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    Midwest Senator Campaigning

    Craig Daniels Campaign Rally in Iowa Targeting Progressives (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Minnesota Targeting Progressives (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Minnesota Targeting Moderates (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Michigan Targeting Progressives (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Michigan Targeting Moderates (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Ohio Targeting Progressives (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Ohio Targeting Moderates (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Wisconsin Targeting Progressives (1 hour) Campaign Rally in Wisconsin Targeting Moderates (1 hour) Level 2 Positive Ad in Iowa Targeting Moderates (15 minutes; $6,000,000) Level 1 Positive Ad in Illinois Targeting Moderates (15 minutes; $12,000,000) Level 1 Positive Ad in Michigan Targeting Moderates (15 minutes; $9,600,000) Level 1 Positive Ad in Minnesota Targeting Moderates (15 minutes; $6,000,000) Level 1 Positive Ad in Ohio Targeting Moderates (15 minutes; $10,800,000) Level 1 Positive Ad in Wisconsin Targeting Moderates (15 minutes; $6,000,000) Private Regional Polling for the Midwest (30 minutes; $6,370,000) Attribute Increase for Name Recognition x4 (1 hours; $8,000,000) Total Hours: 12 hours Total Cost: $64,770,000
  2. "Thank you, Jennifer, for the question. This is something that is often on my mind. It is not something many of us across the nation can fully appreciate because we don't personally experience it, but it is a problem that millions of men and women across the country face unique barriers across an economic, a cultural and a legal front for no other reason than the color of their skin, or who they love, or where they come from. The voters want candidates who they can trust to understand and relate to their struggles. Poverty is perhaps the greatest barrier to equality of our time, affecting racial and ethnic minorities by a double-digit margin. I know how many doors it closes for so many young people across the country. I've lived that life. And I understand that with the erosion of and lack of action on equal protections, our system is only setting up the African American community, the Latino community, and the LGBT community for failure. That must change. As your Senator, I will strive to decrease the overwhelming income disparity along racial lines, support legislation to fully outlaw employment and housing discrimination, oppose funding disparities that negatively impact predominately-minority public schools, expand opportunities for minority students to pursue a higher education, and end the practice of racial and religious profiling. "That all said, I'm glad you brought up the issue of the White Crusaders. I 100% condemn and denounce their message, but I believe it would be just as antithetical to our democratic values if they were to be barred from rallying in Skokie. However, given their history, I think it would be prudent for local law enforcement to remain on alert and be prepared to intervene should it become apparent that key figures within the organization is for the rioting in Detroit of or if there is reasonable cause to believe that they plan to commit a crime against Skokie residents or their property. That is why I created the Violent Crimes Prevention Resources Act with Republican Leader Paul Vang, and voted in favor of the Defeat of Internal Threats Act, to assure that law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to truly protect and serve their communities and identify these sort of threats before they become threats."
  3. Sovereign

    SAFE Act

    Mr. Speaker I move to amend this legislation by striking all mentions of 'New York' and inserting 'Northeast' in its place. I yield.
  4. Sovereign

    First Responder Immunity Act

    Mr. Speaker, I move for unanimous consent and yield.
  5. Sovereign

    Raise The Age Act

    Mr. Speaker, I move for unanimous consent and yield.
  6. Sovereign

    Deregulation Repeal Act

    Mr. Speaker, I move for unanimous consent and yield.
  7. Sovereign


    @Wm96 Fourth Docket
  8. Sovereign


    Craig H. Daniels @YourRepCraig Proud to have laid out my Promise to the Midwest. My team and I will always make fighting for you our top priority! #RealMidwestValues
  9. Sovereign

    Craig Daniels (D-IA) Press Office

    Craig Daniels Outlines "Promise to the Midwest" Agenda From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Senatorial candidate Craig Daniels has released his official platform to his campaign website today detailing key policy positions ahead of the general election. The full excerpt is as follows: "Promise to the Midwest "As your Senator, I promise to... "...expand affordable health coverage by improving Obamacare with a federal public option and taking on Big Pharma's drug pricing tactics. "...strengthen manufacturing Made in the Midwest by reworking America's trade deals and rolling back the harmful Trump tariffs. "...develop and modernize American railways to better connect Midwestern communities and meet the demands of a 21st Century economy. "...take on crime and violence by providing communities with the resources to strengthen local law enforcement. "...improve trust between communities and law enforcement by establishing civilian oversight and national law enforcement training standards. "...enact campaign finance reform to keep money and special interests out of Washington, and ensure that politicians work for their constituency first. "...repeal the Taft-Hartley Act, which has enabled anti-union laws that create lower wages and lesser benefits for workers in the states they are enacted. "...help farmers and agricultural communities by tearing down unfair trade barriers and help give them the tools they need to succeed. "...increase rural broadband access to allow small businesses and Midwest communities to have a bigger stake in the growing digital economy. "...improve access to birth control and sex education to prevent the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. "...expand adoption services to help in creating new, happy families for hundreds of thousands of foster children. "...keep our promise to America's veterans by tackling the homelessness epidemic and maintaining their access to key health services. "...raise the minimum wage to at least $12/hour and tie it to inflation, so that every American can earn a wage to keep up with the cost of living. "...keep Americans safe from all threats, foreign and domestic, by strengthening counter-terrorism agencies and taking on emboldened hostile powers. "...work to end the $1 trillion student loan debt crisis through student loan forgiveness, a bolstered federal grant program, and tuition-free community college. "...protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from attack on all fronts. "...reach across the aisle to create solutions that work for all Americans. "Yours sincerely, "Craig H. Daniels"
  10. Sovereign

