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    I would generally be opposed to this because I saw a player unfairly blackballed for this sort of thing once on AGS. But this just keeps happening every single round with this same clique of people. These characters are disposable to them.
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    Cool. I'd like admins to not call me a liar and a bully behind my back or call a teammate a "lacky".
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    I don't know if calling us sorry and ungrateful falls under the new interpretation of the civility code.
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    Granata Wins Big in Republican Primary Gubernatorial latecomer candidate Anthony Granata has won over Hamilton in the Midwest Republican primary. Granata stuck to popular conservative/republican talking points which played out well in a primary where mostly involved republicans with stronger political ideals tend to vote......and moderates usually stay home. Granata however, now faces a general election in which talking points like those in the primary will only help his base, and hurt him with moderates (who play a huge role in the region. Granata Hamilton Percentage 52.29 47.71 @ADG @LM32 @Dogslife
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    But let's be real: what, exactly, have you done? Concretely. What exact things did you make that took you HOURS and DAYS?
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    Hi let’s be real over the last two weeks I have spend HOURS and DAYs building items on the backside of this game for it to function and be prepared for this special election. So before you spout off at the mouth check yourself.
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    And this thread is done. Have a goodnight.
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    Because y'all haven't exactly contributed to the success of this round either.
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    Which was the first mistake.
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    >Inb4 Democrats lose every single race because their HMW got arrested for bribery and tried to defend himself because he was a "freshman congressman" and they ragequit and destroy two rounds in a row.
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    I like the region system just should take away paying for polls and give polling updates throughout the race. Say starting polls once we know who running and at the halfway point. The pac system needs some tweaking for sure.
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    I think we all know who he's talking about; but I wouldn't poke the bear if I were in your situation right now.
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    Yeah there is an insane amount of "fog of war" with the new system.
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    How do you suggest he bow out gracefully? There is no grace in being shamefully arrested by the FBI for bribery.
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    How does someone mistake a $10 million dollar bribe? Seems like something that would be pretty clear.
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    Erick Travere The actions of Congressman Moss are abhorrent and irredeemable. I condemn all corruption committed by anyone on either side of the aisle. In Washington we must have people who are clean and not corrupt. Moss should resign immediately. View full PR
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    Just watched the most bizarre town hall in the Midwest with Democrat Erick Travere. Folks, this is who the Dems view as a "leader." #govote #voteGOP
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    *Theme music plays* Announcer: And now live from Dallas, Texas it's Good Morning Dallas and now here's your host Brayden Wimblebush Wimblebush: Hello and welcome to another edition of Good Morning Dallas a part of the Dallas Morning News today I'm your host Brayden Wimblebush. we will be discussing the upcoming governor's race between two candidates who have remarkably similar stories former Congressman Jack Swanner for the Republicans and former Congresswoman Daniela Gonzàlez for the Democrats. With me as always to discuss the race we have Bryon Kelley, Ethan Book, and back from his long overdue vacation John Cultrain. Bryon why don't you start off by telling us about Gonzàkez and how the Democrats view her. Kelley: Well Brayden from what I've gathered Daniela is exactly the candidate Democrats were hoping for someone with experience especially in a bluer part of a deep red state like Texas, as well as being a moderate darling. We are all very anxious to hear what she is about and what the goals of her campaign are which will definitely excite most of the Democratic base if she plays her cards right. Her biggest issue right now would be the "Berniecrats" or the more progressive side of the party, luckily for her as this isn't a massive part of the party outside of Colorado and New Mexico, but it could lead to apathy from that side which would decrease her vote share enough for a hefty Swanner victory, but we can talk about that more in the next segment. But basically, as of right now Democrats throughout the plains are incredibly thrilled with her candidacy. Wimblebush: And now for the Republican side we turn to John Cultrain, John go ahead and welcome back. Cultrain: Thank you Brayden and thank you all for the warm welcome back. As far as Jack Swanner goes he's gonna win ok, the man's a former army veteran has served 4 terms in Texas 17th one of the swingier seats in Texas and is also well known and respected in Trump loving Republican circles and establishment circles alike. Look Gonzàlez has no hope no shot she's the same bleeding heart socialist as every other democrat which is why she is gonna fail and fail stupendously. The issue facing Swanner is no one really knows his plans, or to be more correct the actions he's gonna take to "improve education" and such, though no one knew Trump's plans and he has single-handedly saved America so it may not be that big of a deal. Wimblebush: Thank you, John, and now for a scope on the independents take on the race which is the smallest yet could very well be the most important voice in the race the independents as covered by Ethan Book. Book: Thank you Brayden, honestly, Independents are pretty much split right down the center not really seeing any difference between the candidates aside from the fact Congresswoman Gonzàlez has experience as a business owner and ranch hand which does endure her to farmers, and small business owners alike. Yet Swanner's closeness to Trump as well as representing a very moderate district as well as coming off as establishment when need be. All-in-all it is a pretty dead heat and my prediction is that the independents could very well swing the outcome of a race that on paper maybe closer then we think. Wimblebush: Thank you all for participating now as the final question what does each candidate need to do to win this race, Bryon let's begin with you. and move down the line to save time. Kelley: Before I answer let me just respond to John real quick, look John I know you've been away so I'll be nice this once your new boy wonder Swanner isn't gonna ride the wave to an easy victory ok, and Ms.Gonzàlez isn't a "bleeding heart socialist" which is why she is gonna have some trouble with that wing of the party for sure. But at the end of the day, I think Ms.Gonzàlez has an excellent opportunity to be the governor but it won't be easy due to demographics as no matter what approximately 45% of the region will vote for a person with an R next to the name, whereas only 25% will vote for anyone with a D next to the name leaving 30% which makes things interesting. What she will have to do to win is, A) Get her name out there much like Swanner she is pretty well known in Texas but outside of that the rest of the region doesn't know either, so the sooner she can make herself known as a positive personality the better. B) She needs to run towards Trump in every state but Colorado and New Mexico. This region is odd in the fact most every state in it has an overwhelming amount of support for Trump aside from Colorado and New Mexico who are the only 2 that don't so unlike Democrats in other regions saying she agrees with the president on some issues is fine, but she can't commit fully or she risks losing important votes. and C) pray Republicans stay home, at the end of the day a high Republican turnout even if every Democrat in the region turn up will still more then likely result in a loss for her unless she can pick off a chunk of Republican voters, which is possible especially as she is a small business owner and clearly very pro-gun. Cultrain: All Swanner needs to do is not be an idiot, don't promise the moon and not deliver, and don't trip over yourself or have a sex scandal he does that there is no way he loses this race, though his Achilles heel maybe turnout, as Bryon pointed out a bad turnout for Republicans could spell a massive upset for Swanner, he needs to have an excellent GOTV program in place as well as getting Republicans and independents excited to vote for him. When he does that we can happily say welcome to Governor Jack Swanner Book: As both Bryon and John have pointed out the name of the game is turnout and name recognition which is true of independents as well. As I said before Independents don't see a lot of daylight between these two and they aren't well known enough outside Texas to make a dent outside, but from what other state independents in the region have heard they are excited with both Swanner and Gonzàlez and many are undecided with Texas independents favoring Swanner by a slim 1 point margin. Overall whoever can convince the independents their view is better for the Plains has a shot though we should point out Swanner needs only around 5-6% of Independents to win (assuming 100% voter turnout and no cross-party voting) whereas Gonzàlez needs 98-100% of voting for a victory though 97% would result in a tie. All in all, it should be a fun race to watch. Wimblebush: Indeed it should Ethan and that concludes the show until next time I'm Brayden Wimblebush and this is Good Morning Dallas. *Outro music plays*