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    I used the fact that I’m a human being that cares about other human beings. Unlike one Jared Taylor
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    And Taylor says he isn’t a racist and thinks that Asians are superior to whites. Swanner is really leaning into this “I’m basically Jared Taylor” thing.
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    Revolution Continues to Reign in France, Sparking Prussian-HRE Reaction Turmoil and revolution continue to plague the French, with members of their royal family reportedly attempting to flee their country only to be discovered and covered in disgrace. The flight has reportedly caused a marked turn in support for King Louis XVI, with many outside of Paris dismayed at the King's abandonment of reforms and seemingly the abandonment of his duties to the French people. Radical republicanism is spreading throughout that country, alarming French neighbors. King William II of Prussia and Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II made a joint declaration in support of King Louis XVI, calling for the King's freedom and to allow him to return to power. The declaration states that Austria and Prussia will go to war to restore the French king, so long as the other European powers also went to war with France. Despite the unlikelihood of British agreeing to such a war, French revolutions are interpreting the statement as a threat of war. These European affairs are deeply troublesome and we must be on guard against radical Jacobin influence from France. Similarly, we must hold close to our American ideals recently written into the US Constitution. Thus, we must reject the proposal for the establishment of a national army that could be used to entangle us in European wars. State Tax Rates Changing throughout nation: Carolina Embraces Modest Changes, Massachusetts matches New York Tax rates have recently changed in several different states across the country. Massachusetts, benefiting from the tariffs passed in the recent Congress, is electing politicians who attempt to limit economic trade that would aid the southern states. They are also lowering taxes to a fiscally irresponsible 2.5% rate for both businesses and newspapers. It seems impossible that their state, recently matching rates in New York, will be able to afford internal improvements to their roads and government systems. Meanwhile, South Carolina has changed their tax rates in a prudent manner. They have lowered their newspaper tax to 5%, but have raised their business tax to 12%. These changes should afford that state the opportunity to construct new roads and improve existing ones, while also potentially providing funding for a publicly-funded state university, appropriations for Carolina artillery, or further development of local theater culture. It seems certain factions in the northern states, while advocating for a stronger national government, are deliberately weakening the power and influence of state government. Yet in the southern states we are seeing factions that prefer to strike a balance and empower their own states rather than relying solely upon the national government for economic stability. Vermont-New York Impasse May Be Broken A bill in New York recently passed on a vote of 45 Ayes and 43 Nays in the New York Assembly, and it seems likely that the bill will be signed by the Governor. The bill would release that state's claims upon lands in dispute with the Vermont Republic and give those claims to the federal government. However, the federal government would have to enter into negotiations with Vermont, and demand that Vermont provide compensation to the New York government. It also requires one representative from New York be at any such negotiations. If there is a representative from New York at negotiations between Vermont and the United States government, it seems likely that such a representative would cause much consternation and likely destroy diplomatic decorum by demanding too much from Vermont in return for relinquishing the claim. Indeed, depending on the reading of the wording, it seems as if New York would only relinquish their claims to the federal government after the approval of hypothetical negotiations, not before. We also are unaware of Vermont's intentions. Do they even want to join our union anymore? Would any free person want to join a nation, supposedly founded upon ordered liberty, yet seems intent on reckless expansion, centralized armies and monies, and mimicking the behaviors of the European powers? We must reject reckless expansion and the centralized standing armies that many in government are demanding.
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    @LPAC: The NAACP has said they plan to hold an anti-Swanner/Taylor Event (or Anti-race event) next week in DC and invite all politicians and media personnel to speak (1/2) @LPAC: The NAACP Chair Mr. Johnathan Lyman has said that the NAACP has upped their price for primary Taylor to 8.5 million and would give the same amount to any Republican who would challenge Jack Swanner (2/2)
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    Swanner, I’ll make it easy for you, just copy and paste this and swallow your pride. Be a true American and accept these American ideals of equality. Ok? Here we go. I, congressman Jack Swanner, fully condemn racism, white supremacy, and the ideals of Jared Taylor.
