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  1. ADG

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    Yes. I've always been for right to work. I'll always support it at any level of government. It's not American to force people into joining labor organizations in order to be employed. It should be left up to any individual worker whether they want to join a union or not.
  2. ADG

    Midwest Senator Campaigning

    Primary Turn (8 hours) (1) Rally - Moderates - Illinois (1) Rally - Moderates - Ohio (1) Rally - Moderates - Wisconsin (1) Rally - Moderates - Minnesota (1) Rally - Conservatives - Indiana (1) Rally - Conservatives - Kentucky (1) Rally - Conservatives - Iowa (.25) Tier 3 Ad - Positive - Moderates - Illinois: $30,000,000 (.25) Tier 2 Ad - Negative against Grant - Moderates - Ohio: $18,000,000 (.25) Tier 1 Ad - Positive - Conservatives - Kentucky: $8,000,000 Initial balance: $56,650,000 Total spent: $56,000,000 Total cash on hand:$650,000
  3. ADG

    Mid-Session Schedules

    I only have one character so this is for Anthony Granata. Fundraiser in Iowa Fundraiser in Minnesota
  4. ADG

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    Well I don't really think that the subject of trust and my position on a particular bill go hand in hand. I agree that we must do exactly what you said, which is why it is pointless and absurd to have a piece of legislation that targets only one side of the political spectrum. That's why I support the proposed amendment currently being debated and voted on.
  5. ADG

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    My relationships in public life are separate from those of my son's. We are talking about two completely separate levels of government here. The party decided that they wanted to go in a different direction in terms of their regional agenda. That has very little, if nothing to do with me.
  6. ADG

    Defeat of Internal Threats Act

    Mr. Speaker, So the gentleman believes that the members of ANTIFA don't coordinate their efforts to target what they believe to be fascists? That they do not prepare demonstrations, pre-determine locations, pre-determine targets, etc? They are just a group of naïve young adults who want to light things on fire, with no political motives? The gentleman is living in another world. Every ANTIFA protest, which includes violent beatings and the like, are premeditated acts. They know where they're going, why they're going there, and who they're going to physically attack. They target conservatives, and anyone who they believe to be a "fascist." To claim that because the death toll is not 3,000 and the perpetrators aren't Muslim, the attacks are not substantiated Is absurd. I yield.
  7. ADG

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    Great question. Look at Ohio for instance. Almost 35,000 American jobs gone due to free trade with Mexico. For what? Take a look at Canada, and their dairy protectionism. Americans have paid high tariffs on dairy from Canada with no reciprocal tariff. That's over. Being taken advantage of on trade means making bad deals. So maybe exports to Mexico is up but Ohio lost 35,000 jobs. In 2017 we had a trade deficit with China of $375 billion. THAT is being taken advantage of. We're not going build the Chinese economy with a kiosk of their own right in our backyard without a price tag. If they're using the U.S. market to profit, we're going to charge them to do so. Especially when we have such a high deficit with them.
  8. ADG

    Defeat of Internal Threats Act

    Mr. Speaker, I'm not sure what the gentleman is referencing here, however, I point him to the ANTIFA protests in Berkely in 2018. Members physically beating non members, lighting torches and throwing them at dumpsters and buildings trying to catch things on fire. If the gentleman doesn't consider this destruction and hatred, I would consider him a bona fide lunatic. I yield.
  9. ADG

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    Farmers have seen some hard times due to the lack of exports, however, this was subsidized by the administration. The answer to your question is yes, in the short run, thus the need for the subsidies, however, in the long run the American people are seeing incredible benefits from a nation that is sticking up for itself. The International community is realizing that the United States has a backbone again. We aren't going to be taken advantage of on trade anymore. We aren't going to be bullied into bad deals. So it's up to you, you have candidates who are on both sides of this issue. You can revert to the old way of doing things which is take whatever deals come our way regardless of the benefits to the United States, or we can actually stick to what the people voted for in President Trump, which was an America first agenda on trade.
  10. ADG

    Defeat of Internal Threats Act

    Mr. Speaker, If the gentleman doesn't want to embolden anyone by not confronting them, I would advise him to recognize the destruction and hatred coming from left wing groups. The gentleman and his side FEAR taking on those groups because they are worried it will hurt them politically. So, his argument is completely null and void. Biased, if I may. It makes absolutely no sense to include one domestic terror group in the language, and not another, AND claim that we are emboldening groups by not recognizing their destruction. if the gentleman was serious about taking on domestic terrorism, he'd agree to the bipartisan amendment before us, targeting all domestic terrorists regardless of political affiliation. I yield.
  11. ADG

