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    Player Warchests

    Player Finances Character Fundraisers Expenditures Cash On Hand Adam Gross $50,000,000 Alexander Bloomfield $19,200,000 $40,000,000 $255,590,000 Audrey Van Horn $0 Blaize Johnson $50,000,000 Carn De Castro $50,000,000 David Hampton $50,000,000 David Parker $34,800,000 Devin Hamilton $50,000,000 Dylan Macmillan $66,000,000 $88,895,000 Ernest Labbe $50,000,000 Francisco Cruz $50,000,000 James Marshal $50,000,000 Jim Jordan $26,000,000 John Wilford $25,000,000 Kyle Fitzgerald $66,000,000 $65,135,000 Lewis North $43,425,000 Mariana Vazquez $0 Michael Flora $50,000,000 Nathaniel Jenkins $50,000,000 Nicole Redstaff $57,650,000 Parker Davidson $30,400,000 Phillip Huffines $1,990,000 Ross McDaniel $61,440,000 Russell King $320,000 Sullivan Rapperbee $102,440,000 Tom Hayton $3,350,000 Walter Reagan $50,000,000 Will Conway $5,040,000 $30,515,000 William Peterson $50,000,000 Winston Harvey $50,000,000 Anthony Sheridan $50,000,000 Bart Gertenstein $50,000,000 Cal Palmer $72,760,000 Calvin Ward $145,360,000 Daniel O'Brien $62,900,000 Drew MaBoundaries $50,000,000 Duncan Lee $50,000,000 Elizabeth Masden $50,000,000 Henry Cain $50,000,000 John Alexander $28,080,000 $64,090,000 John Lincoln $50,000,000 John Schultz $54,380,000 Jon Blain $50,000,000 Jose DeJesus $134,200,000 $49,200,000 $139,000,000 Josh Levin $50,000,000 Louis Hong $36,960,000 $294,850,000 -$19,485,000 Mike Doyle $50,150,000 Mike Solin $3,110,000 Nigel Johnson $50,000,000 Raheem Ramsey $16,200,000 $64,000,000 $6,120,000 Robert Birch $50,000,000 Sean O'Rourke $9,950,000 $5,100,000 Thomas Rand $50,000,000 Walter Palin $50,000,000 Wesley Cutler $50,000,000 Will Nhilus $50,000,000
  2. Bruce

    Name Recognition 2

    Objective: Add your character info to your signature Reward: +5 Name Recognition To make you more recognizable to admins and your fellow players, please put your character's name, party, state, and any leadership positions you hold in your signature. You can edit your signature in your Account Settings (or click here). Only VIP members are able to put images in their signature.
  3. Bruce

    Name Recognition 1

    Objective: Create Twitter thread Reward: +5 Name Recognition Just like your press office but less formal, every politician in this day and age is expected to maintain a social media presence. In this forum, you should create a topic for your Twitter account and any other social media platforms that your character wishes to maintain a presence. Once you have created your Twitter thread, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Name Recognition.
  4. Bruce

    Experience 1

    Objective: Introduce an original bill in Hopper Reward: +5 Experience As a member of Congress, your constituents are expecting you to introduce legislation for their benefit. All new bills should be introduced in the House Hopper. While you are permitted to use portions of RL bills, it's discouraged. Original bills written in plain English are greatly preferred. Within 72 hours, the PPT will assign the bill to one of the Senate Committees where it is to be debated and voted on. Once you have introduced an original bill in the Senate Hopper, reply to this thread with a link to your bill to receive +5 Experience. Helpful Links https://www.senate.gov/legislative/bills.htm (General Info) http://www.nhcsl.org/model/HighSchoolOutcomesImprovementAct.pdf (Useful template) https://www.congress.gov/ (RL bills -- to be used primarily for inspiration, original bills are greatly preferred)
  5. Bruce

    Wealth 2

    Objective: Make donation to other player Reward: +5 Wealth Players are permitted to make donations to other players (but not to different characters under the same player's control) for any reason. To make a donation, you should include it as part of your campaign schedule. Once you have made a donation to another player, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Wealth.
  6. Bruce

    Wealth 1

    Objective: Hold fundraiser Reward: +5 Wealth American elections are expensive, so a successful politician needs to be a keen fundraiser. To hold a fundraiser, you will need to spend 2 campaign hours in your campaign schedule. You're eligible to hold a fundraiser outside of your election cycle, but those fundraisers held in cycle will be more productive. Once you have held a fundraiser, reply to this thread with a link to the fundraiser results to receive +5 Wealth.
  7. Bruce

    Cash 1

    Objective: Mention us on Twitter Reward: + $10 million Give us a shout out on Twitter (@govsim). Once you have made a tweet about the game, reply to this thread with a link to receive + $10 million.
  8. Bruce

    Charisma 2

    Objective: Issue a press release Reward: +5 Charisma As a public official, it is important to maintain an active presence in the media. The most effective way of doing this is to create a press release here. Completing this form will automatically generate a new post in the Press Releases forum. Once you have posted a press release, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Charisma.
  9. Bruce