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    I just think that if you don’t support a racist member of your party running for Senate, you should probably say “I don’t support him for Senate. I condem his words” words like “The races are not equivalent” I just don’t think it should be hard for any member of the GOP to come out and say “he’s a racist and I don’t approve of his words” to quote Mr. Faulhammer, “condemning the altright is easy” Its easy guys. Like Colin Kaepernick and Nike. Just do it
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    This, to everyone who is reading, is what a spineless politician looks like. He refuses to even say what he believes, let alone stand for it. He won't defend or condemn someone with clearly unacceptable views, but would rather hide behind poll numbers so he doesn't have to pay any kind of cost. It's a real shame to your office, Congressman.
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    You're gonna pull a muscle with all that reaching.
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    Hello, you're listening to Nothing Unconsidered on APR. I'm Michael Moonwilkins. Today we have our interview with Mr. Jack Bayer, Chairman of the Brady Campaign. We will be doing our weekly news segment and running the second edition of Thinking on Air tomorrow, so tune in then for all the up-to-date news. First, here's a bit of background information on our guest. Mr. Bayer is Chairman of the Brady Campaign, an influential Political Action Committee that advocates for stricter gun laws in this country. You might describe them as the Anti-NRA, with just as much money but far less cultural appeal. Traditionally, this group supports Democrats, so what is their take on this ongoing primary? We'll find out tonight. Here to join us is Mr. Jack Bayer, chairman of the Brady campaign. Thank you for joining us, Mr. Bayer Bayer: Thank you for having me. So tell us a little bit about the Brady Campaign. What are you looking for in a candidate? Bayer: Absolutely the Brady Campaign is devoted to implementing stricter gun safety legislation to ensure that our people are being kept safe and driving the number of mass killings down. And really what we are looking for in a candidate is someone who holds those same values and would work with us to achieve that goal. Do you think Republicans or Democrats are fitting that bill better right now? Bayer: Neither really Democrats have sat around and done nothing on gun control legislation until the Presidential Primaries, which has been a real disappointment. And the NRA owns the Republicans so I mean they won't do anything involving gun control. What are some bills that you have seen that you like? Bayer: We have liked the bump stock and gun show loophole acts which are on the floor. What are some bills that you would like to see in the future? Bayer: We would like to see a longer waiting period, more extensive background checks, a reenactment of the Brady bill without a sunset clause, and a waiting period on large amounts of ammo purchases. Which of the Democratic candidates will be getting the support of the Brady Campaign as of now? Bayer: As of right now? Neither heck at this rate we may call for a third party candidate who is actually pro-gun control legislation and will make moves even when they aren't running for President. Do you think either of them would do a better job than President Fitzgerald? Bayer: As far as pushing our agenda? No, as a President in general yes. Thanks for joining us, Mr. Bayer Bayer: Thanks again for having me. That's it for tonight's segment! Again, tune in tomorrow for our news and commentary segments! For APR, I'm Michael Moonwilkins.
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    2 fundraisers in OH & CA (1 each state = 4 hours) 2 rallies in AL targeting Moderates 2 rallies in NV targeting Progs
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    “This is a fringe movement that would be receiving more attention than it deserves...The Alt Right have no political candidates running for office, no real world presence, and no clout inWashington whatsoever” Now that they do Mr. Faulhammer, will you condemn them??
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    1 Hour Rally in South Carolina targeting Moderate Liberals 1 Hour Rally in South Carolina targeting Progressives 1 Hour Rally in South Carolina targeting Globalists 1 Hour Rally in South Carolina targeting SJWs 1 Hour Rally in Nevada targeting Moderate Liberals 1 Hour Rally in Nevada targeting Progressives 1 Hour Rally in Nevada targeting Globalists 1 Hour Rally in Nevada targeting SJWs
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    Kyle Fitzgerald 1. Fundraiser - Texas (2 hours) 2. Fundraiser - Nevada (2 hours) 3. Rally in Nevada targeting Moderate Conservatives (1 hour) 4. Rally in Nevada targeting Business (1 hour) 5. Rally in South Carolina targeting Moderate Conservatives (1 hour) 6. Upgrade Charisma x4 (1 hour) $8 million Total spending: $8 million
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