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    For immeadiate release: Following a vote within the caucus, Senator Samuel Crafts (D-CO) has been elected Senate Minority Leader and Senator Lewis Berryhill (D-NY) has been elected Senate Minority Whip. With this new leadership we all look forward to pushing policies intended to help all Americans regardless of income, race, gender, or sexual orientation.
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    Motion to table has passed 3-2
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    From 30th till the 2nd. I'll be in Kansas City
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    Senate Senator Graham Chambers (R-AR): 52% / 32% / 16% Senator Bobby Newport (D-CA): 50% / 33% / 17% Senator Amanda Willenhouse (D-CA) 53% / 34% / 13% Senator Richard Crawford (R-CO) 42% / 37% / 21% Senator Samuel Crafts (D-CO) 50% / 35% / 15% Senator Carol Armstrong (D-CT): n/a (No activity since signing in) Senator Lucille Ricardo (R-FL): 44% / 37% / 19% Senator Steven Andrews (R-FL): n/a (No activity since signing in Senator Edward Morrow (D-IL): 49% / 34% / 17% Senator Michael Madison (R-IN): 50% / 35% / 15% Senator Charles Talleyrand (R-LA): 46% / 34% / 20% Senator Elizabeth Houston (R-ME): 43% / 33% / 24% (Just joined, not as much to go on as others) Senator Calvin Ward (D-NY): 53% / 32% / 15% Senator Lewis Berryhill (D-NY): 40% / 30% / 30% Senator Barclay Calhoun (R-NC): 39% / 31% / 30% Senator Paul Kressler (D-PA): 40% / 38% / 22% Senator Nicholas Rhodes (R-SC): 46% / 31% / 23% Senator Eugene Go (R-TX): 44% / 35% / 21% Senator Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX): 53% / 37% / 11% Senator Lincoln Reynolds (I-VT): 40% / 38% / 22% Senator Jack Doyle (R-WV): 41% / 36% / 23% House House Majority Leader Major Grant (D-RI): 57% / 31% / 12% House Minority Leader George Smith (R-TX): 51% / 31% / 18% Congressional Party Approvals Senate Democrats: 48% / 43% / 9% Senate Republicans: 48% / 44% / 8% House Democrats: 48% / 42% / 10% House Republicans: 46% / 41% / 13%
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    who decides on who a maverick? People vote differently on a lot of issues. Let's be honest half of this is because a lot people want everyone to vote lockstep with the party. Most voting doesn't happen that way in the US Congress. states and issues matter. Why should a person lose their ability to swing votes because the parties cant learn how to compromise. making a maverick vote seems more like making this a uk style sim where you cant break the whip or your kicked out of the party.
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    @Sovereign@LMR @RecksJust a reminder for your speeches
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    The RNC should be more concerned as to why the Republican President has been so disrespectfully silent during ongoing tragedy in Vermont.
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    Mr. Chair, I agree with the ranking member that both these pieces of legislation have benefits and are needed in light of the recent disaster. We should do our due diligence to ensure the legislation makes it to the Senate floor in an expedited fashion. I second the motion to suspend for both. I yield
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    Mr. Chairmen, We’re government oversight. This is the Rules lawyering nerdfest. Complying would’ve been taking care to add the summary before docketing. The rule doesn’t state comittee or floor it says docket. I firmly believe that assumptions on this comittee is a bad habit to start. We’re asking that this be added in decency and order. That’s all i yield
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    *To the Senator* it's your 2nd right Senator you just missed it
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    Carol Grant Armstrong (D-CT) Name: Carol Grant Armstrong Date of Birth: 14 September 1972 Place of Birth: New Haven, Connecticut Place of Residence: New Haven, Connecticut Political Affiliation: Democratic Party FAMILY HISTORY • George Emanuel Armstrong, husband (b. 1970, m. 2004) • Isabella Ann Armstrong, daughter (b. 2005) • Washington Moore Armstrong, son (b. 2008) • Dejda Carol Armstrong, daughter (b. 2010) EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND • B.A. in Political Science, Wesleyan University (1990-1994) • Juris Doctorate, Yale Law School (1994-1997) OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY • Public Defender, New Haven, Connecticut (1997-2002) • Attorney-at-law, Reese & Proctor (2002-2006) • Connecticut State Representative (2003-2007) • U.S. Senator from Connecticut (2007-present) Carol Grant Armstrong was born on September 14, 1972, at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Born the daughter of a union carpenter and a schoolteacher, Carol was a determined student. She received good grades and worked hard. Soon, she was off to Wesleyan University, where she got a degree in Political Science. Her family was only able to pay for tuition through the help of government loans. Carol worked two jobs to put herself through school. She then went on to Yale Law School, where she graduated from and went on to become a public defender in her home city of New Haven. In 2002, Carol decided she wanted to go into politics to work on the issues she had been exposed to as a college student and public defender. She became a corporate attorney so that she could have a more flexible schedule that enabled her to serve in the state legislature. In 2006, Carol decided to challenge Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate on an anti-war platform. She defeated Lieberman in the primary and then went on to narrowly defeat him in a three-way race to become the state's first female and first African-American senator. She has served in the Senate ever since.
