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  1. Jake Thompson on Rural Gas Tax Elimination Act Philadelphia, PA - Republican members of the Senate have recently brought up legislation to remove any and all gas taxes from rural areas. Senator Thompson stresses the corrupt and environmentally unfriendly truth behind the bill. "This bill, if passed in the Senate, would give big oil a raise, making them an even more powerful lobbying group. This group has one interest in mind: making bigger profits and giving bigger cuts to the corporate executives." The Senator continues, "The companies that make oil and the ones that refine it into fuel are rich enough as it is - a multi-billion dollar industry. Let's put an end to supporting Big Oil - and let's start supporting our own people." The Senator also mentions the environmental effects of the act, "If this act passes, fossil fuel use will rise faster than ever, and our environment - and the environment that our children will live in, will be in jeopardy." The Senator urges his colleagues to reject this and save our future. "It not healthy for our planet - or for us to encourage more fossil fuel usage. Pollution is on the rise already, and we must not contribute to it further. It's bad for the breaths we breathe, and those of the future generations. What good are profits when the air we breathe is filled with smog? It's no good, I say, and I will be voting no on this measure when it comes to it."
  2. Jake Thompson on Healthcare Reform Philadelphia, PA - The Republicans are at it again, trying to take away support for the hard-working poor and disabled. The healthcare bill they are now fighting for in the Senate would take away the employer mandate to provide healthcare insurance to employees, leaving millions without coverage. The poor and those with pre-existing conditions will struggle once again with healthcare costs, and some have conditions that degenerate or become fatal because they can't afford care. What kind of a nation would we be to let some of our own suffer? In the modern day, to have our citizens struggle with something as basic and as necessary as healthcare is unacceptable and even unethical. There are people who go to work with a disability and push through so that they could have a better healthcare insurance. Now, it seems, the Republicans want to take that all away. They want the insurance companies to make even bigger profits and have even more control. Well I say it's time we put a stop to them. I hope that, somewhere, the Healthcare Reform bill fails, and we can feel secure in our knowledge that the people who need coverage will get it. But until then, the ability for many to get their medicines and medical care will be in jeopardy.
  3. Jake Thompson on the Federal Budget Philadelphia, PA - Senator Thompson speaks to the deep cuts and general nature of the federal budget, as it is before the Senate now. The budget presents dozens of cuts, some to vital services like Amtrak, the Legal Services Corporation and the Justice Assistance Grants. These cuts, along with the ones to agriculture subsidies, will have a widespread impact on citizens from all walks of life. From the rural farmers to the city folk, from the halls of court to Philadelphia station, this budget is a disaster. The Justice Assistance Grants and Legal Services Corporation cuts would make it harder for people to get a good legal defense in court, and swing the justice system into the hands of the rich, just as the Republicans always wanted. "The Justice Assistance Grants and Legal Services Corporation, along with the State Justice Institute, ensure that all citizens, rich or poor, get a free and fair trial - that money doesn't make the difference between the correct verdict, and a verdict crafted by well-paid lawyers." The Senator continues, "That is why I'm supporting the Stevenson VI amendment, which would protect these services and help keep justice in our justice system." "And now I'd like to touch upon Amtrak subsidies, " states the Senator. "Many of Amtrak's services connect smaller rural areas, but some also cover industrial centers like Philadelphia, NYC and Boston. These lines may not always make a profit, but they connect the country in ways it otherwise wouldn't be connected." Senator Thompson warned that getting rid of Amtrak subsidies would disconnect vast parts of the nation. "Infrastructure is something that cannot be compromised. It's important for the people, it's important for business, and it's important for the economy as a whole. Even in my home state, Amtrak is used constantly, and, for the sake of the people who use these lines regularly, I hope that the other Senators see that they remain open and subsidies continue. I support and I urge others to support Stevenson VIII, an amendment to save Amtrak." "And now I'd like to move on to agriculture. Specifically, nuts, dairy and sugar. This federal budget threatens to cut subsidies to these industries, forcing many farms to foreclose. For the big business factory farms, this might not happen. But for the family of farmers that have worked the land for generations, it would. Without those subsidies, these farming families would loose their livelihoods, their property, and a part of their family history." Senator Thompson makes a note of the importance of these farmers to the American economy and related industries, and then continues. "One of the largest agricultural products in my home state is dairy. Without those subsidies, many of my own constituents would loose their jobs, and it would pain me to see so many more out of work as I travel around Pennsylvania." Senator Thompson finished with the following statement, "The federal budget proposed by the Republican administration puts horrific cuts to the budget in the areas of justice, infrastructure, and agriculture. It is my hope that this budget does not succeed in it's current form, and that either in the Senate or the House, it fails, or gets sent back with more reasonable terms."
