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    Sorry that RL business caused me to abandon my admin duties, but hoping that I can return as a player this round.
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    Kinda late to be having this discussion.
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    I think PACs under you have been much more involved and mattered much more to the game which is good since they control American politics in real life to a big degree. It's added to my enjoyment of the game. I didn't really know what the PACS at CPAC were looking for with the speeches for that I guess that is my one criticism. Being more clear in how those will be graded beforehand will help the quality of speeches being made.
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    Character Name: Calvin Ward Home State: Arkansas Previous Job: Politics (Congressman, Governor, Mayor, or lower rank) Date of Birth: 02/09/1984 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Protestant Christian Wealth: Upper Middle Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 2 The son of a Presbyterian minister and a school teacher, Calvin Ward studied pre-law at the University of Central Arkansas, in his hometown of Conway, and then studied Law at the University of Arkansas. He interned under Mark Pryor as a staffer for a Congressional session and was a quick study. He came back to Conway to settle into a law firm as a defense attorney. Shortly after he ran against Jason Rapert for the Arkansas Senate for District 35 and won in a tight race. While I’m that position, Ward gained a reputation for being a tough debater and a bulldog on the floor. In 2018 Calvin bested French Hill and won the Arkansas 2nd Congressional Seat. He is married to Fallyn Ward, who has her own nonprofit, Sight for the South, which works to provide optical services to under privileged communities in the Southern states. Together they have two kids Idelette and Wyatt View full character
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    Look on the bright side, no more Florida
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the advice. I’ve decided I’ll play as a moderate Democrat. I tend to find in these polsims that both main parties end up plagued by extremists! Perhaps I can provide some counterbalance. By way of a proper introduction, some may know me from UK polsims as James Whitelaw or Matthew Kemp. I’ve served as Conservative Prime Minister many times and Labour Prime Minister once or twice. I’ve been playing these games since 2010; predominantly the two (now defunct) British polsims - Rule Britannia and PolUK. My only experience of a US sim was many years ago when I briefly played a game called “On The Hill.” I see a few familiar faces. I know and have worked with and against Jellybeans! And MacMillan and I know each other reasonably well from the British sims. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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    He wasn't a fiscal conservative
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    Gonna play a Democrat and try and prevent them from going to hell and back. Who knows, maybe I'll run for President if I have the time.
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    So I’m signing out and I feel I should put an explanation as to why. I’ve been playing this since round 1. I’ve loved every minute of it. From the progressive-democrat Convention with Bluto and Clauson to the murder of bannon. But lately this game has beeen going down hill. In the current state it is not enjoyable to play. It isn’t enjoyable when Democrats are held to a different standard than republicans. Momentum is being graded differently and it is unwinnable for us. So I am leaving. I hold no hard feelings and I would specifically like to thank @Bruce for hosting such a great game. It was fun. But I just cannot do it anymore. I would also like to thank the people who made it fun, all the dems, bluto especially for being my mentor when I started, and all the people I’ve had laughs with. I will not be returning until this game is fixed. Until then, adios.
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    Work trip til Tuesday. Using my limited time to work on the convention. Will be on telegram.
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    I'm going to sign this one out, in the view of signing a new, very different, one in.
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    Fair enough. We will call it Fort Penn after William Penn
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    The Carolina Statesman, 1792 Newspaper Name: The Carolina Statesman Owners: John McNair, 33%; Jeffrey Franklin, 33%; James Tyson, 33% Editor: Jeffrey Franklin Revenue: $96,000 (96 * 1000) Expenses: $65,450(Total from expenses listed below) Operating Expenses: $48,000 (96,000 * 50%) Editor Salary: $9,600 (96000 * 10%) Connecticut Taxes: $500 (5 * 1000 * 10%) Delaware Taxes: $400 (4 * 1000 * 10%) Georgia Taxes: $600 (6 * 1000 * 10%) Maryland Taxes: $600 (6 * 1000 * 10%) Massachusetts Taxes: $100 (4 * 1000 * 2.5%) New Hampshire Taxes: $300 (3 * 1000 * 10%) New Jersey Taxes: $800 (8 * 1000 * 10%) New York Taxes: $250 (10 * 1000 * 2.5%) North Carolina Taxes: $1500 (15 * 1000 * 10%) Pennsylvania Taxes: $900 (9 * 1000 * 10%) Rhode Island Taxes: $500 (5 * 1000 * 10%) South Carolina Taxes: $700 (14 * 1000 * 5%) Virginia Taxes: $700 (7 * 1000 * 10%) Annual Profit: $30550(96,000 – 65,450) $10,183 to John McNair $10,183 to Jeffrey Franklin $10,183 to James Tyson
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    The Carolina Company, 1792 Company Name: The Carolina Company Owners: James Masterson CEO: John McNair Revenue: $4,254 FCT (2): $1,322 (661*2) CIT (3): $972 (324*3) NRMR (1): $639 (639*1) AAM (1): $801 (801*1) EMA (5): $565 (113*5) Expenses: -$1,063 Taxes: $425 (4254 * 10% in NC) CEO Salary: $638 (4254 * 15%) Annual Profit: $3,191 (4254 - 1063) $638 to John McNair $3,191 to James Masterson
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    Tyson American Industries Owners: James Tyson, Henry Clement CEO: Richard Handerson Revenue: FCT: $661 CIT: $648 AAM: $1602 MAN: $714 PA: $1693 AA: $515 EMA: $339 LAG: $221 TS: $190 Total: $6,583 Expenses: Taxes: $164.58 CEO Salary: $658.30 Annual Profit: $5,924.70
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    you misunderstand. The motion was to table the bill......because it is redundant to what was already passed last session.......and the motion was unanimous.
