you are assigned to. In this way, the SML/SmL who controls committee assignments may ensure that party loyalists are given "more equal" representation as compared to true backbenchers. In concluding, I offer this forward as a potential solution, but I want to reiterate: I do not support moving to such a system. I believe that this may be a vindictive attempt to silence newer players who don't buy into an established clique. Thank you.
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    My mistake. I will provide an update, but rest assured that I did not cheat the opposition. The result was a defeat, I merely forgot to write down the results. I will post an update here.
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    Fighting disease is a bi-partisan effort. The republicans should put politics aside and help our American people
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    Senator Fitzgerald, on behalf of President Vang, introduces A BILL To provide additional research funding for a long-term solution towards combating the Nipah Virus and future threats. SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. (a) This act shall be cited as the Nipah Response Act. SEC. 2. APPROPRIATIONS. (a) $90 million is appropriated to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for each of the next five years for the purpose of completing vaccine research for the Nipah Virus. (b) $210 million is appropriated to the Republic of India for the purpose of assisting doctors treating the Nipah Virus and for the purpose of creating and distributing medicine to treat the Nipah Virus. (c) $75 million is appropriated to the CDC annually for the purpose of producing, administering, and monitoring a diagnostic tool for inbound travelers from the Republic of India. SEC. 3. ENACTMENT. (a) This act shall take effect immediately.
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    I wonder when @POTUS will nominate a new VP, since his last one went missing #ContinuityOfGovt #25thAmendment
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    Update* Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald is also reported as attending the meeting. In recent developments shortly after the meeting, Senator Fitzgerald Introduced the USPS Reform Act. Contents include the following: If the bill is implemented, the USPS union will not strike and tensions will be calmed due to the bailout money and for preventing the 57 locations from closing. Nationalists and Business groups are not pleased that the government is bailing out the USPS while progressives and moderates are pleased with the result. Business groups feel that the government is giving them an unfair advantage. "When a business loses money, they have to face the consequences. Why is the USPS so different? The USPS's failure is not the tax-payers fault." Nationalists believe that their tax dollars should go to other things. "If the USPS cannot compete, then let the private sector handle it. Why are we giving a handout to a poorly run government bureaucracy?" Moderates (Dem and Con) are glad to know that rates will not be going up drastically, and they won't have to fear of mail delays. Progressives are surprisingly pleased with a pro-union decision by the Vang Administration and SML Fitzgerald. They are happy that the workers can keep their jobs and no facilities have to close.
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    The Federal Budget for the next two fiscal years looks set to pass the House of Representatives. Introduced by Rep. Audrey van Horn, the budget looks to decrease the size of the federal deficit amidst a growing concern that the federal deficit is getting too large, towering over $1tn. A surprise for most political analysts as they were expected a bitter partisan fight over the budget process, but all appears to be calm on the hill as it looks likely to move onto the Senate. The budget as written is mostly devoid of any specific policy proposals side from a provision to reduce foreign aid obligations by half, force medicaid/medicare to negotiate for drug prices and eliminate the overseas contingency fund. The elimination of the overseas contingency fund likely signals the end of most foreign active US missions, such as Syria and Afghanistan ((will be covered in more depth later)). This was likely a trade off with the Democrats agreeing to slash US foreign aid to other countries, though worth noting that Afghanistan receives a large portion of the foreign aid bill. All eyes are on the Senate as more liberal eyes such as Preston Moss look to the foreign aid budget and other budget sections to see if they are in line with Senate Democratic vision. On the other hand, Republican Senators like Mrs Houston has been quite centrist in her approach to many otherwise "conservative" policy points and eyes are on her to see if she will act as a Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski on this latest budget.
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    Welcome To College Graduation Season! Requests have been sent out and you can earn +2 Charisma and +2 Name Recognition by addressing students of the class of 2022 at various universities. You may only select 1 University to give a graduation speech to. Below are the Universities you may sign up to speak to: Clemson Stanford Michigan State University Michigan University Ohio State University Oklahoma State University University of South Carolina Princeton Harvard Yale University of Chicago Northwestern Cornell Rice Berkeley Liberty University (Christian school) Faulkner University (Christian School) Step 1: Post in the thread below your character name and which school he/she is going to speak for. (Once a University is claimed, no one else may speak; if you volunteer to speak and do not post a speech, you will receive negative publicity) Step 2: Post your graduation speech by Wednesday 27 11:59 PM eastern time. Step 3: Get graded. The more radical you are, the better chance of boosting your base while frustrating your opposition base. The more composed and general you are, the better chance of gaining a boost with moderates. Then get your +2 Name Rec and Charisma Please have your official speeches by the end of Wednesday, 2/27, 11:59 PM
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    I would say that we need to approach this doctrine with caution. It isn't for the court to decide what millions of people around the country vote for our legislators to do, that is to enact the will of the people.
