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  1. Parker G. Ward

    Victims Protection Act

  2. Parker G. Ward

    David Hampton’s Press Questions

    Character Name: David Hampton Do you support lifting the trade and travel embargo on Cuba?: Yes, we do business with Communist China. How do we vanquish communism? Capitalism! Yes, let’s do business with Cuba. Should the states/"sanctuary cities" be forced to enforce federal immigration policies: I believe this should be left to the invidual cities to decide.
  3. Parker G. Ward

    David Hampton press questions

    Character Name: David Hampton Do you support lifting the trade and travel embargo on Cuba?: Yes Should the states/"sanctuary cities" be forced to enforce federal immigration policies: No View full press conference
  4. Parker G. Ward

    Help Students Repay Act

  5. Parker G. Ward

    H.R. 48 - Naloxone Accessibility Act

  6. Parker G. Ward

    H.R. 28 - Naloxone Price Cap and Accessibility Act

  7. Parker G. Ward

    CHIP Mental Health Parity Act

  8. Parker G. Ward

    Reinvest In America Act

    Mr. Hampton, submits A BILL To give a tax break to all Americans to reinvest their money back into the economy. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. Short Title (a) From hereon out this bill shall be referred to as the “Reinvest In America Act” SECTION 2. Findings (a) Many Americans feel the American Government reckless spends their hard earned money in foolish pork barrel spending. (b) The American people also feel they can people the money they make better than the Governnent. SECTION 3. Provisions (a) In General - Allow for the Americans to keep more of their money in taxes. (b) Keep the -$0 to $37,950 at a 0% Capital Gains tax. (c) move the middle bracket of $37,951 to $418,400 from 15% to 12% (d) Move the $418,401 and up from 20% to 17% SECTION 4. Effective Date The bill shall go into effect upon its constitutional passage.
  9. Parker G. Ward


    Thanks to my college @CalvinWard4AR for CS’s my bill for equality in marriage!
  10. Parker G. Ward

    H.R. 26 - Thin Blue Line Act

  11. Today Congressman a David Hampton calls on his fellow Republicans to get on the right side of history. “We as Republicans have always lead the charge for civil rights. We’ve always landed on the right side of history. We supported ending slavery, we were a party built on abolitionism, we supported civil rights in the 60’s, and we were always the progressive party. Now we are rejoicing on the civil rights of others being denied. I am calling on my fellow Republicans to come home to our history and support civil rights for the LGBTQ community in my new bill presented in Congress!” Congressman David Hampton California’s 24th District
  12. Parker G. Ward

    David Hampton’s hometown Newspaper

    David Hampton in Bakersfield, California What is your stance on abortion? I am personally Pro-Life. I also believe what women do with their bodies are between them and their doctor. They have the right to abort a pregnancy or not. I, as a man, cannot tell a female what to do with her body. I think abortions should be fewer than it is! Should the government increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change? I believe in climate change. I believe we should end our dependence on foreign oil and start looking into alternatives energies. I am a all of the above kind of guy. I want cleaner energy to help preserve our planet for future generations to come. I think we should explore creating new regulations to prevent climate change. Should the US raise or lower the tax rate for corporations? Lower taxes, of course! With government off the backs of corporations, they could use the extra money to give raises employees. Not all CEO’s of corporations are evil people, like my friends on the left would have you think. I believe we should cut taxes for everyone across the board. I believe the people can spend their money better than the Federal Government can. Should the U.S. stay in or leave the Trans-Pacific Partnership? I believe in free and fair trade. I support TPP. It deepen economic ties with other countries.