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  1. Conrad


    @apnewswire White House Legislative Liaison says President will veto DACA bill if it reaches his desk without a wall.
  2. Conrad

    Student Non-Discrimination Act

    Pence: Vote fails.
  3. Conrad

    The New York Times

    XI ARRIVES IN THE UNITED STATES AS BUDGET NEGOTIATIONS LOOK OVER (Washington) - President Xi Jinping of China has arrived in Washington for a state visit with President Trump. The two leader, who are close on a personal level are expected to talk about trade and continued issues regarding Chinese actions in the South China Sea. While on the way to the White House for the typical ceremony celebrating a head of state, both President's stopped for food at a local diner in the nation's capital, with surprisingly no protests or other disturbances. A state representative remarked that "this is a historic day in the Trump Presidency, we sent China a message that they had to play by the rules and look - they are here talking to us." said in mind obviously with the trade issues being on top of the agenda on this visit. On the White House lawn, President Xi made a speech which included "the People's Republic of China and the United States have a common goal to be leaders to the world" and that "the issues that we will discuss will have a lasting effect, for years to come.." with President Trump closely following his remarks that China and the United States as the top two world economies, have a major part to play. Foreign policy analysts have been talking about the implication of the South China Sea topic as part of this meeting, with China standing fast in recognizing the sea as their sovereign territory, something that the United States has called simple posturing and aggression. While these meeting hasn't received as much attention from Capitol Hill, it will be substantial as the trade portion of the talks are likely to affect every part of the United States, especially with key governors races appearing to come to fruition in terms of message and candidates. As President Xi visits other parts of the United States on his tour, it is likely that any result to come from talks will come later in the week.
  4. Conrad

    Student Non-Discrimination Act

    Mr. Tillis - NO Mr. Graham - NO
  5. Conrad

    PAWS Act

    Becomes Public Law 116-1
  6. Conrad


    @apnewswire Sources close to the treasury say that a continuing resolution will be necessary to avoid a government shutdown as budget negotiations hit wall
  7. Conrad

    The Hill

    MUELLER SAFE SAYS LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC) Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has reportedly assured Senator Lindsey Graham, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, that the Mueller probe into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election is safe. Graham met with Whitaker in his Russell Building office and says the man President Trump tapped to replace ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he doesn’t see anything wrong with Mueller’s probe. Graham said that Whitaker assured him that he doesn’t think that Mueller’s probe has breached any Justice Department guidelines.
  8. Conrad

    Wall Street Journal

    EU COMMISSION OFFICIAL WARNS OF TARIFF RETALIATION An official of the European Commission today has spoke out against an executive order signed by President trump to raise tariffs on EU car imports to the US by 7.5%, to bring them in line with the tariffs imposed by the EU on US car exports. Some car companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagen have reported some losses on the stockmarket thanks to the signing of the executive order. Cecilia Malmstrom warned that Brussels was “ready” to retaliate against US products in the future. She said such retaliation would cover “a lot of different sectors” and would be “compatible” with global trade rules. A report by the Tax Foundation, a Washington-based economic think-tank, released this week estimated that a 25 per cent tariff on the EU’s $56.3bn in annual exports of cars to the US would lead to more than 31,000 job losses. Given that the tariffs are only 10%, we can expect no where near 31,000 job losses but perhaps around 11,000, maybe less.
  9. Conrad

    Executive Orders

    EO 13853 By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: (a) That the tariffs levied against car imports from the European Union be raised from 2.5% to 10%. (b) That this executive order is signed with the intent to bring parity in tariffs between the United States and the EU.
  10. Conrad

    South East Gazette (SE Regional)

    Governor Candidate Focuses on Fundraising; does Whitaker have the edge? As the governor campaigns prepares to hit the streets in the South East, both candidates have been reported by local newspapers to have been fundraising for their respective campaigns. OpenSecrets can report that Secretary Whitaker has earned $5,000,000 in fundraising while Congressman Rick Sharp has raised nothing as of yet. As campaign filings stand, Congressman Sharp has $40,000,000 on hand while Secretary Whitaker has $44,000,000. In terms of the more general campaign, it is reported in some circles that Secretary Whitaker has a substantial advantage over his likely Republican opponent. The South East Gazette can report that Secretary Whitaker has huge advantages in terms of name recognition, experience and his ability to raise funds. These advantages come from Whitaker's experience as Secretary of Defense most likely, in which during his time there he was in national circles and built up a decent book of fundraising contacts. White not the be all and end all for Congressman Sharp, who has returned to Washington for budget talks, he would do well to build his recognition region wide among other profiles. Given the advantages in these areas, Secretary Whitaker is expected to have an early lead in polling as we await both candidates to hit the campaign trail.
  11. Conrad

    Southeast Mid-Session Schedules

    Fundraiser totals: $28,800,000 Edit: You don't have enough hours or time to upgrade attributes. Money not taken.
  12. Conrad

    Southeast Mid-Session Schedules

    Fundraiser totals: 5 million