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    Sorry that RL business caused me to abandon my admin duties, but hoping that I can return as a player this round.
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    So I got bored and made a map of the seats for this Congress. The player seats are bold colors. If the player didn't specify their seat then I just guessed based on win margins IRL. Because of some changes like with Ward in his normally GOP seat and O'Dwyer in the Dem RI seat, I changed some narrow seats to the GOP.
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    From 30th till the 2nd. I'll be in Kansas City
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    Kinda late to be having this discussion.
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    New York State - Vermont Republic Border Dispute! This paper has received reports that a diplomat from the Vermont Republic recently arrived in the New York state capitol to meet with their Governor and state representatives. The issue at hand is that Vermont desires to join these United States but the state of New York has a number of claims upon lands in the Vermont Republic. These claims have not been pressed in any significant way, but would need to be settled prior to Vermont's admission. In what must be a shock to the diplomat, various representatives of the state are reported to have suggested that they consider Vermont to still be a part of New York! Vermont has declared itself to be an independent nation since 1777. In 1781, the Confederation Congress passed an act stating Vermont would be admitted as a state provided it renounced claims east of the Connecticut River and west of Lake Champlain, which is claimed by New York. Vermont has not done this, hence there is this dispute. While this matter was not generally thought to be of great importance, it seems the diplomat's visit has prompted a great reaction, with representatives stating Vermont should join New York voluntarily and other representatives suggesting annexation. One representative of New York is reported to have said, "If force is necessary to retain our state integrity, then so be it." We remind the reader that the New York Governor is elected by those same representatives and not by the public, so it may be that he shares their aggressiveness or feels pressured to do so. New York's representatives seem to be a contentious, ambitious lot. If Vermont desires to join the US despite the surprising aggressiveness shown by the New York representatives, then it would be well that Vermont simply compensate the state of New York in order to prompt the state to renounce any claims. If New York seeks to desire the use of force to press their claim, we can not support this. We can not see the usefulness in the Carolinas or any other state of this new union to support such an annexation. The public will not stand for a war of annexation to press one sole state's claims on territory that stems from the old crown. Any Representative or Senator who would support such an annexation would surely be voted out of office at the next election and rightfully so.
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    I’m here
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    I kind of want to do something loosely based off the old Revolution America idea. Everyone would be a Governor of a State of their choice and they could pick between 1: Democratic 2: Republican 3: Socialist Party 4: Nationalist Party and the background is the south is ready to secede again and start a second civil war so each state will have three options to choose from 1: Stay loyal to the Union 2: Stay Neutral or try to Leave Peacefully (There will be laws put in place to make it hard to leave without a lot of burden of debt) 3: Join the Resistance. Each person will start out as a Governor of the State they choose and this will be a full on "Second Political Sim" like Capitol Hill but different and I will be hiring people to help me build the idea and the forums up but I do want this to remain hosted on TedderVision. Please reply if interested in playing a game similar to this so I can gauge interest.
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    I'd like to run a small divided U.S. game where each person can choose a color and come up with a new government and play as the president and legislature (if appropriate) , they are also responsible with naming their new nation and more. i will play the light blue which will represent what is left standing of the old United States. We'd need a sign up subforum, a announcements subforum and one for each colored region which we would request later after applications have been approved.
