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  1. Cardinalfan9


    FDR would support the candidate who supports re-instating Glass Steagall.. aka Paul Vang. #MacTheHack
  2. Cardinalfan9

    Reagan meets with New York Republican Party

    Thanks for the question. Mr. Daniels, in his attempts to moderate his out of touch policy ideas, has drafted a bill that no politician would oppose if he or she wanted to get reelected. The bill you mentioned was sponsored by him because it helps his appeal. Once again, don't be fooled. Mr. Daniels will only cross the aisle when his Democrat bosses and donors give him the go ahead. That's not courage, that's cowardice.
  3. Cardinalfan9

    Mid-Session Schedules

    Frank Reagan: 2 fundraisers in New York
  4. Cardinalfan9


    #ConManDaniels #LeashedBlueDog
  5. Cardinalfan9


    Blue Dog Democrats, since the Obama years, are unable or unwilling to break loose from the leash of their masters. Whichever the reason, people like Paul Daniels will go wherever Speaker Ward and far left jerks his leash.
  6. Cardinalfan9

    Frank Reagan (R-NY) Press Office

    Congressman Reagan issued the following statement on the Midwest Senate Race: Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to talk to you about the Midwest Senate Race. Now, being a New Yorker, perhaps I'm not the one people wanna hear this from. However, I do know this, conservative values work everywhere. They work on the coasts, in the South, and in Middle America. And Congressman Daniels, despite his clever rhetoric, is not a "Blue Dog" Democrat. Time and again, liberals masquerade as psuedo conservatives to win tight elections. And it is time for the farce to end. Daniels talks a good game, but his marching orders come straight from Speaker Ward and the rest of the corrupt Democrat cabal. A vote for him is a vote for socialism, a vote for lawlessness, a vote for the hard left. Don't be fooled by his rhetoric. We have enough empty suits on Captiol Hill. We don't need any more of them.
  7. Cardinalfan9

    Reagan meets with New York Republican Party

    I think it is a perfect example of bipartisanship in a poloraized society. The more of it, the better. Helping out victims of a natural disaster cannot be a political issue. Human empathy and love for one another is universal. It transcends party lines, ideologies, religon, and all the rest of it. I absolutlely support it.
  8. Cardinalfan9

    Reagan meets with New York Republican Party

    The Vang tax plan is what the working and middle classes in this country needs right now. If our consumers are taxed at a high rate, there is no way our economy can function properly. And the Vang plan is fair for everybody, I would hope to see some democratic votes in favor of it. A prosperous middle class should not be a partisan idea.
  9. Governor Florez, Bipartisanship is at an all time low. What advice can you give to leadership in the house about working across the aisle?
  10. Mr. Allen, This is the type of bipartisanship that the American people have been longing for. What other issues besides basic human decency can be worked on between the two parties?
  11. Cardinalfan9

    Frank Reagan (R-NY) Press Office

    Congressman Reagan gave the following speech in Queens. Folks, I've known Dylan MacMillan for quite some time. We are around the same age.. *young guys* We are both New Yorkers. I met with him when I got elected into the House. He's not a bad guy. In fact, politics aside, I have not much of an issue with him personally. Unforutnately, like a lot of good men who go to Washington, Dylan let himself become a stooge for policies that hurt New Yorkers and most Americans. The big money that him and his democratic colleauges rail against so much, sure has helped him change his views on a wide host of issues. I used to be a Democrat, folks. But Democrats I voted for, they were America First. They believed illegal immigration hurt the working class of all colors and sexual orientation. They knew that unfettered free trade would be a disaster for manufacturing jobs in this country. And they knew that capitalism was how this country was built. The idea that you work hard, play by the rules, with a modest safety net if you fall on hard times. But, alas , Dylan, Ward, and the rest of Democrat cabal have turned away from the American people. And no Blue Dogs exist in the party any more. I cotend that their party is shrinking, and the GOP is growing. Their party is a mish mash of college professors, socialists, anarchists, and Southern Democrats who think George Wallace is still alive. The Grand Ol Party has a clear vision, and with Congressman Vang we have the leader who can bring about the change we need in America. Dylan MacMillan would be a return to failed Clinton policies of the 90s, this time with a New York accent instead of a southern one. We can't return to that, a vote for Vang is a vote for the future. Thank you.
  12. Cardinalfan9


    Quote selection NAFTA was signed by a Democrat President TPP pushed by Democrat President Failed War on Poverty- Democrat President Failed Welfare Reform-Democrat President Murder of the unborn-Democrats Betrayting Labor Unions with inconsistent immigration policies-Democrats The Democrat Party has left workers and Devout Chrisitians behind. If you wanna play tit for tat, I'm sure we could both come up with anti worker ideas from both parties at some point in history. But, as it stands, Mr. Speaker, your brand of far left poltiics stands against the American Worker, Progressivism with an Arkansas twang is still Progressivsim.
  13. Cardinalfan9

    Granata for Senate Town Hall

    Mr. Granata, Are you concerned about the Republican Party's shift towards populism and away from small government libertarian type ideas?
  14. Mr. Daniels, The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It is about the right to protect yourself against a tyranical government, foreign or domestic. Certainly we can assume you are not a huge fan of President Trump. Shouldn't liberals like yourself have a better understanding of the Constituion, considering how often you call Trump's actions unconstituional?
  15. Congressman Frank Reagan meets with Republican officials in Albany to discuss issues they have on their minds.