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  1. GOP Stand in the Way of Bipartisanship “I find it abhorrent that the majority of the Senate Republicans have sold their souls to the party line instead of doing what’s right together. In times of emergency we have set aside petty politics in order to make sure the needs of the country are met. Even with the Kansas tornado, we were able to work together. The President did similar things and we funded the relief as well. So yes i find it hypocritical to say it was right then but wrong now. The majority of GOP senators have made it clear to us and to the American people that they would rather have politics than bipartisan progress. They would rather do the Right thing than the right thing. The people of Mississippi, and the rest of the country should pay attention. When the funds run out, it was the GOP who stood in the way
  2. I just wanted to use leftover relief money, but I’m not married to it. The important thing is that Congress does its part. Glad to see you work across the aisle sir!
  3. Ooc: @SWMissourian can we vote on this
  4. For some that’s the idea, though i don’t agree
  5. OOC: I’m not going to debate this bill with you until it’s on the floor. If you want to debate it, vote.
  6. Mr. President, With the emergency that Nimpah virus presents to the people of Mississippi and to our country as a whole, I move that we suspend the Rules and immediately begin debating this bill. I yield
  7. I’m calling on Senators across the chamber to bring the Nimpah Response Act to the floor. We’ve acted quickly and together on tornado relief, now we need to do the same to combat a terrible disease. Let’s get this done!
  8. Mr. Ward and Mr. Crafts for themselves and others to appropriate funds to combat the spread of Nimpah virus Section 1 Title a) this bill May be known as the Nimpah Response Act Section 2 Appropriation a) 1.1 billion is appropriated to the CDC for the following purposes 1.) prevent the spread of Nimpah virus 2.) research and produce a vaccine for the curing or prevention of Nimpah virus b) any left over appropriations from the Tornado Relief Act should be used here first.
  9. Ward Invites Postal Workers for Sitdown Sen. Calvin Ward of New York is inviting postal workers to a meeting to discuss their frustrations and desires. “Labor unions continue to be a huge benefit to the working class family. With my time advocating for them, I have a strong desire to make sure workers are taken care of. I invite the Postal union leaders to come and sit down with me. While I can’t speak for the Vang’s Administration, it is imperative that we do what we can to avoid a strike. While an important tool, a strike would be felt nation wide, and our post workers need to know that they have an ear in Washington. I look forward to sitting down with them to find an agreeable solution.”
  10. Mr. President, I second the motion and yield
  11. Mr. President, The gentleman from Texas ought to be ashamed. Forcing private entities to comply with speech that they don’t want to associate with is absolute government overreach. He says they can’t build the platform to have a site for conservatives who need a space safe for all unfettered speech to be allowed. I’m not going to stand here and insult their intelligence, I think they can do it. But on this bill, he’ll get no cloture from me. I yield
  12. I sponsored a bill that would but tariff power into Congress’ hands. No President, regardless of party, should make unfettered tariff decisions that impact all Americans. Im urging the Senate to take our oversight power back and pass this simple legislation
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