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    Campaign Consultants You may acquire the services of various consultants at different tiers each election cycle. They last from when you acquire them to the end of the election cycle every 2 years. Below are the consultants currently in the game:
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    LOA til 12/14 to continue getting my ass kicked by finals
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    New York State - Vermont Republic Border Dispute! This paper has received reports that a diplomat from the Vermont Republic recently arrived in the New York state capitol to meet with their Governor and state representatives. The issue at hand is that Vermont desires to join these United States but the state of New York has a number of claims upon lands in the Vermont Republic. These claims have not been pressed in any significant way, but would need to be settled prior to Vermont's admission. In what must be a shock to the diplomat, various representatives of the state are reported to have suggested that they consider Vermont to still be a part of New York! Vermont has declared itself to be an independent nation since 1777. In 1781, the Confederation Congress passed an act stating Vermont would be admitted as a state provided it renounced claims east of the Connecticut River and west of Lake Champlain, which is claimed by New York. Vermont has not done this, hence there is this dispute. While this matter was not generally thought to be of great importance, it seems the diplomat's visit has prompted a great reaction, with representatives stating Vermont should join New York voluntarily and other representatives suggesting annexation. One representative of New York is reported to have said, "If force is necessary to retain our state integrity, then so be it." We remind the reader that the New York Governor is elected by those same representatives and not by the public, so it may be that he shares their aggressiveness or feels pressured to do so. New York's representatives seem to be a contentious, ambitious lot. If Vermont desires to join the US despite the surprising aggressiveness shown by the New York representatives, then it would be well that Vermont simply compensate the state of New York in order to prompt the state to renounce any claims. If New York seeks to desire the use of force to press their claim, we can not support this. We can not see the usefulness in the Carolinas or any other state of this new union to support such an annexation. The public will not stand for a war of annexation to press one sole state's claims on territory that stems from the old crown. Any Representative or Senator who would support such an annexation would surely be voted out of office at the next election and rightfully so.
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    Character Name: Richard "Dick" Crawford Home State: Colorado Previous Job: State Senator (Minority Leader), Founder of Crawford's Construction Co.Date of Birth: June 14th, 1982Race / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: CatholicWealth: Upper Middle ClassGender: MaleSexuality: HeterosexualAre you married?: Yes (Wife: Claire Crawford (nee. Freeman)How many children do you have?: 2 (Son: Jack Daughter: Jessica) Dick was born in Denver, Colorado to a construction worker and a school teacher. He did well in school to get a scholarship to Colorado State University and graduated there with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science. He started his construction company in Colorado Springs. After successfully starting up his construction company, he ran for State Senate in 2012. After winning in a crowded primary by less than one percentage point, he easily won against he democratic opponent, 55%-44%, with the other 1% going to a third party candidate. He ran for re-election in 2016 and won with 65% of the vote. After his big election win, he was named the Minority leader of the caucus. He helped them close the gap on the democrats in his off year, brining them within 3 three seats of the majority. After being term limited in 2020, he decided to run for the open class 3 senate seat, after Cory Gardener decided against re-election. He won another crowded field for the GOP nomination, this time with 40% of the vote, with the runner up only gaining 23% of the vote. He beat out the Democrat in the general election, 51%-48%, with the third parties splitting the last 1% of the vote. After that narrow victory, he stepped down as CEO of his construction company. Dick splits his time between Colorado Springs and Washington D.C.
