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    James Hamilton (R-IL) Press Office

    James Hamilton For too long, the Midwest has been hurting. Our farmers and businessmen are suffering under policies like tariffs and high taxation. For instance, our soybean exports are down 94%! When I am governor, we won't stand for this. We won't be paying $10,000 in property taxes. Our farmers will be able to actually sell their crops for a profit. And our Union workers will be safe from these right to work laws! It's time we have some good, old fashioned, Midwestern common sense! It's something that our citizens have always had pride in, no matter whether you are from Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa. It's time we come together and put that common sense back into government, so that they will be of the people, by the people, and for the people! View full PR
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    ALERT Act

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    Thin Blue Line Act

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    DACA Act

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    Unlike my opponents, I'm not running for governor because I want the job, I'm running to help those that are suffering, those who are being heard, and those that are being attacked by either party. I will make sure to protect our farmers, our blue collar workers, and our businesses from the partisanship that others seek to impose.
  8. LM32

    DACA Act

    Mr. Speaker, The congressman from Wisconsin has failed to realize that these undocumented immigrants have taken jobs in fields that American citizens would not choose to work in. They make up 50% of all field and crop workers, 26.7% of grounds keepers, and 19% of building cleaning and pest control jobs. In the last decade, they have increased Social Security coffers by $100 Billion and Medicare by $35.1 Billion. During the time span of 1990-2013 when the rate they came over tripled, violent crime fell by 48%.They contribute $13.2 Billion to Federal taxes and $7.8 Billion to State. Removing them would shrink the labor force by 6.4%, reduce the GDP by $1.6 Trillion, shrink the economy by 5.7%, and cost the government $400 Billion to do it. The plan from our friend representing the cheeseheads would harm our farmers, our businesses, our state and federal governments, our poor and elderly, and we would have to pay $400 Billion dollars for that privilege. I yield.
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  10. James Hamilton Congressman James Hamilton is running for Governor of the Midwest to represent the moderates that are so often unheard by politicians. View full PR
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