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    @RepLouieHong Sometime after the April primaries, Conway mentioned that Macmillan's campaign was being funded by "unrevealed sources." The American people deserve to know exactly what those sources were.
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    Out until Sunday afternoon.
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    @WillConway: Some Democrats did indeed act like clowns when it came to voting to abolish Obamacare; however it must be stated for the sake of honesty that Congressman Ward was not one of them. He played a constructive role in the negotiations about the bill that was passed and it is simply not fair to blame him for something other people did.
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    @RepLouieHong If not for #SwampMoney the Macmillan campaign would be over a hundred million in debt right now...but that's none of my business.
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    @RepLouieHong Give Mike some slack, not all of us have our campaigns bailed out by $164 million in #SwampCash.
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    Calvin Ward Calvin Ward made the following announcement at a rally in Little Rock ”Good evening everyone! It’s good to be home. I’ve been across the country, spreading our vision to move America Forward. Our message has been one of commonsense initiatives. We are laying out a platform that benefits, not just the few Americans we agree with, but all Americans. But tonight, we announce my teammate in this great race. He has served both in the House and Senate. He is a great proponent of progressive values. He has been a tireless advocate for workers, the LGBT, commonsense reform, and a bulldog on the campaign trail. Ladies and gentleman, I would like to present to you, the next Vice President of the United States, Mike Solin of Ohio! Mike ran a strong campaign. He rallied the votes of millions with his platforms on business and workers rights. And together, we will unite the party and the country behind our great goal America Forward.” Solin ” It is my honor to be Calvin’s Vice President. We both ran issue based campaigns and kept finding ways to discover solutions to the every day American’s problems. America needs leadership that doesn’t isolate American or make America at odds with our allies. President Fitzgerald has discredited us across the globe. Speaker Macmillan blindly follows the poor leadership our country has been under for the last four years. Even changing his views on how to approach the Afghanistan conflict. He wanted to keep troops in Afghanistan, but as soon as President Fitzgerald pulled out our troops, all of a sudden, Speaker Macmillan supported pulling troops out of Afghanistan. I give Speaker Macmillan credit for being willing to compromise on his pro-life stance by selecting a pro-choice Vice President, but he is nothing more than an establishment pawn. His opponents in the primaries are right about him. His establishment ties limit his ability to relate to most Americans and be the problem solver our country needs. We need decisive leadership. We need a leader who has a clear vision of where this country is going. I have no doubt that Calvin Ward is that leader. He led a great campaign. Trust me, I know. I look forward to working tirelessly to see Calvin take the oath of office this January. Help us make that a reality! We need your votes and we need your support! Lets keep working ForWard because, as President, Ward will be working ForYou!” View full PR
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    This. This is why I play this game
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    PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change -1 0 .5 1 1 0 0 0 I was curious how Ward had 80 among moderate Republicans (I classify them mentally as "Romney Republicans," for the record) but this PR kind of goes a way to explain that. Ward spells out a moderate position on trade. He also lays out generically inoffensive lines against the Fitzgerald White House that pleases the Democratic base while appealing to some moderates. It of course repels the core of the Trumpist Republicans - the NAT people. Some of this was hard to read - my advice is to break up and talk about each topic separately or do it line by line. When you mix the language altogether, your audience (hi) gets confused about your message, your themes, etc. I don't grade on writing but your content is really hard to follow at times. It probably hurt your score because again, if you just cram everything into one paragraph, and they're all different subjects, it's hard to grade you properly.
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    “I would like to begin by congratulating Senator Solin on his victory in Massachusetts and Representative Ward on his victories across the nation. The voters have spoken, and unfortunately, there is no path for us to win the Democratic nomination this year. As a result, I am suspending my campaign for President of the United States. However, we should not be disappointed. When we first entered the race, very few people could have predicted us doing as well as we did, and yet here we are. We raised hundreds of millions from people just like you who were sick of politics as usual and wanted a change. Against all odds, we won the New Hampshire primary in an upset nobody in the media saw coming. And when the party meets at our national convention this summer, we will be sending 596 of our own pledged delegates to represent us, to add their input and voice to the platform and make sure that our ideas are included. Thank you to everyone who worked on this campaign, and to everyone in 23 states, American Samoa, and across the world who voted for me. I wish Representative Ward and Senator Solin nothing but the best in their campaigns. I will not be making an endorsement at this time, in order to allow the voters the chance to decide our nominee, but whoever they may be, they will have my vote and full support in the fall against Speaker Macmillan or Majority Leader Conway. However, while our presidential campaign may be over, the political revolution continues. Over the past ten years, I have been proud to represent you, the people of New Orleans, in the House of Representatives. And over that decade, we have accomplished great things. We have given a voice to the forgotten men and women of America, to those left behind by the massive widening of the socioeconomic gap between rich and poor in the past thirty years. We have pushed for policies to make this country great again and to put America first on the world stage, protecting our borders and defeating radical Islamic terrorism across the globe. We have stood up to those would who take away healthcare from millions of Americans in order to give tax cuts to their donors. In order to build a better world for our children, we have supported the right to education and sensible policies to protect the natural God-given beauty of this planet. While I will not be continuing this continued fight from the White House over the next four years, as a representative for this entire nation, I hope that I can do so as a representative for everyone in this great state of Louisiana. With this in mind, I am proud to announce that I will be running for the Senate in November. I hope to receive your continued support, and to Senator Cassidy, I look forward to the coming months of campaigning between us. May the best candidate win.
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    So I'll change the name in a bit. Bit biased of me there. I'm old and all that, so I'm aiming to say things as bluntly and concisely as possibly. I'm going to wade into the muck and look into creating an automated approval (I prefer that word) rating system where you get feedback every 2 weeks. In the interests of disclosure, I work full time and so on and so I'm in favor of giving you a system that is stable, continuous, and largely on the boards. I've been in a lot of political forum games and the biggest time sink is always the complaints and the kvetching and the angry gnashing of teeth. ("WHY AM I AT 41%!" said a certain Upper South AGS Democrat eleven years ago - all day long.) I'll also be looking into tiers - e.g, new people aren't going to have 99% of their electorates decided. More like 80%, and so on. From long experience, I know people care about one thing. They like individual feedback, dare I say, it feeds their ego and keeps them active. So I also realize that and I'm going to aim for the write ups in paragraph forms that review your activity. This may mean that I may ask Shiggy about ending the PR grades in favor of the long form paragraphs that review your work as a whole. We'll see. K Street is going to be more active and less of bidding wars. Basically, we'll follow the floor, offer money based on votes and actions, and go from there. I'm not a huge fan of administrators driving the game e.g, saying "$50 million to start a war!" because players should drive activity. Also, I can't be arsed to muster that enough creative energy. So there will be posts once or twice a day. You'll - if you haven't already - set up your bank accounts and you'll deposit whatever I hand out and track your funds. Message me if you have any comments on Telegram. @NathanJenkins.
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    @CongressMac: Today we have seen just how incoherent and obstructionist the Democrats are, the GOP proposed to extend CHIP funding indefinitely yet 134 Democrats voted against. @CongressMac: A majority of Democrats in the House do not want to extend healthcare for children in our society, it is clear that the party of families is the #GOP