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Are you ready for Round 2 of this short but exciting minigame? Sign up to play if you think you can survive the zombie apocalypse.
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Senate Filing
Filing to run for the Senate in 2018 has opened. All players are allowed to create a multi to run in these elections.
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2018 Country Request
A United Nations minigame is opening. Claim your country for the 2017 session right now!
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Post in Nightly News with Lester Holt
As the United States falls in the global education rankings, can leaders on Capitol Hill reverse the trend?
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Happy Pride! | OQE Podcast #25
In this special 25th episode, Andre & Bruce discuss gay pride and recap the highlights of this podcast so far.
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Round 5 Announcements
Round 5 Announcements
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Tom Goss | OQE Podcast #23
Andre & Bruce talk to the acclaimed singer-songwriter Tom Goss about his personal journey, the importance of music for the gay community, and body image positivity.
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Serious Talk About Food | OQE Podcast #20
Andre & Bruce talk about eating disorders in the queer community.
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Dr. Ron Holt | OQE Podcast #19
Andre & Bruce talk to Dr. Ron Holt on the psychology of the coming out process.
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Body Image Issues | OQE Podcast #18
Andre & Bruce begin a multi-episode series on mental health by talking about body image issues.
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Queer Films | OQE Podcast #17
Andre & Bruce discuss gay cinema.
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Queer Musicians | OQE Podcast #16
Andre & Bruce try to pick their favorite queer musician. 
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Breana Knight (pt 1) | OQE Podcast #14
Andre & Bruce talk to Breana Knight on her coming out process and getting involved in gay rodeo. 
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Zeitgeist: March Madness Round 1
 Can you pick the right upsets in this round?

Suzanne DeWitt Hall | OQE Podcast #13
Andre & Bruce talk to author Suzanne DeWitt Hall on her personal story of coming out later in life.
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Wyatt McGuire | OQE Podcast #12
Andre & Bruce talk to Oklahoma Democratic Party official Wyatt McGuire about politics and his queer experience.
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Brandon Carmody | OQE Podcast #11
Andre & Bruce talk to Brandon Carmody about family life & LGBTQ Radio. Brandon is a radio host, LGBTQ activist, actor, piano man and musical artist. 
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Introducing Your Partner To Your Family | OQE Podcast #10
Introducing your significant other to your family is a stressful event for anyone. But for members of the LGBT+ community this situation is even more complicated. In this episode, Andre & Bruce tackle this difficult subject & more!
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Long Distance Relationships | OQE Podcast #9
In response to a listener question, Andre & Bruce talk about long distance relationships.
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Capitol Hill VIP Program
The much anticipated Capitol Hill VIP program is now live. Upgrade for as little as $1 today!
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Paul Richmond Discusses Art & Diversity | OQE Podcast #8
Andre & Bruce talk to internationally acclaimed artist Paul Richmond on the power of art of promote important conversations and activism. Find more of Paul's work at https://paulrichmondstudio.com/ and see his new exhibit opening today (March 2nd) at Faust in Santa Cruz, California.

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The Bees & Bees Talk (or Birds & Birds) | OQE Podcast #7
Andre & Bruce talk about their first times, debate premarital sex, and discuss safe sex.
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The Forgotten Gay Civil Rights Leader
Bayard Rustin was a mentor of Dr. King and an important organizer and activist in the civil rights movement. However, his influence is often minimized or ignored because he was gay.

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China, U.S, ROK Announce Full Embargo of North Korea
China agrees to a full embargo of North Korea following failed nuclear test. A resolution of some sort to the Korean conflict seems inevitable at this point.
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The Token Gay | OQE Podcast #6
Andre & Bruce discuss queer stereotypes and the importance of authentic visibility. Do we have a responsibility to embrace the "token gay" mantle?
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