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Election Day Results
The winner of Round 5 is . . .
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WV school bus driver bullies gay student update (LGBT Weekly News)
WV school bus driver bullies gay student update (LGBT Weekly News)
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2020 Election
2020 Election -- Cast your vote for Mayor and for the Capitol Hill location
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Bus Driver Bullies Student, Gay Marriage "Vote" in Australia, and more!
Bus Driver Bullies Student, Gay Marriage "Vote" in Australia, and more! (LGBT Weekly News 9/15/17)
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General Election Debate
Vote for who you think won the first debate within the next 24 hours.
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Post in General Election Polls
As the General Election gets into full swing, Taylor starts to narrow the gap despite the emergence of a liberal independent candidate.

Post in General Election Polls
The first general election polling map shows an uphill battle for Taylor, but ample opportunities for all of the candidates.

Post in Announcements
Both primaries have concluded, so we will now move into the General Election phase of the game. In addition to the two main party nominees, up to 4 independent candidates are invited to file for election on the main Campaign Trail webpage. The filing deadline is next Monday with the first debate beginning on that day. Turn 1 is due 9/13.

Post in Nick Rhodes Presidential Campaign
The morning after Super Tuesday, Senator Rhodes met with supporters and reporters in a press conference at his campaign headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina to discuss the future of his campaign.

"I had hoped we could turn the tide on Super Tuesday, but the momentum was just wasn't on our side. For that reason, I am suspending my campaign for the presidency. However, this isn't a defeat--not by a long shot. We entered this race with a vision that all Americans could get behind and we got that message across. I'm immensely grateful you gave me that opportunity."

A few days later, when asked by reporters whether or not he'd endorse Bayer, Rhodes replied,

"I'm open to it, but I haven't been all that excited with some of our contrasting viewpoints from the primary. I'd need to see who'll be on his team--the Cabinet, the running mate--until I know whether he's really committed to putting America first."
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What is TedderVision?
So what's the plan for this website anyway?
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Super Tuesday Results (Turn 9)
On Super Tuesday, Bayer continues to solidify his position as the frontrunner winning 10 of 11 states. Can Rhodes find a way to turn things around?
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Oregon Results (Turn 8)
Bayer hangs on for the narrowest of wins in Oregon. He has won 2 of the 3 first primaries and maintains a national polling lead going into Super Tuesday.
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Post in Nick Rhodes Presidential Campaign
After it is revealed that a prominent supporter of Senator Bayer has a scandalous past, Senator Rhodes goes on offense. While coming from a fundraiser in New York, he says "If these are the sort of crooks that Bayer attracts, I'd be very concerned for our country if he's allowed to become our party nominee."
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Post in September 2017 Country Requests
Country assignments for September 2017 are announced. There are still a number of positions, including the veto powers, available for new players.

How to play
So you're interested in world politics? You're in the right place! In this game, you can take the place of a delegate to the United Nations and try to solve the world's greatest problems. Ready to get started?
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Hawaii, Wyoming Results (Turn 6)
Republican Hawaii Primary (19 Delegates; Proportional)

Rhodes -- 50.05% (10 Delegates)
Bayer -- 49.95% (9 Delegates)

Republican Wyoming Primary (29 Delegates; Proportional)

Bayer -- 61.05% (18 Delegates)
Rhodes -- 38.95% (11 Delegates)
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Ohio Primary Results (Turn 5)
Republican Ohio Primary (66 Delegates; Proportional)

Bayer -- 56.41% (37 Delegates)
Rhodes -- 43.59% (29 Delegates)

Democratic Ohio Primary (160 Delegates; 15% Threshold)

Taylor -- 51.64% (83 Delegates)
Fleischer -- 48.36% (77 Delegates)
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Democratic Debate 1
The first Democratic Debate being held in Cleveland, Ohio will focus on the issue of the War on Terror. Each candidate will get an opportunity to give an opening statement within the first 24 hours and a closing statement within the last 24 hours. Each candidate will then be asked two questions and must choose the closest answer to their position. The candidate may give a more detailed statement, but it must not stray from the option that they chose. The other two candidates will then have the remainder of the 72 hours to challenge the person on his choice.

Candidates may give their opening statements in this topic for the next 24 hours.
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Judd Wilder


Jimmy Demaret


Doug Sanders


Billy Casper


Tom Nieporte


John Jacobs


Arnold Palmer


Ernie Vossler


Cary Middlecoff


Jimmy Clark


Peter Thomson


Al Besselink


Gene Littler


Dave Marr


Jonathan King


Johhny Pott


Bob Rosburg


Frank Stranahan


Tom Williams


Art Wall


Bob Toski


Jack Burke


John McMullin


George Knudson


Billy Maxwell


Jim Ferree


Julius Boros


Bo Wininger


Dow Finsterwald


Sam Snead


Fred Haas


Ted Kroll


Jerry Barber


Mike Souchak


Ken Venturi


Professional Golfers' Association - 1959 Season

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Country: United States (Alabama)

Date: September 26, 2017

Event: Senate Election (Wikipedia) 


Current Betting Pool: 10z

NOTE: This is a separate event from the general election betting pool.
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Country: United States (Virginia)

Date: November 7, 2017

Event: Gubernatorial Election (Wikipedia) 


Current Betting Pool: 20z

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GOP Debate 1
All members are invited to vote for who they think won the GOP debate. Voting is secret and ends tomorrow at noon.
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Thoughts on this unfolding story?
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The surprising decriminalization of homosexuality in the Ottoman Emire
On August 9, 1858, the Ottoman Empire implemented a new penal code as part of an overall period of reform that lasted nearly 40 years. This new criminal code omitted the crime of homosexuality, thus decriminalizing homosexuality in the Empire and its successor, the Republic of Turkey. That’s 124 years before you couldn’t be arrested for being gay in the UK, and 145 years before the United States!

Surprised? I was too. We constantly hear tragic stories of LGBT discrimination, persecution, and hatred in the Muslim world. It’s not an exaggeration to say that being gay can get you killed in some Muslim countries. So how can it be that the Ottoman Empire, the very epitome of Islamic power for hundreds of years, would not outlaw something that some modern Islamic governments think should be punishable by death?

It turns out that this homophobia that we see is a relatively recent phenomenon. During the Islamic Golden Age (from about the 8th century to the 13th century), Muslim societies were remarkably accepting of homosexuality.
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Greg Louganis wins his first Olympic gold medal
33 years ago today, a gay man amazed the world in the Olympic games and secured his place as one of the greatest divers in history. From the story of Greg Louganis, we learn about overcoming fears, HIV hysteria, and how to live an authentic life.
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