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    Idle thoughts I want to share: In the early days of simming (like 2004-2005), there were no voting calculators. Each character counted as one Representative or one Senator for the final tally, the way they still mostly do in committees. One consequence of this is that it was easier to play a "maverick" character who often voted against the party line. If the one blue dog in the DNC or the one Ron Paul bot in the GOP voted the "wrong" way, odds are their one vote wasn't enough to tip the outcome. The party could tolerate them and let them live out their natural life. When voting calcs came in, they suddenly made mavericks into existential threats to their party. Now, typically they will swing enough votes to actually change the outcome. So they gotta be either kicked out of the party or driven out of the game. This sucks and leads to less interesting characters. It probably also drives people who are really committed to a non-mainstream ideology out of the game. I suggest something like a "maverick tag" that people can either apply to themselves, or the party leadership can apply to them. A person with the maverick tag only counts as one vote. In exchange they can get some benefit, the way that Ron Paul had hardcore supporters a lot of anonymous mainstream Republicans didn't.
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    My mistake. I will provide an update, but rest assured that I did not cheat the opposition. The result was a defeat, I merely forgot to write down the results. I will post an update here.
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    Today I am calling on the United States Senate to bring the Nipah Response Act to the floor for a debate so we can pass the bill. I am proud to support and co-sponsor this bill because it will provide funding to the CDC to fight this dangerous disease. This is a bi-partisan issue. We must act now before we have a pandemic on our hands. We need to pass that bill.
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    Mr. President, I have observed this debate intently. I have also referred back to my pocket copy of the US Constitution, and believe that it is time for me to speak out against this piece of legislation. Yes, as a private citizen, I believe social media platforms are wrong to censor voices, especially when the censoring of those voices tend to be politically-driven and to advance a specific (in this case, left-wing) agenda. However, as a United States Senator, I believe it is entirely within the right of these social media firms to decide what content they want to publish. Our Constitution is clear in protecting private property. Our founding document, which I believe is divinely-inspired, is not a tool for government power, but rather a tool to enable institutions that foster innovation and economic growth. That is why I will be voting to table this piece of legislation. I yield.
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    Mr. President, The gentleman from Texas ought to be ashamed. Forcing private entities to comply with speech that they don’t want to associate with is absolute government overreach. He says they can’t build the platform to have a site for conservatives who need a space safe for all unfettered speech to be allowed. I’m not going to stand here and insult their intelligence, I think they can do it. But on this bill, he’ll get no cloture from me. I yield
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    Mr. President I ask for unanimous consent that the bill be read a 3rd time and passed and that motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table. I yield
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    *lonely member of the press in an empty room* With due respect sir, why should the press care here today what you have to say? Let's be real your a backbench senator with no real accomplishments that's not even on a committee?
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    There are some questions floating around about party bans. Let me address the issue now and put it to bed. I completely understand the rationale behind party bans, in that if people mess around, then a party of players may see fit to ban them as a punishment for messing around. As an administrator and adjudicator of ensuring a fair game for all players involved, I have to weigh up whether or not they should be a thing in the game. Taking up both sides of the argument, I will say that this is a game where we build, play and ultimately act a character and it doesn't seem right that one would be punished for simply doing what the game encourages you to do. Obviously, if we refer to the case of Shiggy, which I recently ruled unable to play in the Republican Party due to an ongoing ban - I was in the Republican Party last reset before becoming a member of the administrative board so I can see why (sorry Shiggy) that it's reasonable. He was often persistently against the party line on multiple issues and even challenged a Republican administration in the Supreme Court. A bit about me. When I joined polsimming I quickly became the most hated player on what was then Virtual America which led me to be banned by both the Republican and Democratic Parties until it was ruled that these bans should not carry from reset to reset. When I became Chief Administrator and ultimately owner, I kept this policy as I do not believe that avenues should be shut off to players simply because of "mob rules" by a majority of one party or a clique of players that would otherwise make up a majority of one party. I agree that if a player fucks around majorly, they should be banned as a punishment as a deterrence from acting like a moron again. But moving forward, these bans will no longer be able to be carried from round to round, based on actions from a previous reset. I'm not interested in splitting hairs with the Republicans or deciding disciplinary actions within parties, so the current bans on players within parties will expire at the end of this round, whenever that may be. If parties decide to simply make "new bans" at the start of each round, then this will be disallowed based on the player in question never having did anything to warrant such punishment in the current round (in which he/her decides to play). This will hopefully clear up any concerns that people have with my previous ruling.
