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    Congressman Brown Engaged in Plagiarism; Copied Senator Sander’s Website Word-for-Word An investigation by the Chicago Tribune has revealed that Congressman Vincent Brown, Democratic Representative from Ohio’s 13th congressional district, has been engaging in plagiarism related to his Presidential campaign. On at least three occasions, the Congressman’s campaign has published press releases on campaign issues that were directly copy-and-pasted from Vermont Senator Bernie Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign. On issues such as ‘Real Family Values’1, expanding social security2, and universal health care3, the websites were either copied in total or had cursory edits such as changing “Bernie Sander’s plan” to “my plan.” Congressman’s Brown recently placed fourth and fifth in the recent Nevada and South Carolina Democratic presidential primary contests. It is unknown what impact this revelation may have on the Presidential race. “While it is not necessarily unusual or uncommon for politicians to share values or rhetoric, it is damaging to attempt to copy another politician’s words or website verbatim and try to present it as your own,” said Chicago Tribune’s political commentator Thomas Schoolcraft. “However, plagiarism is not a crime, unless it runs afoul of copyright laws which doesn’t seem to be the case here. Many would consider it an ethical breach though, and it will be up to rival Democratic candidates and voters to decide how much they desire to address the matter.” 1http://teddervision.com/forums/topic/8132-brown-real-family-values/ : https://berniesanders.com/issues/real-family-values/ 2http://teddervision.com/forums/topic/7723-brown-on-social-security/ :https://berniesanders.com/issues/strengthen-and-expand-social-security/ 3http://teddervision.com/forums/topic/7722-brown-on-universal-health-care/ : https://berniesanders.com/issues/medicare-for-all/
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    The Official Twitter of Representative John Shultz, TX-22.
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    I recommended @Anthony give this a look.
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    @DylanMacmillan: My warmest congratulations to Congressman Vang on his victory in the GOP Primaries against Governor Sharp, I wish him luck for the coming contest, but not too much @DylanMacmillan: I would like to thank Governor Travere and Fmr Secretary Whitaker for their endorsements and congratulate them both on a strong campaign that showcased the differences in opinion in the DNC whilst also highlighting our unity as a party
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    DEMOCRAT TULIP FLOREZ DEFEATS REPUBLICAN CHALLENGER BY OVER 13 POINTS Democrat and former Ambassador Tulip Florez easily beat out Republican challenger James Murphy-Kennedy 56%-43% in the Special Election to fill West Coast Governor seat vacated by recently deceased Governor Christopher Williams. Many thought this might have been an opportunity for Republicans to finally pick up a Governor seat on the West Coast, due to good early polling by the Republican and general unhappiness with Governor Williams' tenure. Murphy-Kennedy's lack of campaigning combined with Ambassador Florez's shockingly fast-paced campaign spelled another defeat for the Republicans in the region. By the numbers: Total % Total Votes Republican 43.40% Republican 10,796,264 Democrat 56.60% Democrat 14,080,873 Independent 0.00% Independent 0 % By State State Republican Democrat Independent Alaska 57.12% 42.88% 0.00% Arizona 49.06% 50.94% 0.00% California 39.20% 60.80% 0.00% Hawaii 42.85% 57.15% 0.00% Idaho 57.80% 42.20% 0.00% Nevada 49.30% 50.70% 0.00% Oregon 45.46% 54.54% 0.00% Utah 63.53% 36.47% 0.00% Washington 42.75% 57.25% 0.00% Votes By State State Republican Democrat Independent Alaska 191,147 143,503 0 Arizona 1,185,200 1,230,454 0 California 5,364,267 8,320,658 0 Hawaii 195,681 261,023 0 Idaho 396,121 289,175 0 Nevada 526,232 541,132 0 Oregon 854,593 1,025,258 0 Utah 679,148 389,800 0 Washington 1,403,875 1,879,870 0
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    Erick Travere Hello my friends. These are not the results we wanted. But the voters have made their voices heard. It’s been a good run, but it’s time for me to officially suspend my presidential campaign. I urge all of those who have supported me throughout my run, do not give up your passion, direct it to support another great candidate, Dylan Macmillan. He will be a great democratic nominee and a great president. He has supporter workers, farmers, and families. I am glad to support him. Once again, thank you for your support. Let’s all get behind my good friend Mac now. View full PR
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    To be fair, its kind of obvious that y'all are trying to remove the other major part of the bill. #YesYouAreObstructionist
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    @EliseMarshall Can you inform the public which chamber on Congress has voted this bill down before? I do recall the Senate passing the bill with 14 republicans senators voting in favor. Let's be clear the only house republican compromise position is the wall or nothing even with the bill overflowing with Republican compromises when written.
