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North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan
How will the US respond to the latest North Korean provocations?
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Battle for Mosul Updates
The long and deadly battle for Mosul progresses very slowly.
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Self-Driving Cars Initiative Announced ; Player Applications Requested
The future is now
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Obama Admin Halts Oil Pipeline; Rhodes Vows to Reverse it.
The construction of the Dakota-Access pipeline has quickly become a partisan football in Washington. Will President-elect Rhodes be successful in getting in built?
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One part survival RPG, one part RISK. Will you be the last player standing?

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Post in Coup in Venezuela
As a full-blown civil war in Venezuela breaks out, there are numerous questions around the conflict and potential foreign involvement.

Coup in Venezuela
After Maduro is ousted by factions within the military, a night of large protests is planned. Will they descend into violence?
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Immigration Roundtable
As Congress finishes their work for the session, all members are invited to participate in a roundtable debate on issues of immigration.
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Post in Venezuelan Opposition Leader Dies Under House Arrest
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Dies Under House Arrest

Atlanta Serial Killer Apprehended
The capture of a serial killer raises the profile of issues around immigration and the death penalty.
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2018 Election Results
The Democrats have captured the majority in the House, but can the Republicans hold onto the Senate?
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Healthcare Roundtable
Are attempts to repeal Obamacare dead?
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Gay Marriage in the 2004 Election
Just 13 years ago today, Americans feared gay marriage so much that it affected the outcome of the Presidential election.
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The controversial gay rights film in 1972
 45 years ago today, the first TV movie to show homosexuality in a positive light was aired in primetime. It starred Martin Sheen & Hal Holbrook.
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World Series Champion
Who will win Game 7?
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Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Killed on Capitol Hill
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Ask me anything
For so long I've kept secrets, but now my life is an open book. What would you like to know? Ask me in the comments below!

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Why do you vote?
Participate in a video!
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Catastrophic Bridge Failure Kills Fifteen
Bridge collapse in Louisiana kills 15 and injures over 60.
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What will rise from the ashes of a Divided U.S.? New minigame by Blutarsky.
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2021 Update

Washington Redskins to relocate to New Washington
Jefferson Memorial Completed
Town of "Biden" Established
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Whisper Challenge
With these videos, I'm usually talking about pretty serious subjects. But we all need to take time to have some fun.

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U.S. To Pull Out of Paris Climate Accords
In a press briefing today, the White House announced that its intentions to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement.
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Catalonia Declares Independence; Rajoy Responds
Catalonia declares independence from Spain.
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Republicans Reclaim the White House
President-elect Dominic Bayer and Vice President-elect Tony Jordan are elected (the results from Round 5 of the Campaign Trail game are used).
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