  4. Jake Thompson on Executive Order 5 Philadelphia, PA - Senator Thompson's statement comes after President Fitzgerald signed executive order 5, allowing white South Africans to immigrate to the United States as refugees. The Senator speaks on the racist nature of the order. "This executive order is completely racist, unprofessional and presidential. Specifically white South Africans will have an easier time getting into the nation, but what about the non-white population? What about everyone else in the country, who face poverty and hardship? For President Fitzgerald, the answer is that whites are all that matter." The order, specifically targeted at whites, excludes blacks from South Africa facing the same problems. "The president must think that being white is better than being black. Many blacks are successful businessmen, even President Barack Obama had even made it all the way to the white house. Dismissing Africans in this order shows the true nature of the President and the Republican Party - that they are a party of racists and bigots." Senator Thompson moves to another point on the issue. "Wasn't the policy of the Republicans to put America First? How can we trust a party that can't even stick to their own beliefs - their own values, and their own policies? Is the President changing his stance from America First? This move raises many questions about our president's integrity, Jake continues. "It almost like an idea popped into his head, and he made it so. He didn't give any thought to the nation, his supporters, or anyone. In signing this racist order, he didn't even think about his own party. How can you trust a President who does this? Republicans should be worried that President Fitzgerald is a loose cannon, and I implore many to consider Senator Jackson in the coming election."
  5. Jake Thompson on Immigration Reform Philadelphia, PA - As a motion to debate the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (herein CIRA) reaches the Senate, Senator Jake Thompson says a few words with regards to the act. The act would essentially prevent immigrants from getting jobs, and remove sanctuary city policies across the country. The United States, being a nation of immigrants, has long had it's doors open to people who want to build a new life in America. Now, President Fitzgerald intends to close the door to immigrants wishing to start a new life. If CIRA passes, immigration will come to a standstill and many people across the world who want to come and live, work and pay taxes in America will not be able to do so. The Senator hopes that enough of the Senate or House will come forward to stop this bill." "The United States, the land of opportunity, is becoming more like a land isolated from the rest of the world," Senator Jake said. "President Fitzgerald and several senators are proposing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA), and this will cut off many immigrants in our country." The Senator points out the millions affected by the legislation, "Millions of families would be split as members would be deported back to their home countries. Some of these families have been here for generations, and many work, pay taxes, and contribute to the communities they live in." Jake continues, "Many immigrants come from countries of violence, oppression and otherwise terrible conditions. From the drug wars in central and south America, to the oppression in the Middle East, people come to America for salvation and a fresh start. The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, and to change that would be to change our very foundations." Senator Jake continues, "President Fitzgerald should target the real criminals, not immigrants. They Republicans claim that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes. Well guess what? Many illegal immigrants DO pay taxes. In fact, the group that gets away with little to no taxes the most is the wealthy. If the Republicans want to fix the problems of this country, they should have the wealthy, some of themselves included, pay their fair share. To blame the problems of our nation on immigrants would turn our eyes on that real problem. Finally, I'd like to say that we have always been a nation of immigrants, and we will always be a nation of immigrants."