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    Major Grant - Northwestern
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    Michael Madison - Liberty University
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    The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX) spoke to the press after introducing the Nipah Response Act on behalf of President Vang. “Almost immediately after his inauguration, President Vang has been faced with two significant crises at home – a large tornado in Kansas and a potentially devastating outbreak of the Nipah Virus in Mississippi. President Vang handled both situations remarkably well with swift executive action. The situation with the Nipah Virus in particular could have had devastating consequences for our country, but the outbreak was contained and neutralized quickly. “Now that the outbreak has been successfully contained, our attention turns to more long-term solution to this problem. That is why I introduced the Nipah Response Act on behalf of the White House. The contents of this bill come directly from CDC requests to the White House for additional long-term funding. The bill appropriates $90 million each of the next five years to the CDC to complete vaccine research, $210 million in aid to India to help doctors and distribute medicine, and $75 million annually to administer diagnostic screening of the Nipah Virus for all inbound travelers from India. This funding will help keep our citizens safe by preventing further outbreaks of the Nipah Virus both at home and abroad.”
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    -From the Oval Office- -For Immediate Release-
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    The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX) spoke to the press after President Paul Vang nominated Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) to the Supreme Court. “First of all, I want to offer my condolences to the family of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She served our country honorably on the Supreme Court for many years, and her presence on the bench will be dearly missed. Filling her big shoes will be no easy task, but President Vang hit a home run with the nomination of Senator Mike Lee. The second-term Senator from Utah is highly respected within our chamber, and for good reason. He has an extraordinary command of both our legal code and the Constitution. Senator Lee has extensive legal experience in both the public and private sectors, including two separate stints as a Law Clerk for former Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The only thing I regret about this nomination is that Senators like Mike Lee are hard to find, but it’s worth it to get him on our nation’s highest court. I look forward to his testimony in the Senate and his eventual confirmation.”
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    Oh wow. More money to respond to a disease. Damn I wish I had thought of that before. I would’ve named it the “Nipah Response Act” and it would’ve breezed through Cong....oh wait
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    In a short time, the Senate has already passed FEMA relief for KS tornado, big legislation tackling opioid crisis, cutting off federal subsidies to Chinese businesses, and job opportunities for our vets. We’re just getting started.
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    Samuel Crafts Democrat Colorado Yes
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    Candidate Name: Lewis Berryhill  Party Affiliation: Democrat  State: New York  Incumbent: Yes
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    An outbreak of the Nipah virus, a deadly virus that has killed between 40% and 75% of infected people in past outbreaks, has been encountered in Mississippi. The Nipah virus previously appeared in Malaysia and killed 265 people. Later, the virus spread to India with a few minor cases. Scientists have yet to come up with a vaccine to curb the effects of the Nipah virus. Unfortunately, 10 people in Hattiesburg, Mississippi have contracted the disease and 2 are close to death. Citizens are calling on lawmakers to take action to address these concerns.
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    The CDC has completed their report and has brought the immediate crisis to a conclusion. The CDC has made a request to the President for additional research funding for a long-term solution towards combating the Nipah Virus and future threats.
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    Lewis Berryhill Midsession  Fundraiser x2 New York (4 hours)
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    Edward Morrow (D-Ill.) 1. Fundraiser, NY (2 hrs) 2. Fundraiser, TX (2 hrs)
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    Kessler Fundraiser - Pennsylvania (2 hours) Purchase Tier 1 PI HQ - Wyoming = $1,000,000 (2 hours)
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    Kyle Fitzgerald donates $330,000 to Charles Talleyrand.
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    When Audrey Van Horn shows me how a kid with head phones riding away from someone is life threatening, I’ll give her mind. Until let’s not tell her the Tour de France exists
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    I'll create this thread to gauge where we're going as a game. Please leave any tips/suggestions/whatever in this thread.
