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FBI Press Conference on Macmillan Assassination
The FBI announces the results of its investigation into the Macmillan assassination.
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VOTE: H 1-7. Assumption Act
Should the federal government take over the various state debts? The 1st Congress considers what may be one of its most controversial bills.
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2018 Election Results
Can the Republicans hold onto both Houses of Congress in this important midterm election?
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Post in Fox News
A Republican member of Congress authors an anonymous editorial calling President Fitzgerald a "dictator" and accuses the WH of using "mafia-esque" tactics to eliminate dissent within the party.

VOTE: H 1-2. Tariff Act of 1789
In the 1st Congress the House considers tariffs in an attempt to bring in some much needed income to the federal government. How will you vote?
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Conceived in Liberty Opens
In this historical US govsim we'll start with the 1st Congress in 1789 and advance through history. Create your dynasty now and shape the new United States into your vision.
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Sign In
Are you ready for Round 2 of this short but exciting minigame? Sign up to play if you think you can survive the zombie apocalypse.
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Senate Filing
Filing to run for the Senate in 2018 has opened. All players are allowed to create a multi to run in these elections.
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2019 Country Request
A United Nations minigame is opening. Claim your country for the 2017 session right now!
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Post in Nightly News with Lester Holt
As the United States falls in the global education rankings, can leaders on Capitol Hill reverse the trend?
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Happy Pride! | OQE Podcast #25
In this special 25th episode, Andre & Bruce discuss gay pride and recap the highlights of this podcast so far.
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Round 5 Announcements
Round 5 Announcements
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Tom Goss | OQE Podcast #23
Andre & Bruce talk to the acclaimed singer-songwriter Tom Goss about his personal journey, the importance of music for the gay community, and body image positivity.
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Serious Talk About Food | OQE Podcast #20
Andre & Bruce talk about eating disorders in the queer community.
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Dr. Ron Holt | OQE Podcast #19
Andre & Bruce talk to Dr. Ron Holt on the psychology of the coming out process.
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Body Image Issues | OQE Podcast #18
Andre & Bruce begin a multi-episode series on mental health by talking about body image issues.
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Queer Films | OQE Podcast #17
Andre & Bruce discuss gay cinema.
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Queer Musicians | OQE Podcast #16
Andre & Bruce try to pick their favorite queer musician. 
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Breana Knight (pt 1) | OQE Podcast #14
Andre & Bruce talk to Breana Knight on her coming out process and getting involved in gay rodeo. 
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Zeitgeist: March Madness Round 1
 Can you pick the right upsets in this round?

Suzanne DeWitt Hall | OQE Podcast #13
Andre & Bruce talk to author Suzanne DeWitt Hall on her personal story of coming out later in life.
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Wyatt McGuire | OQE Podcast #12
Andre & Bruce talk to Oklahoma Democratic Party official Wyatt McGuire about politics and his queer experience.
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Brandon Carmody | OQE Podcast #11
Andre & Bruce talk to Brandon Carmody about family life & LGBTQ Radio. Brandon is a radio host, LGBTQ activist, actor, piano man and musical artist. 
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Introducing Your Partner To Your Family | OQE Podcast #10
Introducing your significant other to your family is a stressful event for anyone. But for members of the LGBT+ community this situation is even more complicated. In this episode, Andre & Bruce tackle this difficult subject & more!
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Long Distance Relationships | OQE Podcast #9
In response to a listener question, Andre & Bruce talk about long distance relationships.
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