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  1. Jim Koch

    New Game Requests

    I actually have which and is why I think I might be interesting to develop one. I’ll think about it some more.
  2. Jim Koch

    New Game Requests

    Will you give me some advice on making it @Bruce
  3. Jim Koch

    New Game Requests

    I wouldn’t know where to start building a game like this though 😝
  4. Jim Koch

    New Game Requests

    Let's do this Roman Republic one!
  5. Phil Koch new nominee for Secretary of State discusses his nomination.
  6. Senator Koch giving a press release in California Supporting Condoleezza Rice.
  7. No Senator Winchester, what you said is not alright! Senator Winchester just likened an executive order of the President of the United States with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. This is beneath the office of the Senator of the United States and an outrageous disrespect of the office of the President of the United States. While we might disagree with so many issues it is absolutely beyond our office to start calling each other Hitler like every day internet trolls. The American people demand an apology from Senator Winchester for such unproductive, disrespectful and hurtful comments. I am sure that people that experienced firsthand the atrocities of Nazi Germany would not equate our President’s action even in the same sphere. The Senator must apologize for disrespecting the President, the people the EO protect, the memories of those affected by the holocaust and the American people. No Senator Winchester, what you said is not alright!
  8. Today I am proud to call President Fitzgerald the friend of the Prayer Caucus especially on the issue of religious liberties. With the signing of Executive Order #2 Conscience and Religious Freedom, we move towards further guaranteeing the protection of every American’s religious beliefs. The President has placed his feet firmly on the right side of history. I have always been a firm supporter of smaller government, but I would easily concede that oversight like these is what government is supposed to do. Government needs ensure that our rights enshrined in the Constitution are protected by those that seek to undermine them. This is a step closer to the America that our founding fathers wanted us to have. There are Senators that say no one asked for this executive order. I want to just tell them that they are probably stuck in their Capitol office for too long, because Americans all over the country is asking for executive order
  9. Jim Koch, Senator of Kansas, discusses the Religious Freedom Protection for Health Care Worker Act.
  10. This act will ensure that health care providers are not coerced into providing procedures that goes against their religious beliefs.
  11. Kansas Senator, Jim Koch, stands in firm support the balanced budget amendment proposed by Senator Kimball and Senator AMASH.
  12. Kansas Senator, Jim Koch, conducted a press release to discuss the founding of the Prayer Caucus a bipartisan and bicameral group of Congressional members whose vision is to protect religious freedom, preserve America’s Christian heritage and promote prayer.
  13. Jim Koch

    Timeline question

    It's only to see if I can bring something he did IG.
  14. Jim Koch

    Timeline question

    When did Trump kick the can IG?