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  1. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Southern Tour - Orlando, Florida

    Yes, I am open to adapting the law. Specifically, I want to fix the investigation duration of the process. I do know what a rubber room is. And rubber rooms do not help anyone. The school district, the tax payers, nor the teachers themselves. First of all, teachers who are sent to the 'rubber room' are under investigation for misconduct regardless of the extent of the infraction. They do collect a paycheck as they deserve the right to be innocent until proven guilty. The person who started the rubber room thought that it would be best that teachers do not stay home while the investigation takes place but should be somewhere isolated from the students until the matter is resolved. The issue in this case is the extensive process of the investigation which takes months or even years. There have been various examples where teachers do go back to teaching after an extended period of time in the rubber room while others result in termination or early retirement. I would definitely be for finding ways to shorten these investigations to get good teachers who are sent to the rubber room with minor infractions back into the classrooms with perhaps some better training and officially exterminate the contracts of teachers who committed misconduct or incompetence.
  2. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Southern Tour - Orlando, Florida

    Basically, we should put pressure on unions to take more action against bad teachers. The issue is what is propaganda and what is reality. When school districts have a strong union presence, they tend to perform better and have higher quality results than less active union districts. Perhaps there needs to be a better way to identify what is a "bad" teacher.
  3. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Carson City Nevada

    The whole 2nd amendment states, " A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." During the time this was written, our founding fathers put in place a system for each state to be able to protect itself from a tyrannical government by allowing each state to have a militia that would be regulated by the state. The majority of citizens were part of the state's militia and regularly trained together while also using their guns to protect their households, hunt, and recreation. We saw the effect of the 2nd amendment clearly in the Civil War. The South felt that the North, or Federal Government, was overreaching its power and decided to round up their militias to fight for their independence. That is why the Civil War references with the Pennsylvania militia, the Ohio militia, and so forth. The writing in the 2nd amendment is clear. It does provide a means for self regulation. Not any person should be able to just acquire a gun without some sort of training, background checks, or mental competency. Militias back then used to be extremely regulated and consistently practiced and trained. My gun proposal will not harm any law-abiding gun owner. Instead, it will just make it more difficult for "bad guys" to acquire guns. No legislation will prevent all gun crimes; however, doing nothing is irresponsible. School shootings, movie shootings, and just any shooting for that matter occurs way to frequently. Our children, our parents, our friends, and family should not have to become the next victims of gun violence. Additionally, I have already stated that any military or police officer, past or present, should be allowed to open carry so long as they were not dishonorably discharged due to reckless or malicious behavior. I think this shows that I respect those men and women who have been trained in how to handle a gun properly and actively demonstrated their duty and responsibility to protect and defend this country.
  4. Doomhammer

    Civil Rights Expansion Act

  5. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Carson City Nevada

    Mike Solin meets voters in Carson City, Nevada.
  6. Doomhammer

    Presidential Primary Polling Station

    You are welcome.
  7. Doomhammer

    Presidential Primary Polling Station

    @Shiggy I was kind of making it available to anyone. Just adding presentation value to the polling to add some flavor. I can make official result images like this for the primaries and the general if you want.
  8. 538 Polling of the Rasmussen Reports for the 2020 Presidential Primary Elections
  9. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin Stance on Guns

    Mike Solin Mike Solin’s Stance and Plan on Guns View full PR
  10. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin Stance on Guns

    Mike Solin’s Stance and Plan on Guns
  11. Mike Solin Mike Solin provides plan to reduce the number of abortions in the United States View full PR
  12. Mike Solin provides plan to reduce the number of abortions in the United States
  13. Doomhammer

    Raheem Ramsey Makes Presidential Endorsement

    That's fair. I figured Raheem Ramsey who is much more outspoken and willing to fight would prefer Ward over Solin. Additionally, I thought it would be amusing for my 2nd character to endorse somebody else other than my other character. I was right. That action turned a lot of heads lol
  14. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Iowa Town Hall

    Hello Sir, there are several reasons why conservative Democrats and conservatives themselves should vote for me. The key and primary reason is that my economic plan is superior to any other plan proposed in this election. The model I propose is a similar model that was used by the President who created the most jobs of any President in history, who balanced the budget, and avoided a recession, and the President who had the longest stretch of job growth in American history. My proposal for the minimum wage has been adapted to accommodate the needs of small businesses while still empowering and supporting the working class and helping them earn more money to make our economy thrive. No matter if you have conservative or liberal views, everyone can agree that a stable and growing economy with jobs benefits everyone. I believe that conservative leaning democrats believe in the rights of each and every American. In this election, we are already seeing the indecisiveness of conservative candidates who believe that although LGBT members are facing discrimination, they are unwilling or care too little to stand up for LGBT members’ freedoms and rights. There has been a lack of legislation and action to combat racial discrimination among African Americans. My foreign policy will be to avoid putting our troops in harms way. We will still have influence in the world and not take an isolationist approach; however, we are not going to enter foreign wars that have nothing to do with us with the exception of airstrikes, drone strikes, and potential military training services. As for the three issues you listed, I already released my immigration plan that is geared toward finding a more effective path towards citizenship. I will have a comprehensive plan to decrease the abortion rate in the country better than any candidate in this election despite my pro-choice stance published very shortly. Additionally, I will outline a plan that upholds the 2nd amendment as it is written while finding ways to ensure that “bad guys” with guns have a harder time acquiring a gun while law abiding Americans can continue to purchase, use, and obtain guns without any fear of a federal government overreach. I think we often think in terms of party way too much. Instead, we need to realize that every party consists of individuals and those individuals need to prove themselves each election cycle. People win elections not parties. I did not win my senate race because of my status as a Democrat. I won because the Ohio people believed I was the best man to represent them. I believe that will be the case here in the 2020 election. Many of my democratic colleagues faced defeats in the 2018 election, and I believe that was largely caused by mixed messages from the party. Our DNC chairman resigned right before the election and Jack Doyle did the best he could to save what was a poorly organized campaign effort on our part. I feel the Republican party had a more united and consistent message than the Democrats had even though I disagree with some of their ideology. The thing about leadership is that you have to accept accountability and realize where we can improve. The Democrats need to have a consistent message and core beliefs that are easy to understand heading into this next election. This narrative will likely be decided by whoever wins the Democratic nominee and the Republican narrative will be decided by whoever wins the GOP nomination. I believe President Fitzgerald’s narrative appealed to more people and the Republican party as a whole benefited from it.
  15. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Iowa Town Hall

    Mike Solin takes a visit to De Moines Iowa to answer questions from the public