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    @Bruce do I need you to tally on amendment votes? If so....I need you.
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    Revolution Continues to Reign in France, Sparking Prussian-HRE Reaction Turmoil and revolution continue to plague the French, with members of their royal family reportedly attempting to flee their country only to be discovered and covered in disgrace. The flight has reportedly caused a marked turn in support for King Louis XVI, with many outside of Paris dismayed at the King's abandonment of reforms and seemingly the abandonment of his duties to the French people. Radical republicanism is spreading throughout that country, alarming French neighbors. King William II of Prussia and Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II made a joint declaration in support of King Louis XVI, calling for the King's freedom and to allow him to return to power. The declaration states that Austria and Prussia will go to war to restore the French king, so long as the other European powers also went to war with France. Despite the unlikelihood of British agreeing to such a war, French revolutions are interpreting the statement as a threat of war. These European affairs are deeply troublesome and we must be on guard against radical Jacobin influence from France. Similarly, we must hold close to our American ideals recently written into the US Constitution. Thus, we must reject the proposal for the establishment of a national army that could be used to entangle us in European wars. State Tax Rates Changing throughout nation: Carolina Embraces Modest Changes, Massachusetts matches New York Tax rates have recently changed in several different states across the country. Massachusetts, benefiting from the tariffs passed in the recent Congress, is electing politicians who attempt to limit economic trade that would aid the southern states. They are also lowering taxes to a fiscally irresponsible 2.5% rate for both businesses and newspapers. It seems impossible that their state, recently matching rates in New York, will be able to afford internal improvements to their roads and government systems. Meanwhile, South Carolina has changed their tax rates in a prudent manner. They have lowered their newspaper tax to 5%, but have raised their business tax to 12%. These changes should afford that state the opportunity to construct new roads and improve existing ones, while also potentially providing funding for a publicly-funded state university, appropriations for Carolina artillery, or further development of local theater culture. It seems certain factions in the northern states, while advocating for a stronger national government, are deliberately weakening the power and influence of state government. Yet in the southern states we are seeing factions that prefer to strike a balance and empower their own states rather than relying solely upon the national government for economic stability. Vermont-New York Impasse May Be Broken A bill in New York recently passed on a vote of 45 Ayes and 43 Nays in the New York Assembly, and it seems likely that the bill will be signed by the Governor. The bill would release that state's claims upon lands in dispute with the Vermont Republic and give those claims to the federal government. However, the federal government would have to enter into negotiations with Vermont, and demand that Vermont provide compensation to the New York government. It also requires one representative from New York be at any such negotiations. If there is a representative from New York at negotiations between Vermont and the United States government, it seems likely that such a representative would cause much consternation and likely destroy diplomatic decorum by demanding too much from Vermont in return for relinquishing the claim. Indeed, depending on the reading of the wording, it seems as if New York would only relinquish their claims to the federal government after the approval of hypothetical negotiations, not before. We also are unaware of Vermont's intentions. Do they even want to join our union anymore? Would any free person want to join a nation, supposedly founded upon ordered liberty, yet seems intent on reckless expansion, centralized armies and monies, and mimicking the behaviors of the European powers? We must reject reckless expansion and the centralized standing armies that many in government are demanding.
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