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    Gallup Polls

    March 2020 Player State Approval Rating Isaac Beckley New Hampshire 38% Sebastian Bowie Nevada 35% Norman Bradley Florida 42% Declan Kavanaugh West Virginia 44% Mitchell Edwards Georgia 33% Kurt Faulhammer New York 66% Kyle Fitzgerald USA 74% James Grant Pennsylvania 53% A.T. Money Illinois 40% Henry Pinnacle Arkansas 51% Calvin Ramshaw Texas 35% Walter Reed USA 42% Gary Sheridan North Carolina 39% Cristobal Solivar USA 33% Jack Swanner Texas 50% Marcus Walker USA 34% Benjamin Wilson Arizona 30% John Alexander Colorado 61% Beau Bennett West Virginia 77% Russ Costello Illinois 51% Karl Cox Tennessee 49% Anita Davis Michigan 34% Logan Hamilton Illinois 34% John Hart Ohio 33% Morgan Johnson North Carolina 43% Mitch Johnston Missouri 33% James Knox Arkansas 51% Mark Rambor Texas 68% Isabella Valentina Nevada 52% Arnold Vinick Wisconsin 30%
  2. Bruce

    Gallup Polls

    Public opinion polls and approval ratings for each character are posted here.
  3. Bruce

    Party Momentum

    Party Momentum Republicans 95 Democrats 132 Democrats receive receive $10 million to their party warchest.
  4. Bruce

    Party Momentum

    Each RL week (after the 2018 elections), the party with the most combined momentum will receive $10 million to be added to their party warchest for use in the following election cycle.
  5. Bruce

    Blue Mountain News with Robert Powell

    Fitzgerald Momentum: 0 When's the last time that the issue of education won the White House (outside of Santos in The West Wing)?
  6. Bruce

    American Public Radio

    Fitzgerald Momentum: -1 Cox Momentum: 2 Pinnacle Momentum: 3 Swanner Momentum: -2 Knox Momentum: 1 Bennett Momentum: 4
  7. Bruce

    America First Media

    Knox Momentum: -3 Fitzgerald Momentum: 8 (cap reached) Reed Momentum: 1 Background Fundraising Fitzgerald: $5 million
  8. Bruce

    The Daily Standard

    Alexander Momentum: -3
  9. Bruce

    Bennett on Farmers

    Momentum: 4 Repealing NAFTA gets some attention here.
  10. Bruce

    Bennett on Veterans

    Momentum: 2 A very bipartisan position on a noncontroversial issue. It's your brand, but isn't as helpful right before super tuesday as it would be in a general election.
  11. Bruce

    Pinnacle on the Easy A Act

    Momentum: 2
  12. Bruce

    Knox Pushes Education in Memphis

    Momentum: 2 Education isn't the sexiest issue to make your top priority, it doesn't really motivate the everyday voter.
  13. Bruce

    Faulhammer on FFARM Act

    Momentum: 1
  14. Bruce

    Faulhammer on FARMERS FIRST Act

    Momentum: 2
  15. Bruce

    Alexander on Chinese Students

    Momentum: 2
  16. Momentum: 3 Fitzgerald: -1
  17. Momentum: 1 Fitzgerald: -1
  18. Bruce

    RNC Chair Grant on NOPEC

    Momentum: 2