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    Objection noted. I for the one encourage the gentleman from New York to research the BDS movement. This is a movement that is constantly adopting unfair double standards for Israel, and whose leaders are constantly being caught making anti-semitic comments. This is not a movement that the United States government ought to have any dealing with. Thank you.
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    Maybe there Chairwoman has a funny gif to post about our tax plan instead of anything substantial to say about it.
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    #LucytheClown should immediately apologize to the people of Illinois and Vermont for her calis and offensive comments about both places #Uncool
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    Character Name: Elizabeth Houston Home State: Maine Previous Job: State Senator - District 33Date of Birth: June 3, 1975Race / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: CatholicWealth: Working ClassGender: FemaleSexuality: HeterosexualAre you married?: YesHow many children do you have?: 2
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    Incorrect. I think Morrow’s bill, which establishes a council and doesn’t immediately help, has no business being rushed. Learn what #nuance is.
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    Give away to the wealthy? MUST GET IT DONE!!! Deny workers the right to organize? RIGHT AWAY SIR!!! Allow corporations to pollute that river? NO PROBLEM, RIGHT AWAY!!! Provide disaster victims with relief? Let's wait and not get there fast. Nice to see PPT has his priorities together. /s
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    News from across the US CalPERS in Crisis The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) continues to be severely strained with an estimated $170 billion in unfunded liabilities. This figure is higher than previous projections due to CalPERS achieving lower than expected ROI and difficulties with contributions from municipal and state authorities. Reform efforts from Gov. Jerry Brown had limited success in bringing the system into financial balance, with public sector unions resisting and bringing lawsuits against the most significant of reforms, such as prohibiting government employees from being be permitted to ‘spike’ their wages in the years nearing retirement to setup a higher overall pension benefit once a worker does retire. Similar efforts to limit to practice to only current employees and not available to new hires have also been resisted, as violations of the ‘California Rule’. The California Rule public employees a right to whatever benefit was available to them on their initial day of employment, including the right to manipulate the compensation that determines their lifetime pension benefit. The CalPERS system wields significant political and financial influence. Proposals to change CalPERS to a model similar to a 401(k), as has been done in much of the private sector and other state retirement systems, has been considered politically non-viable as also violating the California rule. Some suggesting the federal government should cover the unfunded liabilities, while others suggest that CalPERS needs to bring their promises and expected ROI in line with typical projections. Only time will tell what happens in California. Second Vermont Republic Gaining Support The Second Vermont Republic, a loosely-organized group in Vermont which advocates for the re-establishment of Vermont as an independent political entity, has been gaining prominence in that state recently. A recent poll conducted within the state found that 29% of respondents agreed with the idea of ‘peaceably leaving the United States and becoming an independent republic, as it was from 1777 to 1791.’ This is a increase from the 21% in a similar poll conducted in 2017. “This is now the United States of Corporations, not America” said James LaCroix, a spokesman of the group, “We have a federal government that’s out of touch, incapable of being reformed. Our group is open to all, right or left. We are advocating decentralizing and self-reliance.” The group plans to field candidates for office at all levels of Vermont politics in the future. Mississippi Follows Alabama in Displaying Ten Commandments In 2018, voters in the state of Alabama approved a measure that would allow for the Ten Commandments to be displayed on state property, 72%-28%. Voters in the state of Mississippi approved a similar ballot measure in 2020 by similar margins. Supporters of the measure are pleased at its spread and state that is advances the cause of “freedom of religion, not freedom from religion” while Americans United for Separation of Church and State claim the passage implicit endorses insiders who ascribe to those views and such endorsements creates second-class citizens. The text of the amendment follows:
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    Mr. Chair, I second the motion to table. i yield
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    Good to go. @Sheridan and @SWMissourian also have received their committee mods.
