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  1. But the Chinese are building submarines at a faster rate than we are, correct? So it is a matter of when, not if, they will surpass us, and they will be able beat us in the Taiwan Strait long before then if we do not take measures to catch up. Or do you disagree? Moving on to air power, are you satisfied with American air superiority? What steps do you believe we could take to ensure that American forces dominate the skies in any future conflict?
  2. The People's Republic of China has engaged in a massive submarine buildup, which the United States has not matched. Are you worried about the United States being able to maintain local naval superiority in the Pacific Rim?
  3. The White House's proposed budget cuts Pentagon spending back down to FY2016 levels. Do you believe that the Department of Defense can do its job in a rapidly changing world with less funds?
  4. @Sheridan, @Chris, @anatoly, @Jun, @LMR, feel free to ask questions @Conrad
  5. The Foreign Affairs committee will convene for an oversight hearing on the Department of Defense. Secretary of Defense Jim Webb (@Conrad) will be invited. Committee members have 48 hours to ask questions.
  6. Docket 5 Oversight Hearing: Department of Defense
  7. Charles Talleyrand (R-LA) 1. Fundraiser in Texas 2. Fundraiser in Texas Jace Kadar (R-OK) 1. Fundraiser in Texas 2. Fundraiser in Texas
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