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    Doyle speaks on Ward

    Well friends, It's been an interesting several weeks. And now, after our well-handled primary, we have our nominee: Calvin Ward of Arkansas. Cal and I have been on the same side on a lot of issues, while we diverged on a few issues near the end, we share the same vision for America. At the center of our vision are the key issues facing the working class. For too long in this country, working people have gotten the shaft. And it is time to get back to our commitment to their best interests. The right to form a union, the right to affordable healthcare, and better vocational training for those entering the blue collar realm. In addition, these issues can only be solved if we end the corporate cash flowing into our government from those who enjoy the status quo, domestic or foreign. Cal has pledged to not take any PAC money in this race, and that my friends, is a step forward for America. The Democratic Party is a big tent, and we are for anyone who works hard and is trying to get ahead in America. I'm from West Virginia, and those in my district know that I march to my own drummer. I do disagree with the national party on a few issues, but I'm a West Virginia Democrat. We are fiscally responsible and socially compassionate, we know what's fair and what's not. But, dinner table disagreements are one thing, complete different philosophies on how we run government is quite another. Cal and I believe in a government that does right by working people, by the people who would otherwise have no voice in the corridor of power, giving them a voice. And if you believe in these values, you better be voting Calvin Ward once November comes around!
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    Doyle endorses Hong

    Friends, Its been a few days since I stepped down as DNC Chair. It's taken a lot of stress off my shoulders, believe me. And it's given me the freedom to make an endorsement in the Democratic primary for President. For the issues that matter to the American people: The right to collective bargaining, Universal health care for every man, woman, and child, Ending corporate influence in government by overturning Citizens United, Fair trade deals that benefit American workers and our environment, Putting people back to work, Tax reform that benefits the consumer class, the backbone of our economy, Protecting the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every American citizen, And finally: a rejuvenation of the American moral fabric that has been lost for far too many years, There is only one clear choice, the one candidate that will give a voice to the forgotten man in America, and that candidate is Rep. Louis Hong of Louisiana. He has what it takes to deliver meaningful change to our country, the kind of change that status quo policies haven't consistently delivered. I support Hong for the Democratic nomination, and I hope you will too. He's the right man for the job.
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    DeJesus elected DNC Chair

    By unanimous consent, the Democrats have elected Rep. DeJesus as the new DNC Chair, taking over the reigns from yours truly. While we have our disagreements, he is the best man for the job. Competent, focused, and determined, here's wishing him the best! I hope he leads us to victory in 2020.
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    Doyle steps down

    This was not an easy decision, but due to my disagreements with the nominating base of the Democratic Party and the party in Washington on the issue of abortion, I am resigning as DNC chair, effectively immediately. I will continue to remain a Democrat in Congress, and I support very many of their ideals, but on the issue of right to life, we definitely don't see eye to eye. At the end of the day, they deserve a chairman that accurately represents their opinions on the issues that matter most. Just goes to show: a West Virginia Democrat is different than a Washington Democrat. And on that sobering note, it's been fun. Here's hoping my successor does well.
  6. I don't oppose unions but I do criticize unions that give the cause of collective bargaining a bad name, no matter what type they are. I very much support unions but I will call out those that play into the GOP stereotypes. If those bad apples are mad at me because of it, then so be it. It is selfish of them to be so full of pride that they are willing to sabotage the movement of organized labor and for what? I am 100% behind organized labor but sometimes you need to call out your friends when they are wrong. Simple as that.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, Once again Republican Leadership drafts up a bill that makes harder for the working class to get ahead in America. The right to collectively bargain is fundamental and I call on all Democrats to reaffirm our support for organized labor. Without unions, there would be no middle class. I thought Republicans were for limited government? What's more small government than allowing individuals to form a private group to ensure fair pay? Just goes to show more and more of them are bought and paid for as they continue their assault on working people. They are only for small government when it benefits them or their pet causes. Let's call their scheme for what it really is: Right to Work for Less!
  8. A few days ago, someone told me that they thought Mr. Ward wasn't sufficiently liberal to be a democratic nominee or something to that effect. I would just like to clear the air a bit. First off, all of the candidates that have announced I have great respect for, and I will defend them from ridiculous attacks. As to being liberal enough, I would like to point out that all candidates announced agree on basic, small d democratic values. The right to form a union, the idea that health care is a right and not a privilege, overturning Citizens United, and conservation of the environment. Do we have our differences? Of course. And those running for President will discuss their differences. That's what debates are for. But what unites us is much more than what divides us. That's the bottom line. Progressive, moderate, and conservative democrats can all agree on those areas listed above. That's why I am confident that the party will unite. And with my limited involvement on the race, we will have a fair process that will allow all viewpoints to be heard.
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    Doyle on 2020