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    schedule (up to 2024 election) 2022 (Senate Class III) February 10: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG January-February 2021) February 16: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG March-April 2021) February 23: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG May-June 2021) March 2: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG July-August 2021) March 9: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG September-October 2021) March 16: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG November-December 2021) March 23: Mid-session; Regional Filing Deadline (4 hours) (IG January-February 2022) March 30: Mid-session (4 hours); Senate Primaries (12 hours) (IG March-June 2022) April 3: Turn 1 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG July 2022) April 6: Turn 2 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG August 2022) April 9: Turn 3 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG September 2022) April 12: Turn 4 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG October 2022) April 15: Turn 5 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG November 2022) April 18: Election Day Results 2024 (President) April 26: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG December 2022-January 2023) May 3: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG February-April 2023) May 10: Mid-session (4 hours) (IG May-July 2023) May 17: Mid-session; POTUS Filing Deadline (4 hours) (IG August-October 2023) May 20: Primary Turn 1; Ames Straw Poll (8 hours) (IG November 2023) May 23: Primary Turn 2 (8 hours) (IG January 2024) May 26: Primary Turn 3 (8 hours) (Iowa, New Hampshire primaries) (IG January 2024) May 28: Primary Turn 4 (8 hours) (Nevada, South Carolina primaries) (IG February 2024) May 31: Primary Turn 5 (12 hours) (Super Tuesday: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, DC, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia primaries) (IG March 2024) June 3: Primary Turn 6 (12 hours) (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming primaries) (IG April 2024) June 6: Primary Turn 7 (12 hours) (Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, West Virginia primaries) (IG May 2024) June 8: Primary Turn 8 (12 hours) (California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota primaries) (IG June 2024) June 10: National Conventions Democrats (No campaigning) (IG July 2024) June 12: National Conventions Republicans (No campaigning) (IG July 2024) June 15: Turn 1 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG July-August 2024) June 17: Turn 2 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG August-September 2024) June 19: Turn 3 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG September-October 2024) June 21: Turn 4 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG October-November 2024) June 23: Turn 5 (12 hours for candidates) (6 hours for party leadership) (4 hours everyone else) (IG November 2024) June 26: Election Day Results
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    Character Name: Jacob Olliver Home State: Ohio Previous Job: U.S. Congressman, Ohio Attorney General, Practicing Lawyer Date of Birth: 09-20-1970Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Evangelical Wealth: Upper ClassGender: MaleSexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: YesHow many children do you have?: Three Jacob Olliver grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated high-school there before his family moved away to New York when his father accepted a job. Jacob graduated from Harvard Law with his J.D. and would immediately go on to begin working in the Department of Justice under President George H. W. Bush. After an extensive period of living in D.C., Jacob moved back to Ohio and met a fellow lawyer, Alice Woodrick, who would go on to become the love of his life and his wife. The two would settle in Jacob's hometown of Columbus and have three children. Jacob practiced law extensively and served on the Columbus Bar Association. After a failed attempt at running for a local legislative seat, Jacob ran to become Attorney General of Ohio and won. He would later run for Congress, in John Kasich's old seat, and win -- serving four consecutive terms, before being elected Senator of Ohio.
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    I'm proud to announce that I have introduced a bill in the Senate that will repeal right-to-work nationwide. Labor unions have fought for the 40 hour work week, higher wages, and workplace protections. I stand with our unions. #UnionStrong
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    Guys, please remember that legislation requires a Plain English Summary, if you haven't already please add one to bills that don't have them.
