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  1. James Grant

    Player Warchests

    Grant donates $54 million to Vang McCready donates $26 million to Vang
  2. James Grant

    Chad Allegra (R-NC) Press Office

    Allegra for Senate Rally in Little Rock, Arkansas "Good afternoon y'all glad to see so many people come out. It sure is great to be in Arkansas. Y'all got a real mess of some representatives out here though. Specifically you got that anti-Trump Speaker Calvin Ward y'all sadly have to call a representative. This state went 60-33 for Trump and you got representing you the guy who's been the biggest opposition to things like building the wall, gettin rid of illegal immigrants, and protecting gun rights. Instead you get pro-abortion filth, calls for mass amnesty of illegal immigrants, the gun control agenda gone mad, and support for socialistic pie in the sky policies like single payer healthcare or tuition free college. These are all things let me remind y'all my opponent Andrew Whitaker supports as well. Let me tell y'all back in my days of pro wrestling if someone came in the ring talking smack about how they love all these terrible things like the stuff I've just mentioned I'd teach them a thing or two about Southern values if y'all know what I mean. They'd be sure to get a bodyslam, clothesline, and maybe a good chairshot or two for good measure. Well let me tell y'all what if y'all elect me to be your next Senator I'll put up a fight against them radical progressive types that look down on our way of life in the South in a way of life on the Senate floor reminiscent of my old ring days. They'll be tapping out from all the verbal smackdowns they'll be gettin in debate from me. A potential President Vang is gonna need the help of someone like me. A potential President Macmillan is gonna rejoice that he's gotten someone like Andrew Whitaker in his corner if this election goes the other way. We certainly don't want that. The choice is simple people vote Allegra for Senate! Thank y'all for coming out and have a good night!"
  3. James Grant


    Objection to unanimous consent
  4. James Grant

    Midwestern Equality Act

    Objection to unanimous consent
  5. James Grant

    Southeast Senator Campaigning

    Chad Allegra 2 fundraisers 3 rallies in Florida for conservatives 3 rallies in Florida for moderates 1 rally in Georgia for moderates 1 rally in North Carolina for moderates
  6. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Level three aye
  7. James Grant

    Midwestern Equality Act

    Level two aye
  8. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Mr. Speaker, Our gun control laws in the region have made us a national example of the futility of gun control. Let's take Chicago for an example. Despite some of the strongest gun control laws in the country we've only seen the violence explode while cities like Houston with do not have such restrictive laws fair much better. We are endangering the lives of many limiting the public's ability to self-defense and we're violating the Second Amendment in the process. This must be rectified but only one party has shown a commitment to that. I yield
  9. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Mr. Speaker, I would like to make a point of order in regards to the unparliamentarian language exhibited by the minority with the usage of the word damn. It is beneath this chamber. I yield
  10. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Mr. Speaker, As noted in a dissent filed by Justice Clarence Thomas and joined by District of Columbia v. Heller’s author, the late Justice Antonin Scalia, “Roughly five million Americans own AR-style semiautomatic rifles.” Moreover, the “overwhelming majority of citizens who own and use such rifles do so for lawful purposes, including self-defense and target shooting.” “Under our precedents,” Thomas concluded, “that is all that is needed for citizens to have a right under the Second Amendment to keep such weapons.” It is clear that AR-15 bans are unconstitutional but not only do we have a governor that defends them in this region he would want them implemented nationwide. He'd violate the Second Amendment rights of every American if he could. He's already disgraced our region violating the first amendment and having his misdoings brought up to the Supreme Court. How many Constitutional rights will he violate by the end of his term if he had his way? For those that actually have a respect for the Second Amendment this is the bill that will protect it from him. I yield
  11. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Mr. Speaker, A study by John Lott of the American Enterprise Institute and John Whitley of the University of Adelaide have found safe storage laws do not make people safer. Instead they make it harder for law abiding gun owners to protect themselves. Furthermore the U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws that require “firearms in the home be rendered and kept inoperable at all times” in District of Columbia v. Heller. The court affirmed that “the need for defense of self, family, and property is most acute” in the home and the Second Amendment “elevates above all other interests” the right “to use arms in defense of hearth and home.”. That makes safe storage laws unconstitutional. Another useless violation of rights that will be removed with this piece of legislation. This bill will do more for the sanctity of the second amendment than anything our governor will do. If our governor actually cares about local and state government's ability to create laws and not have their laws overridden he'd oppose the Taft-Hartley repeal we're seeing voted on in the House right now, but something tells me he's okay with that because he certainly has kept quiet on the matter. It would repeal right to work laws from the majority of the states in the region. He only cares when it's about pushing things he wants like his unconstitutional gun control agenda. We must stop this agenda and this piece of legislation will do just that. I yield
  12. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Mr. Speaker, AR-15s are not assault rifles and bans on Ar-15s are unconstitutional. I don't care whether it's at the local, state, or federal level stripping second amendment rights to the ownership of an AR-15 should not be tolerated. AR-15s pose no intrinsic threat any more so than any other firearm. They are used less in homicides than handguns. We definitely need to protect our second amendment rights from politicians who are so uneducated as to say that an AR-15 is an assault rifle. That's why this legislation is so needed. The ignorant should not legislate our rights away demanding more and more gun control as they pretend to care about the second amendment when really they'd be fine with doing away with it and adopting some foreign gun control system. It's unamerican and intolerable. I yield
  13. James Grant

    Mid-Session Schedules

    James Grant 2 fundraisers Mark McCready 2 fundraisers Chad Allegra 2 fundraisers
  14. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    Mr. Speaker, This legislation would not make any firearms devoid of regulation outright, but rather limit it to just federal law. Our governor has said this bill is tyrannical but throughout history we've seen tyrants only ever restrict their populace in regards to guns not enable them to better protect themselves. Our governor has called for several unconstitutional gun control measures and cannot be trusted to protect the Constitutional rights of our citizens. He's already violated their Constitutional rights before without even given anything in the way of an apology. He is a liability and any attempts by him to violate gun rights with his radical unconstitutional agenda must be blocked. Furthermore, we have many jurisdictions in this region that maintain unconstitutional bans on AR-15s as made clear by statements made by both Justice Scalia and Thomas. We must restore the rights that have been violated to ensure that our citizens can have the very best in self-defense means. AR-15's are not as the governor has said a weapon of war having never been used by any government in combat and they are not uniquely a threat to the public having been used less in homicides than knives, clubs, or bear hands. A vote against this legislation will be a vote to maintain these violations of Constitutional rights. Gun control demonstrably does not make people safer but rather makes individuals defenseless against those who by their very nature defy laws. Cities such as Chicago and Detroit have problems with violence so much more so than many cities of comparable size because of their strong restrictions on firearms. Government is not the solution to the problem but rather it is the problem. No legislature will protect the populace better than a firearm. We must restore the rights of individuals in our worst off cities so the innocent will stop being targets. With that all said, I strongly oppose any attempt to table this legislation. I yield (Level three nay)
  15. James Grant

    Second Amendment Guarantee Act

    To the floor please Mr. Speaker