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  1. Murphy-Kennedy | Turn One 12 Hours | $79,000,000 Fundraisers California x 2 [4 Hours | 8 Hours] Advertisements California | Negative | Tier 1 | Progressive [.25 Hours | 7.75 Hours] -$24,000,000 Rallies California x 5 | Moderates [5 Hours | 2.75 Hours] California x 2 | Conservatives [2 Hours | .75 Hours] Stat Upgrades Name Recognition +3 [.75 Hours | 0 Hours] -$6,000,000 0 Hours | $49,000,000
  2. Ryan


    That's not what I heard. Either way, I would expect the Democrats to be able to answer things of this nature better than to complain to the admins about METAGAMING and CHEATING.
  3. Ryan


    Patrick O'Donnell (@PattyBoi) All of these Democratic candidates for President talking about 'comprehensive immigration reform.' They've got a House Majority and have, thus far, failed completely to enact any kind of immigration reform, comprehensive or otherwise. All talk, no walk.
  4. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) Correction: Democrats are gearing up to expel the A.G. Sad when a party whose chief federal whip was just indicted and is serving a sentence for corruption are going to play in-house games to limit voter choice in the upcoming election. Corruption cannot be tolerated.
  5. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) I've just received word that Attorney General Evan Lee is being expelled from the Democratic Party. I guess Tulip can't face internal opposition.
  6. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) Glad I got to announce my policy on how to stop wildfires, address CO2 emissions, and take down the myth perpetrated by Tulip Florez that GHG emissions are to blame on wildfires. Overall, an exciting announcement.
  7. James Murphy-Kennedy California Wildfires: What To Do [Los Angeles, CA] The wildfires which have ravaged the region, especially in California, these last years have got to be dealt with. Assemblyman James Murphy-Kennedy released his policy on the matter today, citing studies from the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Studies (CIRES), and climate scientist Scott Denning. "After consulting with expert analysis, it is clear that forest management is the only way to combat these wildfires which have gravely effected people in their homes and workplaces every year for some time," writes Murphy-Kennedy. "What is also clear is that rather than being caused by Green House Gas emissions, as Tulip Florez asserts, they are actually the causes of GHG emissions. This means that taking care of the wildfires quickly and effectively is absolutely the first step in reducing the West Coast's carbon footprint and that, in doing so, we will do much more to effectively lower the GHG emissions in our region than we ever would by cancelling the High Speed Rail program that will help people of all walks of life move around our region efficiently. "As Governor, I will open an Office of Forest Management and appoint a Director within the first hundred days. The Director will work with conservation experts across the region to put in place a plan to begin to undertake safe, cool, controlled burns of over brush and dead wood across the region. These safe, cool, controlled burns will ensure that the high-risk forest content will be cleared away, and only thriving, living parts of the forest eco-system remain. By doing so, we will maintain the beauty and splendor of the West Coast that we know so well, and we will do so in an environmentally responsible way. Dr. Christine Wiedinmyer of CIRES has studied the effects of cool, controlled burning and notes that they are produce significantly fewer harmful substances than the raging wildfires we have seen. "Dr. Scott Denning of Bolder State University warns that the wildfires are a result of CO2 emissions and overall environmental degradation, caused by human activity. That is why I, as House Minority Leader, supported my friend Lt. Gen. Montbatten's policy of creating a new, renewable energy corporation in the region and voted in favor of his policy when it was introduced by the late Governor Williams. As Governor, I will continue to support the progressive elimination of CO2 emissions wherever possible and feasible; reducing CO2 emissions while promoting better forest management and overall conservation of eco-systems will drastically reduce the number and scale of forest fires that are wreaking havoc on West Coasters." -30- View full PR
  8. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) California wildfires are the cause of more GHG emissions than they are the product of. The answer is simple: controlled, cool burns of underbrush and dead wood, just as environmental scientists Christine Wiedinmyer of CIRES and Scott Denning from Colorado State University have made clear.
  9. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) I plan to release my full healthcare policy soon, but Tulip's story about her best friend Jenny moved me to announce that, as Governor, I will invest millions of dollars into cancer research so that folks just like Jenny can overcome their terminal diagnosis and people like Tulip can grow old with their sisters of the heart.
  10. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) And we have got to wonder what she actually managed to accomplish in those positions, having spent an average of less than two years in each. She was either tremendously ineffective or the most efficient administrator known to man. I highly doubt it's the latter.
  11. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) Over the course of 9 years, Tulip Florez switched jobs six times; she has repeatedly shirked her professional responsibilities to go on to something more high profile. Her career is a track record of irresponsibility, self-service, and resume padding. Can we even trust that she wouldn't do the same thing as Governor if something "bigger and better" in her estimation came alone?
  12. Ryan


    James Murphy-Kennedy (@MurphyKennedy) Incredibly excited to announce my gubernatorial campaign. I want to bridge the gap and help fix the toxic political environment that grips America.
  13. James Murphy-Kennedy Murphy-Kennedy Announces Gubernatorial Campaign Suspends senatorial campaign [Berkeley, CA] Assembly Minority Leader, James Murphy-Kennedy announced today that he would be suspending his campaign for the Senatorial seat on the West Coast as he prepares to enter into a difficult gubernatorial run. Following the death of Governor Williams in the West Coast, the Minority Leader of the Regional Assembly announced that he will be running to bring "transparent, good government to the West Coast." Murphy-Kennedy hosted a rally in his home town of Berkeley today where he announced his campaign before a group of supporters. "The circumstances of my campaign are indeed sad," he began. "The tragic death of Governor Williams still looms heavy over everyone at the regional capitol, but there is a lot that needs to be done and the business of government carries on. As difficult as it is, we need to focus now by turning our attention to doing just that and honoring the Governor's memory by helping make this region a world class place to live, work, and play. "Over the course of this campaign, I look forward to meeting with West Coasters and discussing the big issues that face people every day. I believe that the West Coast has the makings of a truly world class place to be and I believe that I have the leadership qualities that will make me perfectly placed to do that. We need action on climate change, we need action on education, and we need to make sure that our economy is not just strong but fair. I will be releasing my policies on those issues as over the next three and a half weeks, and I trust that the people of the West Coast will see that my moderate, common sense vision for this region is exactly what we need to be able to break through and become the envy of the country." Assemblyman Kennedy-Murphy announced plans to hit the campaign trail immediately, stating the short campaign time frame leaves no time to waste. "We're going to be bringing our message to the people of the West Coast, and really focusing on developing a living, breathing campaign that brings people in from all walks of life, all backgrounds and histories, to create a really strong community of people. That's how we want to run our campaign because that's how we want to govern. Our current political climate is tremendously toxic: Democrats and Republicans in the same family can't spend Thanksgiving together without fighting. I want to bridge that gap and find common ground that we can move on. I hope that over the course of this campaign, I can prove to West Coasters that we can absolutely work together towards a common goal of a great region." -30- View full PR
  14. And with that, I wanted to thank everyone for coming out. We've had a good conversation tonight about the future of education on the West Coast and I'm convinced that we will continue to have these types of conversations going forward and make a real difference for students, teachers, administrators, parents and the region as a whole. Thank you all for coming out, have a safe trip home. Good night.