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    Chaplain: Almighty God, Lord of Creation, Ruler of the Nations, we thank Thee for Thy presence at this profoundly significant occasion. Help us to take seriously Thy Word, that all authority comes from Thee, and we are account- able to Thee in its exercise. Anoint Thy servants by Thy Holy Spirit with wisdom, strength, courage, and the power to do Thy will on Earth as It is in Heaven. As You have used civil servants for Your purposes throughout the centuries, whether a Pharaoh or a David, may these and all public servants understand that they are ministers of God for good. Help Thy servants to find the delicate balance be- tween representation and leadership. Help them use their power to serve, not to control. May Your blessing be upon them and their families and all who labor in the United States Senate, that this historic year fulfill Your purpose and bring glory unto Thee. We pray in His name in whom is all power. Amen. VP Sharp: Order in the Senate! The chair lays before me the certificate of election of new members of the Senate who were elected for six year terms beginning on the 3rd of January 2021. All certificates, the chair is advised, are in the form suggested by the Senate or contain all the especially requirements of the forms suggested by the Senate. If there be no objection, the reading of the certificates will be waved and they will be printed in full in the record. If the senators to be sworn in will now present themselves at the desk in groups of four as their names are called, in alphabetical order, the chair will administer the oaths of office. The clerk will read the names of the first group. *first group is called* VP Sharp: Please raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you God? Senators: I do. *all groups go through* VP Sharp: The majority leader is recognized. Senator Fitzgerald: Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to the consideration of S. Res. 1, submitted earlier today. VP Sharp: The clerk will report the resolution by title. Legislative clerk: A resolution (S. Res. 1) informing the President of the United States that a quorum of each House is assembled. There being no objection, the Senate proceeded to consider the resolution. Senator Fitzgerald: Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the resolution be agreed to and the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. VP Sharp: Pursuant to S. RES. 1, the Chair appoints the Senator from Texas, Mr. Fitzgerald, and the Senator from California, Mrs. Willenhouse, as a committee to join the committee on the part of the House of Representatives to wait upon the President of the United States and inform him that a quorum is assembled and that the Congress is ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make. VP Sharp: The majority leader is recognized. Senator Fitzgerald: Mr. President, I have a resolution at the desk and I ask for its immediate consideration. VP Sharp: The clerk will report the resolution. Legislative clerk: S. RES. 2, Informing the House of Representatives that a quorum of the Senate is assembled. VP Sharp: Without objection, the resolution is considered and agreed to. VP Sharp: The majority leader is recognized. Senator Fitzgerald: Mr. President, I have a resolution at the desk and I ask for its immediate consideration. VP Sharp: The clerk will report the resolution. Legislative clerk: S. RES. 3, To elect Michael Madison, A Senator from the State of Indiana, to be President Pro Tempore of the Senate of the United States. VP Sharp: Without objection, the resolution is considered and agreed to. VP Sharp: Will Mr. Madison approach the chair? *Senator Madison approaches* VP Sharp: Please raise your right hand. Do solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter? Senator Madison: I do. VP Sharp: Congratulations. *The Vice President leaves the chamber and the Senate takes session.*
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    I recently dreamt that I went back in time to the early 1990s when I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I thought to myself I needed to buy Microsoft.
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    My laptop is currently on the fritz so I am consigned to my phone unless I can find my netbook. Will keep everyone posted.
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    “I, James Tyson do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.” I vote for Johnstone for Speaker.
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    Election Endorsements 2 For Governor and Senate Elections, we at The American Federalist endorse: William Paterson- NJ Governor John Rutherford- NJ Senate and Philip Schuyler- NY Senate. We choose to denounce: Aaron Burr- NY Senate, for being a conniving, self serving politician with no connection to the people, no morals, and not true positions on any of the issues that matter. He is amoral and a dangerous disgrace. We must ask of him, if he won't stand for anything, what will he fall for?
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    OOC: I'm hinting at it strongly but keeping plausible deniability. I'm also trying to use state pride but not make other states angry.
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    4591 E Higgins Street is exactly the same as the other houses on the street and in this neighborhood of people who live modestly. Like the other houses, it is made of red brick, has three floors, and has narrow alleys on either side separating it from its neighbors.
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    What's everyones telegram name? mine is @BlutoReturns
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    Well, I don't really hold with resolutions as such, but I will offer a few comments about the year closing and the upcoming one. -It was a year of endings. I'm sure everybody noticed this Parker isn't a Veteran. 2017 was the last complete year I will wear the Nation's cloth; I have reached mandatory retirement. And it was the first complete year we were without "Richard Candler." VUSA vets will remember he was a memorial to a very close RL friend of mine that passed on in 2016. Sim-wise, this Parker only shares a name with Parker 1.0-5.0. I retired from simming as I got tired of fighting with the Cool Kids and being a Party of One. Thinking I'll see how far I can go playing within the rules instead of just ignoring them when I think they're stupid.
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    Thinking about resurrecting Parker.
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    I play around some more with some ideas but could do something simlar to this. Not sure about font or color of the banner.
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