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Serious Talk About Food | OQE Podcast #20
Andre & Bruce talk about eating disorders in the queer community.
  • 0 replies

Dr. Ron Holt | OQE Podcast #19
Andre & Bruce talk to Dr. Ron Holt on the psychology of the coming out process.
  • 0 replies

Body Image Issues | OQE Podcast #18
Andre & Bruce begin a multi-episode series on mental health by talking about body image issues.
  • 0 replies

Queer Films | OQE Podcast #17
Andre & Bruce discuss gay cinema.
  • 0 replies

Queer Musicians | OQE Podcast #16
Andre & Bruce try to pick their favorite queer musician. 
  • 0 replies

Breana Knight (pt 1) | OQE Podcast #14
Andre & Bruce talk to Breana Knight on her coming out process and getting involved in gay rodeo. 
  • 0 replies

Suzanne DeWitt Hall | OQE Podcast #13
Andre & Bruce talk to author Suzanne DeWitt Hall on her personal story of coming out later in life.
  • 0 replies

Wyatt McGuire | OQE Podcast #12
Andre & Bruce talk to Oklahoma Democratic Party official Wyatt McGuire about politics and his queer experience.
  • 0 replies

Brandon Carmody | OQE Podcast #11
Andre & Bruce talk to Brandon Carmody about family life & LGBTQ Radio. Brandon is a radio host, LGBTQ activist, actor, piano man and musical artist. 
  • 0 replies

Introducing Your Partner To Your Family | OQE Podcast #10
Introducing your significant other to your family is a stressful event for anyone. But for members of the LGBT+ community this situation is even more complicated. In this episode, Andre & Bruce tackle this difficult subject & more!
  • 0 replies

Long Distance Relationships | OQE Podcast #9
In response to a listener question, Andre & Bruce talk about long distance relationships.
  • 0 replies

Capitol Hill VIP Program
The much anticipated Capitol Hill VIP program is now live. Upgrade for as little as $1 today!
  • 4 replies

Paul Richmond Discusses Art & Diversity | OQE Podcast #8
Andre & Bruce talk to internationally acclaimed artist Paul Richmond on the power of art of promote important conversations and activism. Find more of Paul's work at https://paulrichmondstudio.com/ and see his new exhibit opening today (March 2nd) at Faust in Santa Cruz, California.

  • 0 replies

The Bees & Bees Talk (or Birds & Birds) | OQE Podcast #7
Andre & Bruce talk about their first times, debate premarital sex, and discuss safe sex.
  • 0 replies

The Forgotten Gay Civil Rights Leader
Bayard Rustin was a mentor of Dr. King and an important organizer and activist in the civil rights movement. However, his influence is often minimized or ignored because he was gay.

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China, U.S, ROK Announce Full Embargo of North Korea
China agrees to a full embargo of North Korea following failed nuclear test. A resolution of some sort to the Korean conflict seems inevitable at this point.
  • 0 replies

The Token Gay | OQE Podcast #6
Andre & Bruce discuss queer stereotypes and the importance of authentic visibility. Do we have a responsibility to embrace the "token gay" mantle?
  • 0 replies

Roddy Biggs Talks Activism & Importance of Telling Your Story | OQE Podcast #5
Student, activist, model, and actor Roddy Biggs joins Andre & Bruce to discuss activism and the importance of telling your authentic story.
  • 0 replies

We Need To Talk About Mental Health | OQE Podcast #4
Bruce & Andre discuss suicide, depression, and anxiety.
  • 0 replies

2020 Republican National Convention
In the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, President Fitzgerald is renominated and chooses Senator Sheridan of Georgia as the VP nominee.
  • 0 replies

Can You Be A Queer Christian? | OQE Podcast #3
The Queer Christian community is often underrepresented in discussions of LGBT+ issues. In this episode, Andre & Bruce discuss family backgrounds, "clobber passages," & more.
  • 0 replies

Banned Simpsons episode regarding homosexuality finally airs
On 2/16/97, an episode of The Simpsons that had previously been banned by FOX censors is finally aired. This was the first Simpsons episode to exclusively explore LGBT issues in an era when homosexuality on television was taboo.
  • 0 replies

Sen. Jackson Announces His Selection for Vice President
Senator John Shultz of Missouri is announced as the Democratic nominee for Vice President.
  • 0 replies

Waymo Announces 'Beta City' Initiative
Can you bring the future to your state?
  • 0 replies

Democrat Filibustering Sec. of State Nomination
Will this filibuster will pressure the White House to consider another candidate or will the White House stand firm with their nomination and bring the issue to the American people?
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