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    Character Name: Olivia Williams Home State: California Previous Job: Government (Lobbyist, Community Organizer, Former Cabinet Secretary, Agency head, or lower rank) Date of Birth: 10/11/1950 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Protestant Christian Wealth: Upper Class Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 5 Olivia Victoria Carter Williams (born on October 11, 1950) is an American philanthropist, businesswoman, and diplomat who served as the General Counsel for Morgan Stanley from 1993-2005, Chief Financial Officer of Williams Incorporated from 1995-2000, CEO of the Williams Foundation from 2000-2007, 27th United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2009-2013 and the 68th United States Secretary of State from 2013-2017. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Williams graduated from Standford University in 1972, earned her Juris Doctor from Yale Law School in 1975, and received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1978. She moved to Los Angeles, California in 1979 and married Christopher Williams. She started working as a corporate lawyer for Gibson Dunn in Los Angeles, before becoming a partner in 1985. Williams became an investment banker for JP Morgan and Co. in 1988 and Morgan Stanley's General Counsel in 1993, leaving Gibson Dunn the same year. As her husband's real estate company, Williams Inc., began to fledge into a business empire - developing into an investment and media company - Williams became Chief Financial Officer of Williams Inc. and President of Williamsville Investments, a division of Williams Inc. in 1995 - leaving her CFO position five years later to pursue humanitarian work. Williams steered the company's investments toward technological services, including becoming an early investor in Yahoo! in 1994, eBay in 1997, and Google in 1998. After eBay went public in 1997, she became a member of the company's Board of Directors, including on its eBay Foundation's Board, until 2008. As the General Counsel of Morgan Stanley, Williams was instrumental in managing the IPO of Google in 2004. She stepped down from Morgan Stanley a year later and served on the Board of Directors at Google from 2004-2008. Under Williams' lead, Williamsville Investments sold its stake in eBay in 1997, Yahoo! in 2000 (at the peak of the dot-com bubble), and Google in 2004 - rendering millions, and in the case of Google, billions of dollars, for Williams Inc. to expand its divisions into media, entertainment, and sports. In 2000, Williams became the CEO of Williams Inc.'s newly-established public charity, The Williams Foundation. Over the next eight years, The Williams Foundation partnered with businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals to strengthen in-country health systems around the World; improve global markets for medicines and diagnostics; dramatically lower the cost of lifesaving medicines and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis; support a variety of Haitian entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing grants and important business tools, including local artisans and connecting them to new markets; and support women and girls around the world by expanding access to education and training, supporting women farmers and entrepreneurs, promoting economic opportunity and job creation, and improving health outcomes. In 2006, Williams received an honorary degree in International Relations from Georgetown University for her work on the Foundation's global initiatives. Williams and her husband had become prolific fundraisers for the Democratic Party, beginning in 90s, supporting the Clintons, their legal defense, and their election efforts - including President Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign and First Lady Hillary Clinton's New York senatorial campaigns in 2000 and 2006. In 2007, Williams stepped down from the Williams Foundation and began working as the Chief Financial Officer of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. After the primaries, Williams switched to become a major fundraiser for the Obama campaign. During the transition, Williams was vetted for several foreign policy and economic positions. On December 3, 2008, President-elect Obama announced Williams as the nominee for United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She was nominated by the Senate and took the position in early 2009. On December 21, 2012, President Barack Obama announced Williams as the nominee for Secretary of State, replacing former Secretary Hillary Clinton, and was confirmed by the Senate, taking the oath as America's top diplomat soon after in 2013. In 2017, Williams was replaced after the election of Donald Trump as President. She became a private citizen, writing a book "Our Time: America's Role and A Woman's Place in the World" in 2018, and taking speaking engagements. An article in the Wall Street Journal in late November 2018 detailed efforts by Williams and her inner circle to begin the development of a presidential campaign to run for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election. Children: - Christopher David Williams II, Born: February 7, 1980 (38 as of 2018). - Diane Dannielle Williams, Born: October 28, 1983 (35 as of 2018). - David Joseph Williams, Born: August 10, 1988 (30 as of 2018). - Joseph Anthony Williams, Born: November 20, 1990 (28 as of 2018). - Brooklyn Alicia Williams, Born: January 15, 1993 (25 as of 2018). View full character
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    Character Name: A. Percival "Percy" Montbatten Home State: Massachusetts Previous Job: Education (University President, Professor, etc) Date of Birth: 06/28/1955 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Catholic Wealth: Upper Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 4 P E R C Y M O N T B A T T E N Republican Congressman for Massachusetts' Sixth MONTBATTEN, Athanasius Percival "Percy" (b. 1955) is the eldest son of Dr. Roger Patrick Montbatten, a successful conservative academic, and his wife, Mrs. Nancy Eloise (née Greenfeld). Percy was born in New York City, NY, where his father was a professor of philosophy at Columbia University and his mother was a well-known socialite. Montbatten grew up primarily in up-state New York, although he was sent for education to Eton School in England before returning to read to a Bachelor's Degree in History at Yale University in 1977. He would go on to study History as a Master's Student, concentrating on ancient civilizations, at Yale and, eventually, he would receive a Ph.D. from Cambridge University in England in 1985. His first professional experience was at Yale as a Master's Student where he took on the role of teaching a first year survey history course. He would eventually be hired by Harvard University in 1986, partly on his good work in his field and partly on his name, where he would join the History Faculty and teach for more than 20 years. He was first elected to serve in the US House of Representatives in 2013, after spending the previous six years with a popular talk show on PBS--unique in that it was conservative leaning--and acting as a sometimes FOX contributor (which ended after he accused Bill O'Reilly of being a "bombastic bastard and a raging genocidal maniac" on live TV during a discussion on American involvement in Syria, which Montbatten opposed). After his electoral win against the very liberal Democrat incumbent, John F. Tierney, in 2013, Montbatten faced a more moderate challenge from Seth Moulton in 2015, but was able to squeak a win. He has since consolidated his support in his district and has not faced a significant challenge. Montbatten is politically called the Hill's "principle paleoconservative" but maintains relative popularity among his constituents due to his good work locally. He is known for his trans-Atlantic accent, eloquence, and his even temper, as well as his three-piece and double breasted suits. He is sometimes refered to as a "Member for 1850" both by allies (who appreciate his antiquarian appeal) and enemies (who reject his anti-modern aesthetic). ELECTORAL HISTORY MASSACHUSETTS SIXTH DISTRICT, 2013 MONTBATTEN, A. (R) -- 54% TIERNEY, J. (D) -- 46% MASSACHUSETTS SIXTH DISTRICT, 2015 MONTBATTEN, A. (R) -- 51% MOULTON, S. (D) -- 49% MASSACHUSETTS SIXTH DISTRICT, 2017 MONTBATTEN, A. (R) -- 58% DE LONGHI, B. (D) -- 42% View full character
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    I recruited @Williams (Please give money to Swanner)
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    I think PACs under you have been much more involved and mattered much more to the game which is good since they control American politics in real life to a big degree. It's added to my enjoyment of the game. I didn't really know what the PACS at CPAC were looking for with the speeches for that I guess that is my one criticism. Being more clear in how those will be graded beforehand will help the quality of speeches being made.