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    Governor @TravereErick 's gun control policies are out of the question and represent what has gone wrong with the party I proudly belong too. When will we stop martyring ourselves on this issue?
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    It's been a good campaign, but it's time to call it. I support Paul Vang wholeheartedly and I know he will be an excellent President! #allinwithpaul #VoteGOP #VoteVang
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    SURVEYMONKEY RELEASES A VARIETY OF WEST COAST POLLING; TULIP FLOREZ MAINTAINS A LARGE LEAD, HEALTHCARE TOPS VOTER PRIORITIES Surveymonkey released a host of West Coast polling this morning. They include primary matchup polling, hypothetical general matchup polling, and voter issues polling. The polls show Ambassador Florez with a substantial lead in the primary. Among likely Democratic Primary voters, Florez leads Attorney General Lee 61%-28%. This is probably more reflective of Lee's weakness than Florez's strength, because while 91% of likely Democratic voters have heard of Florez, only 38% have heard of Lee. His lack of campaigning has also been an issue. So, it is possible that Lee could make huge gains between now and the primary, which is quickly approaching, if he succeeds in introducing himself well to voters. In a hypothetical matchup between Florez and Minority Leader Murphy-Kennedy, Florez currently leads by small margin: 41%-39%, with 20% of voters undecided. That's a pretty close starting point for a race in the West Coast, but with the general feeling of Governor Williams being ineffective and Murphy-Kennedy pitching himself (so far) as the moderate alternative to that, he seems to be gaining more traction than your average Republican in the region early on. The hypothetical matchup between Lee and Murphy-Kennedy is even worse for Democrats: Murphy-Kennedy leads the matchup 42%-31%, with 27% undecided. This is, again, skewed by Lee's low name recognition and lack of campaigning, but still does not bode well this late into the primary with a short election ahead. Voter priorities were a bit different this cycle than they were last time. Among all likely voters, healthcare topped the list of priorities (likely fueled by the recent threat of Obamacare being struck down). a full 33% of responded listed healthcare as the number one political concern. Immigration came in at number 2 with 24% citing at as their top priority. Climate change/the wildfires took the third spot, taking 20% of the vote, education was fourth with 11%, 10% cited income inequality, and infrastructure and police reform took the remaining 2%. Among likely Republican voters, immigration narrowly tops the list with 34%. Healthcare is still a high priority, though, with 31% of the vote going to that issue. Climate change/the wildfires and education both took 15%, while infrastructure took the last 5%. Among likely Democratic voters, healthcare won by a large margin: 40% of Democratic voters want the Gubernatorial candidate to address healthcare. Climate change/the wildfires are still a higher priority for Democratic voters, coming in at 25%, and immigration came in at third with 16%. Income inequality came in at a narrow fourth with 15%, and education and police brutality took the 4% that was left. These numbers are likely to change with the campaigns, so we will keep following the special election polling closely.
