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    @AmericaFirstMedia Ouch... Maybe I should just stick to more conservative stuff like preserving law and order through the impartiality of the judiciary, reducing our debt by rejecting money-wasting legislation, and fighting for a smaller government that protects individual liberties. ..Oh wait. #NotSorry
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    Hey gang, welcome to The Standard podcast, I'm Sean Rushford. We're going to have a great show today, gonna talk about a few topics, and get to the bottom of what it all means. I was going to talk about the Virginia senate race, but before we get that, lets talk about what Representative John Alexander from Colorado said today. It's almost outrageous. So he has basically said we should completely abolish the electoral college in favor of a popular vote. Now to someone not versed in the way our system works, this sounds like a wonderful idea, one person one vote, and everyone is hunky dory. Well lets pick this apart for a bit. He basically says the Electoral College is undemocratic and takes the power out of voters hands. That's simply not even close to the truth. Not once, in the history of the United States have the electors conspired to go against what the voters of their states selected in the popular vote. Furthermore, back in 2000 on election night when it came down to Florida, we weren't talking about what the Electors were going to do, we were talking about the popular vote of the state of Florida. It came down to like 500 something votes, which would then determine who the 27 electoral votes of Florida would go to. Speaking of Florida in 2000, imagine if a national election came down to being incredibly close, a few hundred votes. Nothing would get done. We'd be in a gridlock of legal battles trying to figure who our next President would be. The Electoral College gives us certainty of the outcome, if there is a tie, it goes to the House of Representatives, which is elected by, look at that, popular vote. There's so many arguments, but I'll only touch on what I think is important. Next, lets think about 1968 or even 1992, most people can remember the 92 election rather than the 68. But what's the common theme with those two elections? There was a strong third candidate. Now, Nixon in 1968 and Clinton in 1992 both had only a 43 percent plurality of the popular votes. That's no where near a majority of the people. What did Nixon and Clinton get in electoral votes? 301 and 370 electoral votes, respectively. In Clinton's case especially, that is an absolute landslide. Before I spend the whole program today talking about this, I just want to make one final point. Alexander says, and I quote, "When you have a system i in a democracy where 6 Californian voters have the same power as 1 Wyoming voter, that is not democracy. That is madness." No sir, it isn't. California has 55 electoral votes, where Wyoming has 3. It would take 18 and a half Wyomings to counteract California's effect on the electoral college. Okay final thing I'm going to talk about today, the Senate race in Virginia. So some guy named Jared Taylor is running for the Republican nomination. I had never heard of the guy until this week. I did some research as I always do before I speak on a subject, and I find much of what he says reprehensible. I do not agree with anything he says, nor do I think he should be in position of power, full stop, bar none. To make a long story short, he believes that White are more intelligent than other races, blah blah blah, stuff I do not agree with and I won't repeat here because I do not want to give him a soapbox here. So what do Democrats do? They go an attack the national Republicans, basically saying they aren't doing enough to stop him. Well is that up to the National GOP? No, it's not, they certainly don't have to endorse him, but if he files the correct paperwork in the State of Virginia to run, then he is allowed to run. No matter how reprehensible his words and actions, he's allowed to run. It's what makes America, America. And you know another thing? People have the right to not vote for him. You don't have to vote for a racist. There are other candidates. Another Republican could come along and defeat him in the primary. Vote third party, vote Democratic, but there's nothing saying you have to vote for a racist. Nothing. You know another thing. In Virginia, primaries are open. If the Democrats are galvanized, they can vote in the Republican primary, and vote against him. They can vote against him in the general election. But one thing is certain, its not up to the Republicans in other states to babysit what happens in a PRIMARY in another state. Lets take a rational look at this, take a deep breath, and know that decency still wins in this country, and Jared Taylor will more than likely not be the next senator from Virginia. That's all the time we got today, thanks for listening and I'll see you next week.
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    Politicians throwing around the term "unconstitutional" without knowing what they're talking about is exactly why we don't need politicians on the bench....