    Name Recognition 4

    Objective: Run for President Reward: +5 Name Recognition Who wouldn't want to be the leader of the free world? Every four years, all characters (even retired characters) are eligible to file to run for President. Once you have filed for the Presidential election, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Name Recognition.
  10. Bruce

    Cash 3

    Objective: Refer a friend Reward: + $10 million per new player Having fun playing Capitol Hill? It'd be even more fun to play with your friends! If you refer the game to someone and they complete their tutorial, reply to this thread to receive + $10 million. You're eligible to claim this cash for each new player without limit.
  11. Bruce

    Charisma 3

    Objective: Appear on Capitol Hill w/ Allyn Freedom radio program Reward: +5 Charisma @Shiggy hosts a weekly radio program that is usually uploaded every Monday and Thursday. Generally each Thursday he moderates a live to tape debate between two players. If you would like to participate, contact Shiggy through a Private Message on this site or on Telegram. Once you have completed a live interview on this show, reply to this thread to receive +5 Charisma.
  12. Bruce

    Name Recognition 3

    Objective: Be re-elected to Senate/House Reward: +5 Name Recognition As you climb the ladder of power, you will likely try to be elected to the Senate from your state. Depending on how many active players the game has, Senate seats will gradually become available to players with that seat's normally scheduled election. Once you have won a Senate election, reply to this thread with a link to the election results to receive +5 Name Recognition.
  13. Bruce

    Charisma 1

    Objective: Make speech on House floor Reward: +5 Charisma As a member of the House of Representatives, you are invited to participate to debate and vote on the bills currently being considered on the House Floor. Once you have made a post in a debate thread on the House floor, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Charisma.
  14. Bruce

    Wealth 3

    Objective: Receive PAC donation Reward: +5 Wealth As a result of votes in Congress or political positions taken, lobbyist groups and PACs may make donations to a character's warchest. Once you have received a donation from a lobbyist group, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Wealth.
  15. Bruce

    Experience 3

    Objective: Become committee chair or ranking member Reward: +5 Experience The Committee Chairs of the House and Senate Committees garner a tremendous amount of influence. As such, they are highly sought after. The Chair(wo)man is always from the majority party in the Senate and serves as the leader of the party in that Committee. The leader of the minority party in that Committee is called the Ranking Member. Both are appointed by the Senate Majority/Minority Leader respectively. Once you have been appointed chair or RM, reply to this thread with a link to the announcement to receive +5 Experience.
  16. Bruce

    Cash 2

    Objective: Like our Facebook page Reward: + $10 million Like our page on Facebook. Once you have liked our page, reply to this thread with a link to your Facebook profile to receive + $10 million. ((NOTE: Alternatively, you can send @Shiggy a PM with a link to your Facebook profile to keep it private.))
  17. Bruce

    Experience 2

    Objective: Sponsored bill becomes law Reward: +5 Experience After a bill passes the Senate and the House, it will be sent to the President for his signature or veto. This is a significant achievement for the original sponsor of the bill. Once a bill you have sponsored is signed by the President (or Congress overrides his or her veto), reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Experience.
  18. Andre & Bruce talk to the acclaimed singer-songwriter Tom Goss about his personal journey, the importance of music for the gay community, and body image positivity.
  19. Bruce

    Experience 4

    Objective: Become HmL, HML, HmW, HMW, Speaker, or Party Chair Reward: +5 Experience As an ambitious politician, you're always looking to move up the political ladder. One goal on almost everyone's radar is a position in House Leadership. The House Majority/Minority Leader and the House Majority/Minority Whip positions are elected internally within each party while the Speaker is elected by the entire Senate. Once you have been named to one of these positions, reply to this thread with a link to the announcement or election to receive +5 Experience. The Senate's equivalent positions would qualify, but a character can only claim this reward once.
  20. Capitol Hill With Allyn Freedom All radio shows are embedded here as a YouTube video.
  21. Bruce

    Capitol Hill VIP Program

    Are you enjoying Capitol Hill? This game will always remain free to play, but there are undeniable expenses that come with running a game like this. In an effort to offset these expenses, bring in new players through advertising, and reward the game's admin team, we're now launching the VIP program! By donating any amount, you'll be rewarded with a month of great perks to get the most out of the game. It's important to note that these perks are specifically designed to improve the OOC aspects of the game and provide more IC opportunities, but they don't give your character a formulaic advantage against other players. Capitol Hill will never become a "pay to win" game. Member VIP Ad-Free No Yes Pre-Registration* No Yes Signature Images No Yes PM Limit 75 150 1 on 1 Radio Interview Opportunity No Yes * For new games & rounds Player Expiring VIP Since @TexAgRepublican 5/4/18 3/4/18 @Enzo 5/18/18 4/18/18 @Bluto 6/14/18 3/14/18 Get Your VIP Upgrade Today! (If you prefer to use another method other than PayPal, please contact me directly.)
  22. Bruce

    Capitol Hill VIP Program

    Absolutely. Happy birthday!