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    Interest Groups - and their lines

    Since hopefully everyone reads the Cloak Room, I'll put my stuff in here. You'll see "Wall Street encouraging a vote of AYE on repealing Net Neutrality," for $500k a pop or something.
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    Sign up for Approval Ratings

    Sign up here and link me to your bio page, where it has your PRs, and so on. We'll see if we need you to maintain voting records too. Stay tuned.
  3. Representative Nathan Jenkins Republican of Pennsylvania’s Twelfth Potter, Tioga, and Sullivan, et al Jenkins Praises President Fitzgerald and Congressional GOP (Washington, D.C.) Rep. Nathan Jenkins (R-Penn. 12th) praised the Fitzgerald Administration and Congressional Republicans for holding the line on conservative priorities. “The President has been instrumental in advancing the goals of our Party - namely repealing ObamaCare, building a wall, enforcing the law on illegal immigration, and cut taxes. That’s a real reason for Republicans to turn out this midterm to support the President and Congressional Republicans. Not a lot of Presidents would’ve done what this one did - enact sweeping conservative reforms that have changed the face of our country,” Congressman Jenkins said. “I look forward to President Fitzgerald continuing his work to benefit this great nation. The re-election victory was clearly well deserved. I hope that voters don’t change horses in midstream and sustain the GOP.” - 30 -