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    They might have to admit that we have a problem with some in law enforcement killing unarmed African americans
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    Finished up the #TalkisCheapTimeforActiontour meet lots of great people and heard many heart breaking stories about the ways the community and cops interact (1/3) We need to take action against this immediately first by passing the Police CAMERA Act followed by the legislation I laid out speaking at the 3 BLM rallies. (2/3) And if any Republicans or other Democrats have ideas i'm more then happy to hear them out because this isn't a partisan issue, but an American values issue (3/3)
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    @SenMadisonIN once again lies about the CDC numbers here doesn't want to introduce the democratic bill because they disagree with him he needs to #Growup
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    Audrey Van Horn 1. Fundraiser - California (2 hours) 2. Tier 1 PI HQ in Wyoming (2 hours) $1 million Total spending: $1 million
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    Elizabeth Houston | @SenHouston I was sad to hear the news of the passing of Justice Ginsberg. She was truly an inspiration to our country. I wish her family well and will keep them in my prayers.
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    Then why did we need the Kansas Package? Doesn’t FEMA cover that? We were glad to come to the aid of Kansans in their time of need. But here we are petty politics
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    Up until now I have been more than happy to allow GOP access to the docket as I thought it would convince the Senate Republicans to try and be bipartisan, this was not the case as they voted down disaster relief as such they have left me with no choice but to no longer allow GOP access to the docket. And if the new HmL has a problem he'll have to take it up with his "leadership"
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    @GrahamChambers: I support debating a Congressional response to the #NipahCrisis in Mississippi. Whether taking funds from FEMA is appropriate or not should be decided by the Senate in a full-fledged debate.
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    Sen. Berryhill, for himself, introduces A bill to increase the federal minimum wage. Section 1. Title 1) This bill shall be known as the “Minimum Wage Act of 2020” Section 2. Minimum Wage Increase 1) Upon passage federal minimum wage is set at $8.50 per hour. 2) Each year up to 5 years after passage the federal minimum wage will increase by the following: a) Minimum Wage will be set at $10.00 in 2021 b) Minimum Wage will be set at $11.50 in 2022 c) Minimum Wage will be set at $13.00 in 2023 d) Minimum Wage will be set at $14.00 in 2024 e) Minimum Wage will be set at $15.00 in 2025 Section 3. Enactment 1) This bill shall be enacted upon passage.
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    @RNCChair: It has been an incredible honor for me to serve as Chair of the GOP. But upon reflection, I do not believe this position and I really fit well together. I am resigning this post with gratitude for the chance to serve, and with best wishes to my successor.
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    sign out. It just not fun here to me anymore. Been struggling all reset here and not really enjoyed playing here for a while. I might be back after a while but i need the break. Peace and jellybeans
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    Madison: Bills should go through normal channels Dems: *Motions to Put bills to save lives and help disaster victims through normal channels* Madison: Wait a minute let’s not help disaster victims and save lives. That’s crazy. Why would we want to do that? What would we get out of it?
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    RT if you agree that Senator Madison’s actions show he has no respect for disaster victims.
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    Senator Madison has no respect for seniors or disaster victims. We shouldn’t be waiting for the next tornado to hit to take action. We should take preemptive action now and pass my motion in committee.
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    Carol Grant Armstrong (D-CT) Name: Carol Grant Armstrong Date of Birth: 14 September 1972 Place of Birth: New Haven, Connecticut Place of Residence: New Haven, Connecticut Political Affiliation: Democratic Party FAMILY HISTORY • George Emanuel Armstrong, husband (b. 1970, m. 2004) • Isabella Ann Armstrong, daughter (b. 2005) • Washington Moore Armstrong, son (b. 2008) • Dejda Carol Armstrong, daughter (b. 2010) EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND • B.A. in Political Science, Wesleyan University (1990-1994) • Juris Doctorate, Yale Law School (1994-1997) OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY • Public Defender, New Haven, Connecticut (1997-2002) • Attorney-at-law, Reese & Proctor (2002-2006) • Connecticut State Representative (2003-2007) • U.S. Senator from Connecticut (2007-present) Carol Grant Armstrong was born on September 14, 1972, at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Born the daughter of a union carpenter and a schoolteacher, Carol was a determined student. She received good grades and worked hard. Soon, she was off to Wesleyan University, where she got a degree in Political Science. Her family was only able to pay for tuition through the help of government loans. Carol worked two jobs to put herself through school. She then went on to Yale Law School, where she graduated from and went on to become a public defender in her home city of New Haven. In 2002, Carol decided she wanted to go into politics to work on the issues she had been exposed to as a college student and public defender. She became a corporate attorney so that she could have a more flexible schedule that enabled her to serve in the state legislature. In 2006, Carol decided to challenge Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate on an anti-war platform. She defeated Lieberman in the primary and then went on to narrowly defeat him in a three-way race to become the state's first female and first African-American senator. She has served in the Senate ever since.
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