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Fitzgerald's Executive Order Sparks Outrage in California
Democrats in California blast President Fitzgerald's decision to activate the National Guard for border security with the Lt. Governor saying, "It will only hurt the lives of law-abiding immigrants."
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North Korea Fires Missile; Threatens Guam
Immediately after being thrust into the highest office of the land, is President Fitzgerald up for the North Korean challenge?
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British official: "Soft Brexit is a pipe dream"
Is a hard Brexit becoming inevitable?
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North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan
How will the US respond to the latest North Korean provocations?
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Battle for Mosul Updates
The long and deadly battle for Mosul progresses very slowly.
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Self-Driving Cars Initiative Announced ; Player Applications Requested
The future is now
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Obama Admin Halts Oil Pipeline; Rhodes Vows to Reverse it.
The construction of the Dakota-Access pipeline has quickly become a partisan football in Washington. Will President-elect Rhodes be successful in getting in built?
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One part survival RPG, one part RISK. Will you be the last player standing?

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Post in Coup in Venezuela
As a full-blown civil war in Venezuela breaks out, there are numerous questions around the conflict and potential foreign involvement.

Coup in Venezuela
After Maduro is ousted by factions within the military, a night of large protests is planned. Will they descend into violence?
  • 2 replies

Immigration Roundtable
As Congress finishes their work for the session, all members are invited to participate in a roundtable debate on issues of immigration.
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Post in Venezuelan Opposition Leader Dies Under House Arrest
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Dies Under House Arrest

Atlanta Serial Killer Apprehended
The capture of a serial killer raises the profile of issues around immigration and the death penalty.
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2018 Election Results
The Democrats have captured the majority in the House, but can the Republicans hold onto the Senate?
  • 3 replies

Healthcare Roundtable
Are attempts to repeal Obamacare dead?
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  • 2 replies

Gay Marriage in the 2004 Election
Just 13 years ago today, Americans feared gay marriage so much that it affected the outcome of the Presidential election.
  • 1 reply

The controversial gay rights film in 1972
 45 years ago today, the first TV movie to show homosexuality in a positive light was aired in primetime. It starred Martin Sheen & Hal Holbrook.
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World Series Champion
Who will win Game 7?
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Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Killed on Capitol Hill
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Ask me anything
For so long I've kept secrets, but now my life is an open book. What would you like to know? Ask me in the comments below!

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Why do you vote?
Participate in a video!
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Catastrophic Bridge Failure Kills Fifteen
Bridge collapse in Louisiana kills 15 and injures over 60.
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What will rise from the ashes of a Divided U.S.? New minigame by Blutarsky.
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2021 Update

Washington Redskins to relocate to New Washington
Jefferson Memorial Completed
Town of "Biden" Established
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Whisper Challenge
With these videos, I'm usually talking about pretty serious subjects. But we all need to take time to have some fun.

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