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    If you're not the one doing what's right, you're what's wrong. I decided what path I'm taking: your turn. -HP
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    I know I'm late to the party, but I just looked over the American National Security Act.. $12 BILLION sounds like a lot of money for a scattered wall (not counting the additional $$$ being consumed by the DHS and CBP). That doesn't sound like something any fiscal conservative would put themselves behind. Be on the lookout for a press release from my office as I do more research and punch numbers into my calculator. -HP
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    Do you like beer? Approved and welcome. Now you are masked
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    Kyle Fitzgerald The White House For Immediate Release Washington, DC – President Kyle Fitzgerald spoke to the press after signing an executive order to reinstate the Mexico City Policy. This policy prohibits federal funds from being used for abortions in other countries. “Today, I reinstated the Mexico City Policy by Executive Order. The Mexico City Policy was a Bush Administration policy that prohibited foreign aid from being used to bankroll abortions in other countries. President Obama rescinded this policy. Today, I brought it back. Many people believe we spend too much money on foreign aid. I think the least we could do is cut out abortion funding. Our money should be spent here at home building our own country, not funding abortions overseas.” View full PR
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    Character Name: Ethan Hawthorne Home State: Virginia Current Age: 35 Professional Background: Politics/Law Hometown: Rural Positive Trait: Soldier Negative Trait (optional): Womanizer View full character
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    Will President Fitzgerald’s goonies ever agree to regulation? Probably not. It’s a really good idea in theory, but sadly you’re one of the only sensible Hill republicans and thus one of the only ones that would agree to that.
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    Kyle Fitzgerald 1. Fundraiser - Texas (2 hours) 2. Fundraiser - Nevada (2 hours) 3. Rally in Nevada targeting Moderate Conservatives (1 hour) 4. Rally in Nevada targeting Business (1 hour) 5. Rally in South Carolina targeting Moderate Conservatives (1 hour) 6. Upgrade Charisma x4 (1 hour) $8 million Total spending: $8 million
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    Character Name: Declan Kavanaugh Home State: West Virginia Previous Job: Military (Three-star or lower rank) Date of Birth: 02/21/1985 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Catholic Wealth: Middle Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 3 Declan Kavanaugh was born in Charles Town, West Virginia on February 21, 1985. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University in 2007. At WVU he was in the Army ROTC, and following his graduation he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. During his time in the Army, Kavanaugh served in combat in Afghanistan. He served in the Army until retiring at the rank of Captain to run for Congress. Kavanaugh is married to Amanda Kavanaugh, an elementary school teacher. They have three children - Sean (12), Patrick (10), and Brigid (6). View full character
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    *And the electoral college was designed to protect this nation from tyranny. James Madison was concerned that groups of citizens who have a common interest in some proposal that would either violate the rights of other citizens or would harm the nation as a whole
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    The President in the last three years has done 0 town halls 0 press q&as
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    Stock tickers see a small boost as investors are happy with the Speaker massaging their concerns with the current US and China trade war.
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    Have y'all SEEN all the political gridlock, bickering, and polarity in Congress over these last few weeks?? Imagine that...but in a courtroom. Not good! Tell your Reps and Senators that you don't want special interests on the bench, and to SUPPORT MAKING THE JUDICIARY INDEPENDENT! -HP
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    Character Name: John W. Alquier Home State: Arkansas Previous Job: Education (University President, Professor, etc) Date of Birth: 01/08/1980 Race / Ethnicity: Black or African-American Religion: Protestant Christian Wealth: Upper Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: No How many children do you have?: 2 View full character
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    Glad to have another Arkansan, regardless of party. Let me know if I can help.
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    Hello to all our loyal listeners! I’m Michael Moonwilkins, host of Nothing Unconsidered. We at APR have been thinking about the best way to give you the news, give you some hard-hitting commentary, and do our informative interviews all in the best, most efficient way for you all to get the most out of it. After a few change ups in the last few weeks, we’re announcing another change in form. We are going to be keeping Nothing Unconsidered exactly how it is—just news and interviews—but we’re going to be airing a new show directly after Nothing Unconsidered called “Thinking on Air” that will be purely commentary. We at APR don’t believe that commentary should taint the news, but we do have a lot to say about what’s been happening lately, so we think breaking it up is the best way to keep informing you as well as we can. Occasionally, we will take questions live on air as well, to make sure we are talking about the issues our listeners care about. I will be hosting this show as well as Nothing Unconsidered, and I’m really excited about it. Tune in tomorrow to hear it, directly after Nothing Unconsidered.
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    PAC ADS: NAACP - Ads x3 Neg Ads against Bennett IA Level 3 - $27,000,000, Ad x 2 Positive for Knox IA Level 3 - 18,000,000 Rural Institute - Ads x5 Positive for Bennett IAx3 and NHx2 - $39,000,000 Move On - Ads x2 against Bennett IA Level 3 - 18,000,000, Ad x4 positive Knox IAx2 and NHx2 - 30,000,000