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    National Right to Carry Act

    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mr. Johnson (for himself) introduced the following bill; A BILL To allow reciprocal conceal carry across state lines without penalty. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States and signed by the President of the United States. SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the “National Right to Carry Act.” SECTION 2. PURPOSE. (a) The purpose of the bill would allow conceal carry to carry across state lines. If a qualified person has a conceal carry permit, issues by a legal governing authority, in one state, it would be valid in another.  SECTION 3. PREVIOUS JUDGMENT (a) any person who has a previous judgement against them on this charge, will not be eligible to have judgment reversed.
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    Marshall Johnson (R-La) Press office

    Will be places here.
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    Marshall Johnson (R-La) Press office

    From the Office of Representative Marshall Johnson Shreveport, La  For Immediate Release Representative Johnson submitted his first bill in Congress. It’s the “National Right to Carry a Act.” This Bill would allow reciprocal conceal carry of a firearm over state lines. Congressman Johnson said “The Second Amendment should not be hindred by radical liberals of different states. The Constitution says this right should not be infringed. Period! If someone, who is qualified to conceal carry and is issued the proper documentation to conseal carry, be legal in one state and made a criminal because they travel across the state line. That is just common sense.” Congressman Johnson hopes both sides will see the Constitutional value of this bill and pass it. Congressman Johnson ran on a campaign of being Pro-Second Amendment fighter.
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    Glad to have submitted my first bill in Congress. The National Right to Carry Act. #2A
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    Marshall Johnson (Republican)

    Character Name: Marshall Johnson Home State: Louisiana Previous Job: Vice President and CFO of Century Telepreformance ServicesDate of Birth: June 10, 1971Race / Ethnicity: Indian (Born in Louisiana)Religion: BaptistWealth: Upper Class Gender: MaleAre you married?: YesHow many children do you have?: 2