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Country: United States

Date: Before 9/1/17

Event: International Conflict


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Country: United States

Date: Before 1/1/18

Event: US Politics


Current Betting Pool: 35z

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Governor Jordan Presidential Bid Announcement:

My fellow Americans,<br style="color:#414141;font-size:14px;">I wish to announce today my candidacy for the presidency of the United States.<br style="color:#414141;font-size:14px;">I am not running to oppose any person, but to propose new policies for our country because I am afraid that we are losing our unity and sense of purpose, and I wish to change direction.

The last ten years have been hard for our country. And I wouldn't be a lie to say we are now facing a crisis. Not only is global terrorism growing, but poverty, unemployment, crime and violence can be seen all around the world. We are facing rising racial and social tensions, protests, violence and riots. Our systems of education and healthcare are failing, millions of Americans are struggling to get by, and the family itself is under attack. And we are experiencing such division in our decision-making that we are unable to face these problems!
This it not the time to close our eyes and pretend everything is fine and dandy but open our eves and admit that America is in a tight fix.

But fortunately, it is in crisis that we have opportunity. America is a great nation, based upon the idea that that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". It is in the principles on which our nation was founded that we have guide for solving our problems. Did they not make that made America "the shinning city upon a hill" to which people all over the world have come in search of a better future?

Though they may seem unconquerable, we can solve the problems we face. We have had difficult times in the past, and we will have difficult times in the future,  but we must never loose our optimism in what we can achieve. We must never abandon the American dream but, rather, we must share it with others.
Therefore, I present myself for the office of president to lead our country through this storm and reach safe harbor. So I ask for your support in this because our country and every single person that calls America home needs it. We need to come together as our country and not allow ourselves to be divided by prejudice. And even more importantly, we must take responsibility in our personal lives, in our place in society, and in our country's place as a world leader for freedom and justice.<br style="color:#414141;font-size:14px;">Thank you, and God bless America.
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Prior to the start of the 1960 PGA Tour, there will be two events played: the 1959 Azalea Open, and the 1959 Masters. Your golfer may play at the Azalea Open, the Masters, both, or neither. Bear in mind that the Azalea Open may tire your golfer out before a big tournament like the Masters, and it has lower prestige, but it is a much safer bet to play in the Azalea Open than the Masters, especially due to the fairly high chances of missing the cut at the Masters, and the fairly high chances of placing very well at the Azalea Open. Please contact me prior to the first round of the Azalea Open (date TBA) regarding which option you will choose with the Masters and the Azalea Open.
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National Poll

Jordan: 63%

Bayer: 37%


Let's take a look at some focus group polling:


Jordan: 62%

Bayer: 38%


Jordan: 74%

Bayer: 26%


Bayer: 57%

Jordan: 43%

Moderate Republicans

Jordan: 70%

Bayer: 30%


NOTE: Unlike previous rounds, I'm not going to waste my time with an artificial undecided %.

National Poll

Fleischer: 76%

Bryant: 24%


Let's take a look at some focus group polling:

Moderate Democrats

Fleischer: 77%

Bryant: 23%

Social Justice Warrior

Fleischer: 74%

Bryant: 26%


Fleischer: 72%

Bryant: 28%


Fleischer: 81%

Bryant: 19%


NOTE: Unlike previous rounds, I'm not going to waste my time with an artificial undecided %.