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    First let me say that I don't think the region would be worse off if Mr. Grant was elected to the Senate. I do think, however, that in a republican primary, the voters should choose someone who agrees with them on over 90% of the issues. Mr. Grant disagrees with us on marijuana, tariffs, and amnesty. Those are three very key issues that voters have on their minds right now, and if you're a republican, you probably disagree with him on all three. If I am nominating a candidate for a general election, I'm not voting for someone who I disagree with on all three of those issues. He supports marijuana despite the problems its causing on college campuses that was reported by the tribune, he disagrees that America should stand up for itself when it comes to trade, and he believes that there are some cases where he might agree to grant amnesty. If you haven't crossed him off your list yet, as a republican, add the fact that hes a freshman congressman with very little experience in government. I don't want someone who can't understand that America has been walked all over on the issue of trade and will allow it to happen over and over and over again. We just made some big steps towards avoiding this. We finally get a president who says it isn't going to happen anymore AND acts on it, and here you have Johnathon Grant coming along, asking you to nominate him to represent you in the U.S. Senate election, and he disagrees completely. Now, you have to understand that Johnathon Grant leans libertarian. I would bet that if he was a viable candidate as a libertarian, he'd run as one. The choice is up to the voters. Do you want an experienced, traditional conservative candidate, or do you want a freshman congressman who disagrees with Trump and a majority of our party on these three big issues? The choice is yours, I'm extremely confident you'll make the right one.
  12. ADG

    Defeat of Internal Threats Act

    Mr. Speaker, I find it abhorrent that the other side of the aisle would recognize domestic terrorism so irresponsibly. First of all, there is a big problem when the language of the bill targets one wing of a political party, while groups like ANTIFA on the other side are just as guilty of perpetuating acts of violence. If we are going to create a task force to deal with domestic terrorism, lets do that. Let us not attach labels to it. I support the amendments brought before us, and I will only consider the bill if the amendments are adopted. I wouldn't support legislation dedicating a task force to target murderers and rapists who were registered republicans... I would support a task force for murderers and rapists. Same thing in this instance. The author and co-sponsors aught to be ashamed of themselves to target criminals based on political ideology. This is the direction they want to take us. Its sad. If we are going to do it, let's do it right. Vote AYE on the amendments. I yield.
  13. Congressman Granata takes questions from voters
  14. Anthony Granata U.S. Senate Candidate Anthony Granata Outlines Platform, Responds to Grant From the Office of Anthony D. Granata For Immediate Release This is an extremely important race here in the Midwest and we have to make sure we make the right decision. My primary opponent, Congressman Grant, obviously doesn't know anything about me. I've never served in the Midwest legislature. I do, however, have a very extensive background that his is clearly oblivious to. Mr. Grant claims he's "more principled." Here's the two main issues you can take away from his campaign. Johnathon Grant opposes Trump on Tariffs, and he supports marijuana. I'm not sure those two things make for a principled conservative. We absolutely cannot send someone to the United States Senate who isn't ready to make the tough decisions necessary to stand up for the American people. Send Mr. Grant to the senate, and he'll undo the progress this president has made to put America first. When I'm in the senate, I'll vote America first always. On the marijuana issue, Grant falls lockstep with Erick Travere. This is not a candidate we need to be nominating to stand up for our values in a major election. The major issue the Democrats have been campaigning on is that the Trump Tariffs are bad, and here comes a GOP candidate agreeing with them. Mr. Grant even wants to waive our national immigration policy. Grant recently said, "perhaps we can have limited amnesty..." Perhaps we cannot sir. With all due respect, that kind of thinking has no place in the U.S. Senate. We need to abide by federal immigration law. Period. Here's the issues that matter to conservatives, and the Midwest. 1. Border Security - You can be absolutely certain that when I'm in the senate, I'll emphatically support Paul Vang's position on securing the border. This means I'll vote for a wall, and whatever else we need to do to protect against an onslaught of illegal immigrant. 2. Protecting the Second Amendment - You can rest assured knowing your U.S. Senator isn't going to vote to ban any type of weapon, ammunition, or firearm accessory that will infringe on your right to bear arms. 3. Maintaining a Strong Military - Our military is our most precious national asset. It must be funded properly and without question. I'll always be a vote for our men and women in the U.S. armed forces. 4. Keeping America Working - President Trump has done a great job relieving the market of regulations that prevent job growth. We need to continue this mindset. I will vote accordingly to make sure the size of the federal government is appropriate. I also support investing in our infrastructure, maintaining a free market, and stimulating the economy by providing incentives to employers. We know that employers are always looking to cut costs, and we need to allow them to do so at their benefit, not the workers' detriment. 5. Keeping Americans a Priority - In so many cases, whether it be DACA, failure to enforce immigration code, being taken advantage of in the international market, or not being able to qualify for public aid because of a saturated population, we can't treat Americans as second class citizens. My opponent has proposed "some amnesty. I propose NO amnesty because America should come first. Americans are dreamers too. Americans want a fair deal just like the rest of the world. Americans struggle and need our help, and when they ask for it I want to be able to give it to them, not to someone who isn't even in this country legally. Grant supports amnesty and marijuana. He opposes fair tariffs. He isn't the man to send to the U.S. Senate. I am the only choice for conservatives. View full PR
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