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  1. Bruce

    Pulse of the Nation

    Benjamin Franklin dies at his home in Philadelphia on April 17, 1790, at age 84.
  2. Bruce

    Pulse of the Nation

    Mozart's opera Così fan tutte premieres in Vienna.
  3. Bruce

    H 1-9. Judiciary Act of 1789

    The Owens 1 Amendment (below) is recognized for a 24 hour vote. Please cast your votes as a reply to this thread. The Owens 2 Amendment (below) is recognized for a 24 hour vote. Please cast your votes as a reply to this thread.
  4. Bruce

    H 1-9. Judiciary Act of 1789

    Congressman John Sevier (I-NC5) seconds this amendment. Congressman Fisher Ames (F-MA8) seconds this amendment.
  5. Bruce

    H 1-9. Judiciary Act of 1789

    The McGee Amendment to the Owens 1 Amendment passes unanimously.
  6. Bruce

    Pulse of the Nation

    Through his Canadian officials, King George III declares that it will protect Vermont from any attack. Meanwhile Governor Moses Robinson (NPC) announces its state is no longer seeking U.S. statehood and is "grateful for Canada's protection from greedy Federalist ventures."
  7. Bruce

    Pulse of the Nation

    The 11 minor states of the Austrian Netherlands, which took part in the Brabant Revolution at the end of 1789, sign a Treaty of Union, creating the United States of Belgium. British Prime Minister William Pitt refuses to recognize the new confederation's independence.
  8. He regularly attended mosque.
  9. Bruce

    1790 Business Financial Update

    Income Expenses New Cash Batman Gideon McGee $13,112 Paul McGee $5,000 Bluto Justin Bartlett $20,000 Conrad Lewis Beyer $0 John Jones $6,500 Dodge Simon Caldwell $20,000 Doomhammer Henry Clement $780 $17,280 Edward Mitchell Edward Morris $20,000 General Goose Michael Pratt $5,000 Orison Pratt $20,000 Jacob Benjamin Wilson $5,000 James Wilson $4,500 James Grant Harrison Williams $21,500 Jellybeans John Stones $20,000 Kurt Faulhammer William Lloyd $21,500 Litchfield Charles S. Litchfield $20,000 LM32 Richard Handerson $387 $5,662 Jonathan Jones $1,000 $6,000 James Tyson $4,820 $8,350 $3,345 Magenta Jeffrey Franklin $2,189 James Masterson $4,589 $5,302 John McNair $1,089 $1,549 Michael Declan Owens $770 $8,435 $3,835 Jameson Owens $1,600 $1,600 Patrick Owens $103 $10,103 Richard William Moore $16,500 Russ Paul Baumer $1,000 Ethan O'Rourke $4,000 Ryan Georges Sainte Claire $20,000 Shiggy Jay Johnstone $6,000 Levi Johnstone $10,000 TexAgRepublican Kyle Fitzgerald $21,500 Jack Swanner $5,000 Truckuto Michael Finn $20,000
  10. Bruce

    Business Filing & Purchases

    No worries about previous orders, just mentioning it for future
  11. Bruce

    Business Filing & Purchases

    Please include a total cost in your purchase orders folks.
  12. Bruce

    Party Momentum

    Party Momentum Republicans 60 Democrats 80 Democrats receive receive $10 million to their party warchest.
  13. His political motivation appears to be limited to the Israel/Palestine issue.
  14. A little over a year. He had all proper paperwork to be in the country.