    Good morning everyone. So, I've given this a lot of thought and I've decided that I will not run for President in 2020. I have a lot of work to do in the House and at the DNC and we have 2 quality candidates announced already. The more the merrier. As DNC Chairman, I will refrain from endorsing anyone in the primary to ensure a fair and transparent election cycle. I look forward to scheduling debates, getting to hear our differences within the direction of our party, and building a capable platform and energizing the grassroots. A 50 state strategy is a must.
  10. From the office of DNC Chair Jack Doyle: I'm disappointed that the President has announced plans to fully normalize relations with Cuba. Here are just a few reasons why this is a bad idea. 1. It would help only the tyrants in charge, none of the average Cubans would benefit whatsoever 2. Cuba remains on the U.S. "State Sponsors of Terrorism" list. 3. Cuba has not released all the political prisoners Obama said the regime had promised to free during Cuban-American discussions. 4. Their values and philosophy of government is directly opposed to the American way of life and in no way will I allow us to prop up a dictator again. 5. And most importantly, majority of Americans oppose the decision. I call on President Fitzgerald to take his slogan "America First" a little more seriously. Diplomacy is always the way forward, but this heavy handed, poorly thought out scheme is not the way to improve relations between the United States and Cuba.
  11. It's a damn shame that the GOP keeps pushing for ill-advised, poorly thought out schemes to keep the rich richer and make it harder for poor people to get ahead in America. I'm all for bipartisanship. And unlike the Republicans would have you believe, I am not opposed to solving problems without government involvement. But for God's sake, ladies and gentlemen, on the issues that matter most, especially education and healthcare, the government is a beneficiant force. A level playing field is a must. School choice has its merits, but I will not allow the Republicans to cut public education. Education is not a business to be make money off of. It is a necessary service that our taxpayer dollars go to. Therefore, I oppose the upcoming bill and I would encourage my colleagues across the aisle to rethink the way to reform our educational system.
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    Doyle announces Game Plan

    This past week has been not too kind for us Democrats, although I would like to congratulate Mr. O'Rourke of Missouri and Mr. Solin of Ohio on their Senate wins. We must move forward towards the legislative session, with lots of issues coming our way including gun rights, education reform, immigration, and health care. And looking forward to 2020, we have 3 candidates so far lined up to run. As DNC Chair, I will refrain from endorsing a candidate in the primary, and will ensure we have a fair, transparent primary where everyone gets an equal chance. And as we move forward, I must impress upon the idea of party unity. It is a must. And as we move towards 2020, we will develop a platform that all Democrats, progressive, moderate, and conservative, can get behind. One of good, honest government, one of ending corporate influence in government, one of raising wages, restoring voting rights, and criminal justice reform. Don't let recent events keep you down. We still have a lot of work to do, and it starts with electing a Minority Whip. Elections are underway, and we will pick the best person for the job. Simple as that.
  13. From the office of DNC Chair Jack Doyle: It is my privilege to announce that Calvin Ward, fellow member of the Southern Democratic Caucus, has been elected House Minority Leader after the resignation of Rep. Schultz. A tireless advocate for the common man, Cal is a good friend of mine, a good congressman, and even when we disagree, I know he always has America's best interest at heart. Here's to a productive legislative session!
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    Doyle opposes UBI

