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  1. Oh wow. More money to respond to a disease. Damn I wish I had thought of that before. I would’ve named it the “Nipah Response Act” and it would’ve breezed through Cong....oh wait
  2. The CDC has completed their report and has brought the immediate crisis to a conclusion. The CDC has made a request to the President for additional research funding for a long-term solution towards combating the Nipah Virus and future threats. ☕️🐸
  3. No one in the GOP can even express remorse for the death of teenager. But remember class. They’re “pro life”
  4. Or is she so ignorant to not realize body cams are a benefit to the public and law enforcement. Also, the President hasn’t said a word.
  5. When Audrey Van Horn shows me how a kid with head phones riding away from someone is life threatening, I’ll give her mind. Until let’s not tell her the Tour de France exists
  6. They might have to admit that we have a problem with some in law enforcement killing unarmed African americans
  7. It should say something that on the heels of a young unarmed black boy getting shot by police, that the GOP oppose making sure every officer has a functional body camera
  8. Mr. President, my friend the gentleman from Illinois was accused of hating free speech when he made the identical motion and the gentleman from Texas voted against that amendment. Can he explain his and the party opposites change if heart? I yield
  9. Bare minimum, still don’t have the spine to debate the bill
  10. Mr. President, its clear that this senate doesn’t believe that educational funds shouldn’t be sacrificed by colleges who don’t wish to surrender their right to invite. The party opposite should find a better bill. I move that this be tabled as we’ve reached an impasse. I yield
  11. Ah yes the most dangerous “child riding away from you on the bike” what a crock
  12. Wants debate sometimes, other times not. The gentleman talks out of both sides of his mouth
  13. Then why did we need the Kansas Package? Doesn’t FEMA cover that? We were glad to come to the aid of Kansans in their time of need. But here we are petty politics
  14. I just wanted to use leftover relief money, but I’m not married to it. The important thing is that Congress does its part. Glad to see you work across the aisle sir!
  15. Ooc: @SWMissourian can we vote on this
  16. For some that’s the idea, though i don’t agree
  17. OOC: I’m not going to debate this bill with you until it’s on the floor. If you want to debate it, vote.
  18. Mr. President, With the emergency that Nimpah virus presents to the people of Mississippi and to our country as a whole, I move that we suspend the Rules and immediately begin debating this bill. I yield
  19. I’m calling on Senators across the chamber to bring the Nimpah Response Act to the floor. We’ve acted quickly and together on tornado relief, now we need to do the same to combat a terrible disease. Let’s get this done!
  20. Mr. Ward and Mr. Crafts for themselves and others to appropriate funds to combat the spread of Nimpah virus Section 1 Title a) this bill May be known as the Nimpah Response Act Section 2 Appropriation a) 1.1 billion is appropriated to the CDC for the following purposes 1.) prevent the spread of Nimpah virus 2.) research and produce a vaccine for the curing or prevention of Nimpah virus b) any left over appropriations from the Tornado Relief Act should be used here first.
  21. Mr. President, I second the motion and yield
  22. Mr. President, The gentleman from Texas ought to be ashamed. Forcing private entities to comply with speech that they don’t want to associate with is absolute government overreach. He says they can’t build the platform to have a site for conservatives who need a space safe for all unfettered speech to be allowed. I’m not going to stand here and insult their intelligence, I think they can do it. But on this bill, he’ll get no cloture from me. I yield
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