    Craig Daniels (D-IA) Press Office

    Craig Daniels Proposes "Real Pro-Life" Measures From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "I was raised Methodist. I grew up in a religious household and my mother was a very religious woman. We went to church every Sunday, and read from the Scripture. Nowhere in it did we see any mention of a fetus or the sin of abortion. Now, maybe this is not a fair analogy, because obviously abortion was not really the widespread concept as we know it in biblical times, but my point is that this is a very contentious issue. "Personally, I do not advocate for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, and a mother's health. However, I understand it is a decision that no woman makes lightly, and that they should not suffer or die because they made a mistake. Roe v. Wade has settled the issue of abortion, by declaring that men and women have the right to sovereignty over their own bodies. And that decision deserves our respect. However, that does not mean we can't create new options to help reduce abortions. Over 12% of couples cannot have children. If we were to expand and simplify the adoption process, we could help to create whole new happy families. We can also help to reduce abortions by expanding sex education programs and improving access to birth control medication and other feminine hygiene products. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies, but it can also help to prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood, despite its faults, actually does a lot of good in this category. And while I don't generally think its appropriate for taxpayer funds to be used on non-emergency abortion procedures, the fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood only spends 3% of its budget on abortion services. In contrast, 42% goes toward STD screening and treatment and 34% to contraception, 11% to women's health products, and 9% for cancer screening. That sounds like a lot more good than harm to me, and I think it's worthy of protection. "A vote for me is a vote for a real pro-life plan—one that works for women and the unborn alike."
  11. Sovereign

    Reagan meets with New York Republican Party

    Congressman Reagan, Your office has recently posted a press release criticizing Midwest Senate candidate Craig Daniels. This statement has issued some strong language against the congressman, including accusing him of supporting 'lawlessness' and implying him to being a member of the 'hard left'. However, recent news has shown that Congressman Daniels has actually been working with the Republican minority leader in the House to draft a bipartisan bill that will combat violent crime and increase funding for local law enforcement. What do you have to say in regards to that?
  12. Sovereign

    Craig Daniels (D-IA) Press Office

    Craig Daniels Supports A Minimum Wage Increase to $12/Hour From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Crushing poverty has put an enormous amount of pressure on millions across America. An overwhelming 80% of Americans do not feel they'd be able to support themselves or their families on the federal minimum wage, and 70% believe that income equality is only getting worse. 57% of Americans believe that is up to us here in Washington to do something about it, and 66% believe we can do that with a minimum wage hike not to $9, not to $10, not to $11, but $12 and fifty cents per hour. This includes 92 percent of Democrats, 73 percent of independents, and 53 percent of Republicans. Clearly, this is a bipartisan issue. "Some have argued that such a hike would be detrimental to small business. However, it would seem that those employers disagree, with 61% supporting an increase to at least $10.10 per hour. Small business owners believe that by increasing the minimum wage, we can increase consumer purchasing power, improve their bottom lines, and stimulate the local economy. 57% of Americans are in agreement. It is up to us to do what we can to pull our poorest out of poverty. It is not only a moral imperative, but more money in our Americans' pockets means more money going back into our economy, and more prosperity for us all. That is why I will be fighting for $12/hour in the United States Senate." Source: https://www.nelp.org/wp-content/uploads/Minimum-Wage-Basics-Polling.pdf
  13. Well, sir, I'm afraid you'd have to ask them for yourself. There are many issues I've not agreed with the President on, but I've never accused him of taking actions that are counter to our constitutional values. I feel that's something best left to the courts and the federal judiciary to determine. But you are right. The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It's about the right to keep and bear arms, and that holds a different significance in many Americans' lives whether they use those arms for hunting, sport, defense of the home, or all three. I respect and value your rights, however you may exercise them, and will only strive for common-sense gun regulations that will affect criminals, not law-abiding citizens, by creating new barriers to prevent dangerous individuals from using firearms for violence. I believe the priorities of federal counter-terrorism efforts should be where the threats to public safety are most prevalent. The evidence does show that the majority of acts that would fit the definition of terrorism occur domestically and are perpetuated by white nationalist organizations, and it has become especially widespread here in the Midwest. That is why I have sponsored the Violent Crimes Prevention Resources Act with House Minority Leader Paul Vang, and why I will be voting for the Defeat of Internal Threats Act—so that local and federal law enforcement agencies the tools they need to tackle these threats.
  14. Sovereign

    Craig Daniels (D-IA) Press Office

    Daniels Touts MediChoice as 'the Market-Driven Solution We've Been Looking For' From the Press Office of Congressman Craig Daniels FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Health insurance is a fundamental need for families across America. It's easily up there with groceries, rent, and basic utilities on the list of priorities. However, over 15% of American adults don't have proper health coverage and that number continues to steadily rise. Over the last four years, three million more people have lost their health insurance. Insurance premiums are continuing to skyrocket with no end in sight. Adequate and affordable healthcare continues to remain a luxury to far too many Americans. "There has been fingers pointed at the Affordable Care Act for this national crisis, but research has shown that a repeal would throw over thirteen million Americans off health insurance and cause premiums to rise by 10%. This is a clear sign that we should not be going backwards on our progress. Instead, we should go forward by expanding the Affordable Care Act and improving on its shortcomings. We can do this by enacting MediChoice. "MediChoice would allow average Americans below the age of 65 to buy into Medicare. Economists have found that public option plans like MediChoice will lower health insurance premiums through competition between the public option and private insurance monopolies. And because of the price drop we'll see on health insurance premiums, businesses will be able to use that extra money to pay their employees higher wages, expand benefits, and create more jobs to go around. MediChoice is not only the missing piece of the Affordable Care Act; it is the market-driven solution we've been looking for. And I will be voting for in the House of Representatives, and championing it in the United States Senate."
  15. Sovereign

    Player Warchests

    Fritz Downing donates $13,800,000 (40% of warchest funds) to Osiris Storm.