    Everyone, It's that time of year again. Sun is starting to shine, temperatures are rising, and progressives are once again itching for bold change. Just as the DNC was getting ready to announce its support for a substantial minimum wage increase, the hard left once again left us in the dust with talk of a Universal Basic Income. Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing I would love more than to send a check to every U.S citizen every month for simply being in America. But, at some point, we do need to look at whose taxes we would be raising to get such a proposal to work. I stand firm on my opposition on raising taxes for the middle class, IE the people who spend all the money, who make our economic system boom. When they are doing well, we are all doing well. And I will not support UBI, if it is on the backs of working class Americans. We also need to be working towards a balanced budget, and I cannot support a measure that has no basis in economic reality, no matter how nice it sounds on paper. I would encourage Gonzalez and like minded representatives to meet with me personally so we can work on a minimum wage package that all wings of the Democratic Party can agree on. If you want to help out the poor and downtrodden, you have to come ready to work and get results.
  15. I am very saddened to hear news about my friend and colleague Rep. Schultz, who served well as the House Minority Leader. Here is wishing him and his family well, no matter where life takes them.
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    14th Amendment

    Friends, You all know I strive for bipartisanship when it is possible. But I'm afraid that lately the Republican Party has been taken over by a radical nationalist strain that has been building since Nixon. Huffines should be ashamed of himself. I've supported bills of his in the past and I respect his work on coal miner legislation, however on this issue he is so far off the mainstream that I cannot fathom it any longer. There are legitimate reasons to have concern about illegal immigration. You can say we are a nation of laws, you can call for deportation of violent criminals, but at the end of the day, I still recognize the Constitution. I know the amendments listed are there for a reason and back in the day, both parties shared those common values. These days I'm not so sure. We as a nation have lost the moral fiber of what made us the greatest country in the world, and it is my duty to bring us all, Democrats and Republicans, back to where we used to be. The Party of Lincoln calling for an end to the 14th amendment is appalling. If you are born in America, you are American. Period.
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    Doyle endorses Gonzalez

    Mr. Gonzalez and I have had our share of disagreements over the past few weeks. But as I have always said, he is a man of principles. He has long supported worker's rights, the right to affordable health care, a good paying job, and basic democratic values that all wings of our party can get behind. I endorse him for Senate and I encourage all like minded Democrats, Independents, Greens, anybody that supports FDR values get out and vote for him.
  18. Rep. Solin has been a tireless advocate for the middle class during his tenure in the House. I am proud to endorse @Doomhammer for Senate. He will lead the way on health care, education, workers rights, and criminal justice reform.
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    My "Chinese gaffe"

    I would like to clarify a comment I made on social media not too long ago. When I said "American workers vs The Chinese" I was referring to the Chinese government that benefits from our unfair trade deals, not Chinese-Americans. Also, my comments about globalization refer to a strain of libertarianism going though both parties that favor unfettered free trade and un-reformed illegal immigration.
  20. I call on all Democrats- liberal, moderate, conservative, Dixie, all y'all, to support Mr. Gonzalez's measure. This is not an ideological issue. The fact is that our commander in chief should be held to a very high standard. These kinds of comments do not get people on your side; it does the opposite. The interview was very disappointing. As a moderate Republican, Fitzgerald should know better. Once again he is allowing the far right to tarnish his legacy. Stay off the echo chamber news shows, Mr. President, and start working with us to fix illegal immigration. Rape and child molestation are not to be taken lightly, and I would hope that the President would refrain from using them to justify his hyper-nationalist comments. Defend your policy on its own merit, not by using these victims to sensationalize the issue.
  21. Cardinalfan9