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    “I, James Tyson do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.” I vote for Johnstone for Speaker.
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    Election Endorsements 2 For Governor and Senate Elections, we at The American Federalist endorse: William Paterson- NJ Governor John Rutherford- NJ Senate and Philip Schuyler- NY Senate. We choose to denounce: Aaron Burr- NY Senate, for being a conniving, self serving politician with no connection to the people, no morals, and not true positions on any of the issues that matter. He is amoral and a dangerous disgrace. We must ask of him, if he won't stand for anything, what will he fall for?
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    OOC: I'm hinting at it strongly but keeping plausible deniability. I'm also trying to use state pride but not make other states angry.
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    Could we please start putting more PES at the end of our bills. As much as I would love to go look up paragraph 3 of USC section 1152 I really don't want to. Just give something short like, "bill allows funding for a wall on the southern border."
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    Well, I don't really hold with resolutions as such, but I will offer a few comments about the year closing and the upcoming one. -It was a year of endings. I'm sure everybody noticed this Parker isn't a Veteran. 2017 was the last complete year I will wear the Nation's cloth; I have reached mandatory retirement. And it was the first complete year we were without "Richard Candler." VUSA vets will remember he was a memorial to a very close RL friend of mine that passed on in 2016. Sim-wise, this Parker only shares a name with Parker 1.0-5.0. I retired from simming as I got tired of fighting with the Cool Kids and being a Party of One. Thinking I'll see how far I can go playing within the rules instead of just ignoring them when I think they're stupid.
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    Oh the Government here are buggering up Brexit perfectly well without any help!
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    I want to formally apologize to @Kyle Fitzgerald and @Shiggy for the way I behaved last round. I don't apologize for making a third party because I think it was fun (at least for those involved) but I do want to apologize for the way I left the party and for any hard feelings. To answer any questions, no I still don't intend to play next round but that has nothing to do with the player base and everything to do with how Tedder is choosing to run this game and we've had discussions about this. When the time comes Tedder is ready to fully commit to running this site as a Gov Sim and he hires a team of dedicated Admins I would be happy to either be one of the Admins or a player. Either way my involvement going forward is entirely based on whether or not Tedder chooses to take his Govsim seriously.
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    I play around some more with some ideas but could do something simlar to this. Not sure about font or color of the banner.
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    Results with MOV added (copied the following formatting from Wikipedia): States where the margin of victory was under 1% (51 electoral votes; 35 won by Bayer, 16 by Taylor): Florida, 0.19% Iowa, 0.26% (tipping point state) Michigan, 0.74% States/districts where the margin of victory was between 1% and 5% (119 electoral votes; 90 won by Bayer, 29 by Taylor): Wisconsin, 1.14% Alaska, 1.28% Pennsylvania, 1.36% Ohio, 1.49% New Hampshire, 2.13% Nevada, 2.48% Minnesota, 2.50% Colorado, 2.63% Virginia, 2.80% North Carolina, 4.29% Arizona, 4.96% States where the margin of victory was between 5% and 10% (107 electoral votes; 67 won by Taylor, 40 by Bayer): Oregon, 5.14% Georgia, 5.29% Montana, 5.36% Connecticut, 7.12% New Jersey, 7.91% Washington, 8.05% Missouri, 8.53% Maine, 8.62% Indiana, 8.68% Delaware, 9.61% Illinois, 9.83%