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    Zach Himes State Senator Zach Himes will run for Governor of the Plains region. A transcript of his announcement follows: For nearly two centuries, the states of the Plains region were new and unexplored territory. The federal government encouraged migration to these lands to till the soil, establish farms, and build the America we know and love today. Today, we don't just feed this country: WE FEED THE WORLD. But it is time for us to confront the uncomfortable reality. Our states are in the midst of a growing crisis: we are losing people. Our kids are leaving because there are limited opportunities here for their futures. In direct consequence, our population i aging and with that comes all the problems of growing older. Seniors in this region do not have adequate access to the care they need to survive. And yet despite these crises, despite the growing concern, our legislators refuse to act and insist on sitting tight, twiddling their thumbs. I will bring the Plains into the 21st century to join the rest of our country. I will expand opportunities to those who live in this region. I will provide a reason for not merely our kids to stay but also for other kids to flock to our states. I will expand access to healthcare that our seniors need so desperately. I am Zach Himes, favorite son of Oklahoma, and I am running for Governor. Thank you very much. View full PR
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    $5mn from Macmillan to Tulip Flores
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    Done for Joshua Blythe
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    Midwest Senator Name: Johnathon Grant Party: Republican Party Current Position: US Representative (MO-7)
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    Name: Andrew WhitakerParty: DemocratCurrent Position: Former Secretary of Defense Position: SouthEast Senator Will be dropping from POTUS race shortly with an official announcement
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    Filing for Plains Governor in 2020 Name: Zach Himes Party: Democrat
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    Filing for Governor of the Northeast Name:Osiris StormParty: DemocratCurrent Position: Congressman of NY-14th
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    Granatas: Either focus solely on governing the region, or running for federal office. One or the other. The choice is up to the governor. Also Grantas: Sharp’s our guy Talking from both sides ain’t they?
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    Mr. Speaker, I rise today because we have finally met an immigration bill which meets the needs of our ailing immigration system. We have a solution in front of us which increases the security of our borders and also establishes a comprehensive and legal path towards American citizenship. Fixing the American immigration system is much more complex than building a wall, or saying that we need open borders. It is about protecting the sanctity of our laws while also acknowledging the great benefits immigration has had on our own nation. I am proud to say that we have finally produced the immigration bill Americans were waiting for. The last time a similar bill like this was brought up in congress, 14 Republican voted in favor. I call my fellow Republican colleagues to action today, and to work with us to get this bill through congress and signed by the President. I call for you to speak up for what is right, and to speak up for protecting the integrity of our American immigration system. Let me read to you some of the great things this bill does. It enlists our reserved soldiers into the border patrol, creates greater oversight on our blue-card migrants, establishes a merit-based migrant system and creates an integration program that will help assimilate migrants into the American way of life, by helping them learn English and get a comprehensive education that fits the needs of our society. My friends, all of these proposals aren't new. They are proposals proposed by both Republicans and Democrats alike. The Democrats are rising to the challenge to protect our borders, are the Republican ready to join us? I Yield
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    So I saw this headline before I read the contents. The headline prompted me to do some research and have some conversations among the admins. I learned that only four of the ten states in the Midwest actually allow for recalling statewide officials. I learned that 3 of those 4 have 60-90 day requirements for gathering signatures. Minnesota actually requires that the official being recall is proven of violating a serious crime, rather than simply asserting it. Wisconsin requires the incumbent be in office for a year regardless before a recall can be considered. After all that, let me say that we will be implementing a recall petition mechanic for the Midwest region on an experimental basis; the details of which will be posted in the Midwest Operating Procedures thread with an accompanying news article in the Chicago Tribute, so be on the lookout for that. As for the announcement itself... Your justifications for recall are executive orders the governor rescinded, a food bank bill that you don't like and hasn't been pushed, and that he is (in your judgment) misinformed about Flint. The partisans who despise Travere simply because he's a Democrat(of which there probably aren't enough for recall purposes) are enthused. Conservatives ambivalent about the Governor, moderates across the board, and progressives across the board aren't buying into this reasoning. The people elected him, he hasn't done anything grossly incompetent or controversial (expect perhaps marijuana legalization, but you don't even bring that up), so they're inclined to give him a chance at this juncture. This recall is going to have a high hill to climb. Better start persuading. @Bruce
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    A vote for this bill would be a complete betrayal of my principles and campaign promises. I was elected by the people of Southwest Missouri to, among other things, stand for American sovereignty and borders. This bill, as it stands, will not receive my nor, I hope, any Republican support!
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