    Illegal Immigration

    Its time to set the record straight on illegal immigration. No matter how much Mr. King wants to paint me as a blanket amnesty advocate, I believe I represent that mainstream position on immigration that both parties can get behind. The fact is, the people of West Virginia and of the country at large do not support open borders or lax visa overstay laws. Nor do they support mass deportation. We are a lawful people, we are compassionate, we are fair. Violent criminals should be deported immediately. Any blanket policy, be it amnesty or deportation, is nothing short of foolish. People who have assimilated into the American way of life, pay taxes, contribute to their community should be naturalized. Its the right thing to do. In exchange for this, we must put an end to illegal immigration by fully securing our Southern border. My opponent also has not addressed the elephant in the room: the lack of penalties for corporations who hire illegals. Surely he knows that is the root cause of the economic downsides of illegal immigration. Ill say it once and I will say it again: a person trying to get a better life for himself and his family is not the enemy. Is he misguided for coming here illegally? Most certainly. But the enemy is the businesses that hire him for incredibly low wages. That means less jobs for American workers. I'm also concerned regarding a strain through the GOP that opposes some legal immigration as well. I fully support legal immigration and I'm sure most of you do too.
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    Doyle hits back at Conway

    I am happy to announce the Southern Democratic Caucus has been formed and it is about time we bring our party back to its roots. My colleague Mr. Conway might not understand this, but he will become quite fond of this caucus once he sees us advocating for common sense bipartisan reforms that both parties' bases can get behind. Improving life in the South is something I feel strongly about and if I am mocked for it then so be it. The GOP does not have a monopoly on the understanding of Southern issues, nor does it get to claim to be more invested in their concerns. Our ideals are as follows: -Health care is a right for every man, woman, and child in this country. -Everyone needs a good paying job. Reform of our educational system so that it prepares our young people for the real world and an emphasis on trade/vocational schools. -Comprehensive Immigration Reform with an emphasis on penalizing businesses for exploiting illegal immigrants, a secure border, and a path to citizenship for those who want to contribute to a better and more prosperous America. -The right to collective bargaining, the right to your hard earned retirement, and the right to a safety net if you fall on hard times. And finally: - Campaign finance reform is a must and we support overturning Citizens United, which allows the rich and powerful to buy our government. Without these reforms nothing good will happen for the common man in America.
  23. I'm proud to support this bill. Coal miners in West Virginia and everywhere in America deserve our respect. I'm happy to see some bipartisan movement on this bill and I would hope more Democrats will follow my lead. I'm glad to see Mr. Huffines leading on this very important topic.
  24. Cardinalfan9

    Doyle elected DNC Chair

    I'm proud to announce that I've been elected the new DNC Chairman after the departure of Congressman Gonzalez. Their faith in me is very much appreciated and it shows that they are moving back to the roots of the Democratic Party. I'm ready to re-energize populist and blue dog democrats who have been felt left behind by an increasingly affluent and often coastal party.
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    Doyle responds to Gonzalez

    I'm afraid my colleague from New Mexico and I have a misunderstanding about Blue Dog Democrats. I'm 100% behind social security, Medicare, Medicaid, I support universal health care. I'm pro union pro protectionism pro environmental protection. On the other hand I am 100% pro life I'm against Assault Weapons Ban and I favor a secure border. My definition of Blue Dog is economic populist and social conservative. Congressman Gonzalez, the people in the Democratic Party you are referring to are the "New Democrats" ie Bill Clinton Al Gore Barrack Obama Hillary Clinton etc. These guys are the ones that compromise on social programs, cozy up to Wall Street, all the while using liberal buzzwords to attract progressive voters. They use social issues as a wedge just like Republicans. I'll quote Hillary Clinton from 2015 running against Bernie Sanders. "If I break up the big banks, will that end racism?" Fact is, these things are tied. You can't separate the two. Neoliberals have embraced a destructive ideology and the only way to defeat them is to look past our differences on social issues and work together to end corporate influence in government.