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  1. Cultural Stimulation Bill By Mr. Tyson NY -3 To help establish American Exceptionalism and to prevent the condescension and ridicule of nations that think of us as uncultured, uncivilized, and undeserving, the United States will add a recurring stimulus to the entertainment industry in the form of $600,000 a year. Thus we will be able to produce quality literature, plays, music, and poetry just like all the other civilized nations in the world, and will be shown the respect that this grand experiment of a nation truly deserves.
  2. LM32

    The American Federalist

    On The Vermont Problem By: Jonathon Jones, Editor This newspaper is sad to announce that our governor has pushed Vermont into the hands of the British king with his aggressive policies. While our Federalist colleagues have pushed for compensation from Governor Clinton, he has mobilized our militia and had plans to invade the independent nation when they had had plans of joining our great nation. We thoroughly condemn his actions and encourage the President, Governor, and Congress to reach out to make amends with our friends from Vermont, only requiring monetary compensation.
  3. LM32

    Business Filing & Purchases

    Mr. Tyson loans an additional $250 to TAI and TAI buys 1 PA and 1 EMA.
  4. LM32

    Create a newspaper

    James Tyson purchases the last 1/3 control of The Carolina Statesman for $5,000.
  5. LM32

    1790 Business Financial Update

    Newspaper Name: The American Federalist Owner: James Tyson Editor: Jonathan Jones Revenue: $10,000 Expenses: Operating: $5,000 NY Taxes: $1,000 Editor Salary: $1,000 Owner Pay: $3,000 Net Profit: $0
  6. LM32

    1790 Business Financial Update

    1790 Tyson American Industries Financial Statements Company Name: Tyson American Industries Owners: James Tyson, Henry Clement CEO: Richard Handerson Revenue: FCT: 636 CIT: 294 AAM: 1202 MAN: 624 AA: 505 EMA: 206 LAG: 208 TS: 200 Total: $3875 Expenses: NY Militia: 500 Taxes: 387.5 Salary: 387.5 Net Profit: $2600
  7. Mr. Washington, I have long admired the way that you don't interfere with other branches of government, even to the cost of our causes, because you don't want to set a precedent where others with less honorable sentiments could use. I urge you to not interfere with the border dispute regarding the great state of New York and our wayward territory, as this is a state issue and would be seen by many as federal overreach, leading to another president possibly deciding a state issue because of his beliefs or electoral prospects. With lots of admiration, Mr. James Tyson
  8. Good sir, As you surely recall, the recent bill where the state legislature decides the governor puts you in an awfully tough spot. As I am sure you know, the state legislature and the majority of congressman support your decision to press our claims, with force if necessary. This letter is just a reminder. Sincerely, Mr. James Tyson- NY 3rd District, Owner of Tyson American Industries- producer of Tyson Air Rifle, used by the NY state militia
  9. To the honorable gentlemen: Daniel Carroll, Elbridge Gerry, Theodore Sedgwick, George Thatcher, Samuel Livermore, Egbert Benson, John Laurance, Hugh Williamson, Thomas Hartley, Daniel Huger, Richard Bland Lee, Alexander White, William S. Johnson, Richard Bassett, James Gunn, Tristram Dalton, Paine Wingate, Jonathon Elmer, Philemon Dickinson, Samuel Johnston, Theodore Foster, Pierce Butler, Ralph Izard, To [jnsert name], I would personally like to invite you to join the Federalist Party. We would love to work with you. Sincerely, James Tyson
  10. Mr. Speaker, Why should the capital be moved south to Virginia? Is it because it just so happens to be the congressman's state? Why can't it be in New York, which has the best economy in the nation? Why can't it be in Boston, which is where the acts that started the revolution occurred? Why can't it be in Philadelphia, where we created our Constitution? What does Virginia offer, besides being the home of the congressman? I yield.
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    Business Filing & Purchases

    Yes, Mr. Tyson confirms and also loans $275 to be paid off next year.
  12. LM32

    VOTE: H 1-6. Crimes Act of 1789

  13. LM32

    Vermont Border

    OOC: I'm hinting at it strongly but keeping plausible deniability. I'm also trying to use state pride but not make other states angry.
  14. LM32

    Vermont Border

    Mr. Tyson is suggesting the state keeps its rightful territory and that Governor Clinton should think hard about how much better of a position these citizens would be in by being part of a growing economy than an upstart small state.
  15. LM32

    Vermont Border

    Mr. Tyson strongly suggests that Vermont be considered New York land. "We have one of the best economies in the country, where businesses can come to grow, and we take care of our citizens, both farmers and urban, so I do not think it is a good idea for this land to be taken from a state that can cultivate it and be created anew in an atmosphere that could quite possibly stifle its growth and harm the people that live there."
  16. LM32

    The American Federalist

    Mr. Tyson's Response When Asked About Slavery By: Jonathon Jones, Editor Recently a newspaper editor had asked Mr. Tyson about his views on the slavery issue after seeing his suggestion to ban the practice fail and seeing another congressman's suggestion to re-legalize it fail. Mr. Tyson responded by saying, "While I personally find slavery reprehensible, I believe that every state has the right to decide whether or not to allow the act. While I was personally disappointed and happy when the bills failed, were I the President, I would not be pushing the issue and would focus on more important matters like the assumption of states debts, which would benefit every citizen of the United States of America, a policy which I sent a letter to President Washington about, proposed a bill, and then cosponsored the bill that is currently being debated."