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    Senate Senator Graham Chambers (R-AR): 52% / 32% / 16% Senator Bobby Newport (D-CA): 50% / 33% / 17% Senator Amanda Willenhouse (D-CA) 53% / 34% / 13% Senator Richard Crawford (R-CO) 42% / 37% / 21% Senator Samuel Crafts (D-CO) 50% / 35% / 15% Senator Carol Armstrong (D-CT): n/a (No activity since signing in) Senator Lucille Ricardo (R-FL): 44% / 37% / 19% Senator Steven Andrews (R-FL): n/a (No activity since signing in Senator Edward Morrow (D-IL): 49% / 34% / 17% Senator Michael Madison (R-IN): 50% / 35% / 15% Senator Charles Talleyrand (R-LA): 46% / 34% / 20% Senator Elizabeth Houston (R-ME): 43% / 33% / 24% (Just joined, not as much to go on as others) Senator Calvin Ward (D-NY): 53% / 32% / 15% Senator Lewis Berryhill (D-NY): 40% / 30% / 30% Senator Barclay Calhoun (R-NC): 39% / 31% / 30% Senator Paul Kressler (D-PA): 40% / 38% / 22% Senator Nicholas Rhodes (R-SC): 46% / 31% / 23% Senator Eugene Go (R-TX): 44% / 35% / 21% Senator Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX): 53% / 37% / 11% Senator Lincoln Reynolds (I-VT): 40% / 38% / 22% Senator Jack Doyle (R-WV): 41% / 36% / 23% House House Majority Leader Major Grant (D-RI): 57% / 31% / 12% House Minority Leader George Smith (R-TX): 51% / 31% / 18% Congressional Party Approvals Senate Democrats: 48% / 43% / 9% Senate Republicans: 48% / 44% / 8% House Democrats: 48% / 42% / 10% House Republicans: 46% / 41% / 13%
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    Then why did we need the Kansas Package? Doesn’t FEMA cover that? We were glad to come to the aid of Kansans in their time of need. But here we are petty politics
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    Up until now I have been more than happy to allow GOP access to the docket as I thought it would convince the Senate Republicans to try and be bipartisan, this was not the case as they voted down disaster relief as such they have left me with no choice but to no longer allow GOP access to the docket. And if the new HmL has a problem he'll have to take it up with his "leadership"
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    De'Aaron Jones, an African American sophomore at Worthington Kilbourne High School, was shot by the Columbus PD today. De'Aaron was unarmed and was riding his bike at 9:00 pm. Deonna and Corbin, the parents of De'Aaron, said that he was at a friends house and was coming home for his curfew at 10:00 pm. The cop, Sgt. Moats, was in the area due to a call of a neighborhood disturbance and was investigating the incident. He claimed that he told the young man to stop riding his bike. The rider did not listen and instead road his bike faster. As Sgt. Moats chased him, De'Aaron reached into his pocket to which Sgt. Moats shot DeAaron. Later, it was found out that De'Aaron had headphones in his ears with his phone playing music. Protests have begun around the country as African American groups are furious with another one of their young men being unjustly killed. Opportunities to speak on behalf of racial injustice will be made available to any political figure who wishes to speak. OOC: soon to be located in the public events thread. Pro-cop groups are claiming that the young man should have listened to the cops. Opportunities to speak on behalf of the police and law enforcement will be made available to any political figure who wishes to speak. OOC: soon to be located in the public events thread.
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    Senator Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo (R-FL) Session Campaign Schedule 1. Tier 1 PI HQ in Wyoming (2 hours) $1 million 2. Fundraiser in California (2 hours)
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    @RNCChair: It has been an incredible honor for me to serve as Chair of the GOP. But upon reflection, I do not believe this position and I really fit well together. I am resigning this post with gratitude for the chance to serve, and with best wishes to my successor.
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    Carol Grant Armstrong (D-CT) Name: Carol Grant Armstrong Date of Birth: 14 September 1972 Place of Birth: New Haven, Connecticut Place of Residence: New Haven, Connecticut Political Affiliation: Democratic Party FAMILY HISTORY • George Emanuel Armstrong, husband (b. 1970, m. 2004) • Isabella Ann Armstrong, daughter (b. 2005) • Washington Moore Armstrong, son (b. 2008) • Dejda Carol Armstrong, daughter (b. 2010) EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND • B.A. in Political Science, Wesleyan University (1990-1994) • Juris Doctorate, Yale Law School (1994-1997) OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY • Public Defender, New Haven, Connecticut (1997-2002) • Attorney-at-law, Reese & Proctor (2002-2006) • Connecticut State Representative (2003-2007) • U.S. Senator from Connecticut (2007-present) Carol Grant Armstrong was born on September 14, 1972, at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Born the daughter of a union carpenter and a schoolteacher, Carol was a determined student. She received good grades and worked hard. Soon, she was off to Wesleyan University, where she got a degree in Political Science. Her family was only able to pay for tuition through the help of government loans. Carol worked two jobs to put herself through school. She then went on to Yale Law School, where she graduated from and went on to become a public defender in her home city of New Haven. In 2002, Carol decided she wanted to go into politics to work on the issues she had been exposed to as a college student and public defender. She became a corporate attorney so that she could have a more flexible schedule that enabled her to serve in the state legislature. In 2006, Carol decided to challenge Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate on an anti-war platform. She defeated Lieberman in the primary and then went on to narrowly defeat him in a three-way race to become the state's first female and first African-American senator. She has served in the Senate ever since.
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