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  1. Doomhammer

    Leave of absence

    My schedule is extremely busy. I won't be able to be as active. I'll give it about 2 weeks and see if things clear up.
  2. Doomhammer

    Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

    Mr. Speaker, I move for UC I Yield
  3. Doomhammer

    FARMS Act

    Mr. Speaker, I second. I Yield
  4. Doomhammer

    1790 Election

    Henry Clement Pennsylvania Representative $500 Current: Pennsylvania Representative
  5. Doomhammer

    Business Filing & Purchases

    Mr. Clement of Pennsylvania would like to loan $5,000 into Tyson American Industries with a 3% interest that will be repayed no later than 3 years. Thus, in three years, $5,000 + ($5,000 x 0.03) = $5,150 to be repayed in 3 years @LM32
  6. Doomhammer

    Response to Labradoodle

    Okay. I was trying to spin an obvious gaffe and stand up for ourselves.
  7. Doomhammer

    Lani Lovetts (Media Multi) (Democrat)

    @Bruce Sure. I will look into the new media system soon. This weekend (and week) is going to be crazy busy.
  8. Doomhammer

    AUMF Repeal

  9. Doomhammer

    Vice Presidential Nomination

    So how does this sound, we create one event in here: http://teddervision.com/forums/forum/140-public-events/ Or just everyone use the Senate thread. I don't care where it happens but it can be open to everyone Then, members of both chambers can ask questions with the guidelines by Jonathan : The hearing on the nomination of Marcus Walker of Ohio to be the Vice President of the United States shall begin. Mr. Walker shall be given the opportunity to give an opening statement, after which 72 hours shall be given for members of this body to ask the nominee their questions. Mr. Walker will then be given the opportunity to give a closing statement, after which there shall be a 72 hour discussion period, followed by a 72 hour voting period in both chambers. Does that sound alright to our Republican players? This way, everyone gets to participate whether they are in the house or senate, we get a more realistic feel to the game by actually having a hearing, and a vote will definitely take place to officially end this topic. @Richard
  10. Doomhammer

    Vice Presidential Nomination

    Mr. Speaker, The Vice President candidate has not been properly vetted yet. I would like to motion that we table the vote until after the Senate Confirmation Hearing takes place. I yield
  11. Doomhammer

    VOTE: H 1-7. Assumption Act

  12. Doomhammer

    Charisma 2

  13. Doomhammer


    @AnitaDavis We all have to learn to think before we speak. Some of us are still learning @labradoodle #IvotedYay @AnitaDavis Our country works best when we see each other as members of the same team and not enemies. We are Americans first.
  14. Doomhammer

    Response to Labradoodle

    Anita Davis Anita Davis responds to remarks by Labradoodle View full PR
  15. Doomhammer

    Response to Labradoodle

    Anita Davis responds to remarks by Labradoodle