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  1. Pizzuto

    In-Game Israel Activity?

    Most definitely. Public polling support overall has risen 2% for current abortion laws since 2016. However, opposition against is solidifying, that is to say, fewer people are on the fence about it and the people against are REALLY against. Their main argument is that making it easy to have abortions means there are less Jews in Israel, which makes for concerns that eventually Arabs will outnumber Israelis in Israel, which they believe will be the death knell for a stable and "jewish" state. These are arguments are seen as highly alarmist as only 22% of Israel is made up of Arab citizens. Still, the fear persists.
  2. Pizzuto

    In-Game Israel Activity?

    Nothing of note at this time. They are helping marginally against isis when possible. There are still low level border disruptions as you might expect, but no, terrorists have not embedded with civillians who marched enough masse on the border, and no the Israeli army has not fired on any of them.
  3. Pizzuto

    I Am Pro Gun Change My Mind

    Yeah that's my problem. I've worked in the mental health field for 11 years and I can tell you that I'd probably trust 20%of the clinicians I've met to be able to honestly/accurately assess something this specific with this large of a ramification. Not because anyone is overly stupid, but simply because of the nature of what is being ask. The human mind is very complicated. Additionally, in many states a huge population of people get their mental health from either government agencies, or private entities who contract with government agencies. In a world where most government agencies are run by progressives, I absolutely fear that agenda driven clinicians would make terrible assessments to further their political agenda. Additionally, I'm not even sure we could keep guns out of their hands even if we WANTED to. So my solution is a heavily armed population that can defend themselves.