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  1. Ryan

    New Game Requests

    I am still interested, overall, but I don't know if I have the time right now.
  2. Ryan

    New Game Requests

    I was thinking of using a mocked up version of Ancient Greece -- obviously, it would be too difficult to find the kinds of statistics I would need to be able to make it truly historically accurate, but I could create a set of statistics based on broad generalizations which would apply to each of the various countries. I hadn't really thought of the idea of using the era transposed onto a fictional world which might help alleviate some of the realism issues. I'll give it some thought and I'm open to any kind of suggestions anyone might have.
  3. Ryan

    New Game Requests

    I'm thinking on a Roman Republic simulation which would combine character-based RPG stat elements with political and military simulation. Still thinking on it, though. Another idea which might garner some interest and is probably more fleshed out would be a nationsim type of thing set in Ancient Greece. Players would choose a Greek city-state and submit actions as well as responses to "scripted" (by the admin) events. I would operate this game in a sort of turn-based way saying that each turn would last three days; actions must be submitted as well as responses to the private and public events of the turn. At the end of the turn, a list of results would be released (some privately and some publicly) and would effect future events and results.