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  1. Today, I have offered an amendment to the Protection of the Assaulted Act 2018 currently being debated in Congress. While quite focused on the punishments and penalties for those found to have committed the crimes it wishes to prevent, the bill currently lacks any affirmative measures that, if passed into law, would affirmatively work to prevent these heinous acts from being committed in the first place. As many of these crimes occur in our nation's schools and on college campuses, it is critical that our students be equipped with both the knowledge of how to appropriately navigate issues of consent as well as how to interject as a bystander on behalf of someone being taken advantage of. This is why I have drafted a common-sense amendment to direct the Department of Education to create best practices for our educator's to teach our students how to navigate these situations. I look forward to working with my Republican colleagues on strengthening our nation's commitment to preventing sexual abuse and supporting survivors.
  2. Drew MaBoundaries

    Taking Action on Sexual Assault

    After meeting with fellow Democrats, including those in leadership, I am very pleased with our progress regarding the sexual assault bills. While I cannot go into details at this time, I look forward to our announcement later this afternoon. I think the American people will be pleased. Drew MaBoundaries (OR - 3)